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Technology supports Guangxi’s established private enterprises to take advantage of location advantages to “go overseas” to seek opportunities – China News Service Video

Technology supports Guangxi’s established private enterprises to take advantage of location advantages to “go overseas” to seek opportunities – China News Service Video
Technology supports Guangxi’s established private enterprises to take advantage of location advantages to “go overseas” to seek opportunities – China News Service Video

[Explanation]With the development of digitalization, automation technology and the implementation of multi-level free trade policies, more and more established private enterprises have begun to upgrade their production lines and have begun to turn their attention to overseas markets.

Recently, a reporter saw in the automated production room of a soy product processing company in Nanning, Guangxi, that bottled soy milk made a clanking sound on the conveyor belt of the production line. Although there were not many staff, the factory was still very busy. On the roof of the factory, rows of neat solar panels are providing green and stable power to the factory. Zhou Jiuping, general manager of the company, said that with the support of solar energy and automation equipment, the company has saved a lot of production costs. These financial savings provide more room for improving the welfare of the company’s employees.

[Same period]Zhou Jiuping, general manager of soy products company

In terms of production and manufacturing, we made a relatively big move in 2021 and increased the degree of automation, which greatly improved production efficiency. Our entire production area is equipped with photovoltaic solar panels on top. The electricity generated by the photovoltaic solar panels can be used to produce soy milk. The supply of electricity is more secure and our overall cost will be lower.

[Explanation]Zhou Jiuping said that as an old private enterprise, the company’s products have a considerable market share in Guangxi. However, in order to further develop the company, the company is currently deeply exploring the domestic market and will begin investigating overseas market resources this year.

[Same period]Zhou Jiuping, general manager of soy products company

First is our “base” market in Guangxi, and then is our advantageous market. The advantageous market is the six provinces surrounding the Guangxi market. At the same time, because Guangxi is also very close to Southeast Asia, we also hope to enter the Southeast Asian market from Guangxi. This year we have officially inspected the entire Southeast Asian market and have cooperated with some platform institutions. Through online and offline methods, we hope to enter the Southeast Asian market.

[Explanation]The reporter learned that due to Guangxi’s unique location advantage facing the ASEAN market, many local companies have begun to expand into the ASEAN market. According to Li Hong, a professor at the School of Economics of Guangxi University, established private enterprises have obvious advantages in the domestic market. However, as the degree of international and regional free trade deepens, more investors will definitely be attracted to enter the domestic market, thereby putting pressure on domestic market competition. Increase. Exploring overseas markets is an important way for domestic enterprises to promote development and maintain longevity.

[Same period]Li Hong, Professor of School of Economics, Guangxi University

We cannot just be satisfied with the familiarity we already have in the local market. In the long run, a large number of merchants will actually enter the Guangxi market to develop. If we are only satisfied with this local market, it should be said that this market will slowly shrink. Therefore, from a defensive perspective, we should at least stabilize our development environment through development. The more established private enterprises need to cultivate their outward expansion towards regional value chains and global value chains in the era of digitalization and free trade. This can be a positive strategy to make our business last forever.

[Explanation]Li Hong reminded that when developing overseas markets, companies should pay attention to multi-dimensional inspections. In addition to market consumption potential, they should also pay attention to local laws, folk customs, culture and other multiple environments. In this regard, cooperation with law firms and universities is a better way.

[Same period]Li Hong, Professor of School of Economics, Guangxi University

For companies going global, in fact, it is not just a survey of the market environment. The market environment actually includes many aspects, including the needs of the local humanities market and the degree of transparency of local laws, so now we also have many We have established some branches of law firms in Nanning, which are actually from the eastern coastal areas of China. Our company not only understands the local needs, but also understands the local folk culture. In terms of the legal environment, we can cooperate with universities, law firms, etc. in various aspects.

[Explanation]It is understood that Nanning is the provincial capital city closest to ASEAN in China. In recent years, Nanning has actively promoted high-level opening up to the outside world, focused on building cross-border industrial chains, supply chains, and value chains for ASEAN, and made high-quality plans to promote the construction of China-ASEAN cross-border industrial integrated development cooperation zones. The city encourages foreign trade companies to expand import and export scale through various channels and seize opportunities to develop the “Belt and Road” market.

Wang Weichen reports from Nanning

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