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November 17 15:20
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Original title: Strive to achieve double victory in post-disaster recovery and reconstruction and economic and social development | Hebei: Technology empowers high-quality reconstruction of flood-damaged roads

Jishong Client reported that during this year’s heavy rains and floods, roads in many places in our province were damaged to varying degrees. At present, the repair work of flood-damaged roads has fully entered the reconstruction stage. The transportation department uses modern information technology to promote the reconstruction of flood-damaged roads with high quality. Come and watch the reporter’s interview.

In the past few days, reporters have followed the provincial mountainous highway water dynamics simulation working group to Jingxing County, Shijiazhuang City. Here, surveyors used drones and other equipment to collect data on rivers, highways and other terrain environments at the flood-damaged site of Xiaozuo Town in the Jingxing section of Provincial Highway S334.

Zhou Qianqian, a member of the water dynamics simulation working group for the water damage reconstruction project of the Jingxing section of Provincial Highway S334:

Look at the device I have on hand. It is connected to satellites. At the same time, the drone uses radar laser scanning to reflect the topography of our entire 33-kilometer route in the form of elevation.

The Jingxing section of Provincial Highway S334 is located in the hinterland of the Taihang Mountains, starting from Beifangkou Village in the east and ending at Zhushadong Village in the west, and is built along the Xiaozuo River. During this flood disaster, a total of 23 water damage points were caused, mainly concentrated in road turns and water overflow areas. Surveying and mapping personnel told reporters that the data they collected was used to build a data model of flooded road sections, and the use of drone aerial survey technology can effectively detect areas that are difficult to reach manually, and the efficiency of data collection has increased by more than 10 times.

Hebei Radio and Television Station reporter Fan Xiaofang:

Precise drone mapping is like a comprehensive physical examination of a flood-damaged site. So after the physical examination, how to find the root cause of the disease and prescribe the right medicine? Let’s take a look at the later technical processing side.

In the project office area, technicians imported surveying and mapping data, and by calculating section flow, flood volume, and flood process lines of the Xiaozuo River and its tributaries, they created a water body dynamics model step by step, and restored the flood damage site to the same scale.

Liu Xiaoliang, a member of the water dynamics simulation working group for the water damage reconstruction project of the Jingxing section of Provincial Highway S334:

After we build this model, we can conduct flood deduction, which is equivalent to releasing floods. In this process, we can see the flow speed, flow pattern and flow potential of different water levels at 23 water damage points. For example, if the scour depth is relatively large at this location, we can suggest increasing the burial depth of the retaining wall; if some roads are flooded with water, we can also suggest changing the way they cross the river.

The water body dynamics model is used to provide scientific basis for the reconstruction design plan of flood-damaged highways, improve the resilience against floods, and avoid repeated disasters on the same road section and the same part. With scientific design, how to ensure that the implementation links are in place? The transportation system of our province has also specially developed the Hebei Province Highway Flood Damage Restoration and Reconstruction Project Management Platform. Here, you can see the start date, completion date, project content, design flood frequency, investment amount and other relevant information of each project. In addition to accurately grasping “first-hand” information, the management platform also directly accesses project site operation videos to achieve “live broadcast” of project construction.

Feng Xiaoli, Director of the Engineering Quality and Safety Supervision Division of the Provincial Transportation Comprehensive Law Enforcement Supervision Bureau:

Arrange some cameras at key parts so that violations can be stopped and corrected in a timely manner. This achieves dynamic management and truly enables us to conduct full-process and full-time supervision and inspection of such large-scale and high-volume projects. .

Modern information technology empowers the high-quality advancement of flood-damaged road reconstruction projects. The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Transportation that currently, all 131 national and provincial trunk line flood-damaged reconstruction projects in the province have completed plan approvals. It is expected that full construction will start before the end of December and will be basically completed by the end of June next year.

Source: Hebei Radio and Television Station Hebei Client

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