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[Unsolved Mystery]Has Taiwan-Strait relations changed in the Year of the Dragon? ! | Prophecy | Taiwan | Republic of China

[Unsolved Mystery]Has Taiwan-Strait relations changed in the Year of the Dragon? ! | Prophecy | Taiwan | Republic of China
[Unsolved Mystery]Has Taiwan-Strait relations changed in the Year of the Dragon? ! | Prophecy | Taiwan | Republic of China

Deducing 10,000 years of Chinese history? ! Was the outcome of the Taiwan Strait already known two thousand years ago? China will be unstable in the next few decades. Will there be a big turning point in the Year of the Golden Dragon? (Provided by “Unsolved Mysteries”)

Hello everyone, I am Fuyao. Welcome to explore the unsolved mysteries with me.

Today I would like to introduce to you a prophecy that is highly discussed on the Internet, “The Song of Ten Thousand Years of Heaven and Earth”. As the name suggests, in this prophecy, China’s 10,000-year history is interpreted.

Ten thousand years of Chinese history?

a thousand years? Is China’s history that long? Aren’t we a country with an ancient civilization of five thousand years? Five thousand years of history?

It is impossible to verify where the saying of five thousand years originally came from. Some people say it started spreading in the Republic of China, while others say it was proposed by Martin Martini, an Italian missionary who came to China in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties.

So do the upper and lower five thousand mean the upper five thousand and the lower five thousand, a total of ten thousand years of history, or are these five thousand years divided into upper and lower halves, for example, starting from the time of Qin Shihuang? The academic community has been arguing about this matter for a long time without coming to an end.

In fact, it has been nearly five thousand years since the time of the Yellow Emperor. When the Republic of China overthrew the Manchu Qing Dynasty and Sun Yat-sen took office as the interim president, he widely spread the news that “the year 4609 of the Yellow Emperor’s Era will be the first year of the Republic of China.” Now another 100 years have passed, more than 4,700 years since the Yellow Emperor’s era, which is almost five thousand years.

But at the time of the Yellow Emperor, Chinese civilization was already very developed. He galloped on the battlefield on his tall horse, and his wives taught the people how to make silk clothes. Before him, Chi You and his Jiuli tribe ruled the land of China. Before that, there were Fuxi, Shennong, and the legendary Nuwa who created humans. So how should the history of this ancient era be calculated?

After the 1970s, as various ancient cultural relics and ruins were excavated one after another, claims that China has a history of 10,000 years slowly began to rise. Otherwise, you cannot explain the 7,000-year-old pottery pots at the Hemudu site in Zhejiang; the 9,000-year-old cultivated rice at the Pengtoushan site in Hunan; the 8 to 9,000-year-old text symbols at the Jiahu site in Henan, and the Play the flute with 7 scales.

So some people said, let’s divide it according to Huangdi’s method. The five thousand years before the Yellow Emperor were the history of Chinese civilization from the beginning of civilization to the gradual formation of civilization. These five thousand years are a historical era without written records. You can read those legendary stories as history or listen to them as myths. . After the Yellow Emperor transitioned from a tribe to a country, civilization basically took shape, and there were precise written records. These five thousand years are the history of civilization that we generally recognize. What is the first sentence you read in Sima Qian’s “Historical Records”? “Huang Di is the son of Shaodian. His surname is Gongsun and his name is Xuanyuan.” Huang Di didn’t even mention what happened before.

“Song of Ten Thousand Years of Heaven and Earth”

Okay, let’s get down to business, let’s talk about the prophecy. Look what this prophecy says about ten thousand years. “Song of the Universe” is also included in the book “7 Types of Chinese Prophecies” that we introduced earlier. It is one of several famous prophecies that were widely circulated in the late Qing Dynasty. The prophecy is written in 7-character quatrains, with a total of 106 sentences. At the end, there are two sentences: “Benevolence and righteousness will establish the universe” and “I am only counting the end of ten thousand years.” Therefore, everyone calls it “The Ten Thousand Years of the Universe”. Song”.

The book says that this prophecy was written by Jiang Ziya of the Zhou Dynasty, and was annotated by a man named Lu Wang of the Han Dynasty. However, because prophecies are all written in seven-character quatrains, and this poetry genre did not appear until the Southern and Northern Dynasties a thousand years later, and many sentences are too straightforward, and the writing style is very similar to the Song Dynasty Huaben and Ming and Qing chapter novels, so many Readers believe that this prophecy was written by a later generation under the guise of Jiang Ziya.

No matter who the author is, everyone agrees that as long as the prediction is accurate, nothing else matters. So is this prediction accurate?

Let’s first take a look at where the calculation of these ten thousand years begins. The first sentence of the prophecy gives the answer: “Tai Chi has passed before it is judged. The female queen of the wind sits on the snail stone.” Taoists believe that all tangible things are born from the invisible, which is called “Wuji”. Wuji produces Tai Chi, Tai Chi produces Liangyi, and Yin and Yang combine to produce all things. In today’s terms, the most basic particles are produced in the original state of nothing, and then layer by layer, all things are formed according to the principles of yin and yang. This first sentence, “Tai Chi has not yet passed away,” is the state in which chaos has just begun and basic particles have been formed.

Then Nuwa appeared to create humans. Legend has it that Nuwa’s surname is “Feng”. So she is the “Fenghou Nuwa”. This sentence and the following sentences about the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors are not prophecies, but they point out the starting point of these ten thousand years. Chaos first opened, and Nuwa created humans, which was the beginning of Chinese history.

After that, there will be the great Zhou Dynasty of 800 years, the Qin Emperor and the Han Dynasty, the Three Kingdoms, the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. Except for a slight deviation in the timing of some events, the others are the same as the predictions we have talked about before, almost 100%. precise.

Prophecy about the Qing Dynasty

For example, regarding the Qing Dynasty, the prophecy said this: “Eighteen children will jump out. The people will be saved from danger. More than two hundred people will be born in the Spring and Autumn Period. The five lakes will be disturbed by clouds and the wind will blow.” This “child” can be regarded as The word “子” is used to explain it. “Eighteen” plus “子” is the word “李”. Obviously, it was Li Zicheng who forced Emperor Chongzhen to climb the crooked neck tree.

On the other side, the Qing troops entered the pass, and after some reorganization, they ushered in the “Kangxi and Qianlong prosperous times” jointly created by Kangxi and Qianlong, which allowed the people to live a good life. This is “only then can the common people be saved from danger”. It is a pity that the Qing Dynasty’s national destiny only lasted for 276 years, and then it entered troubled times again. This is “more than two hundred years after the Spring and Autumn Period, the five lakes were disturbed by clouds and the wind was blowing”. The national destiny of the Qing Dynasty is mentioned here as “more than two hundred years”. Compared with the real history (276 years), it is a bit vague. However, some people say that maybe this just means that this is a true prophecy, so some places will not So precise.

Prophecy of the Republic of China and Taiwan

So are the predictions about the Republic of China accurate? So far, it seems quite accurate. Please note that this book was published in 1915. Therefore, if the prophecies made after the Republic of China are correct, they will be true and convincing prophecies.

Let’s take a look at the next sentence: “The land of the south of the Yangtze River was taken from the population. The capital was moved again.” This undoubtedly corresponds to the National Government under the leadership of Chiang Kai-shek. Soon after the founding of the Republic of China, it entered a turbulent state of warlord rule. In 1927, Chiang Kai-shek and He Yingqin organized a Northern Expedition and achieved an overwhelming victory. They finally unified the country again and established the National Government in Nanjing.

So what does the prophecy say? Let’s first look at the first three characters “人丁口”. This is actually a very cleverly designed word puzzle. The two characters “Dingkou” together are Chiang Kai-shek’s character “石”. And what do the three words “人丁口” mean together? He Yingqin’s word “He”. Isn’t it very clever? Let’s look at the last four characters “take Jiangnan land”. There is a word “nan” in it, which means Jiangnan again. It is obviously Nanjing, the ancient capital of the south of the Yangtze River.

So what about the second half of the sentence “The capital has moved again”? The government of the Republic of China first established its capital in Beijing, and now it has re-established its capital in Nanjing. A few years later, forced by circumstances, it had to move to Taipei twice. Therefore, the seven words “the capital was moved again” clearly stated the two moves of the capital.

At present, the predictions from the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China are very accurate. So what happens after that?

“Each of us must protect our two borders. We must live in peace with each other.”

After the Nationalist Government moved the capital to Taiwan in 1949, the two sides of the Taiwan Strait were divided. That is the “two boundaries”. In the 1950s, just after the separation, both sides clamored for reunification, and each had a few flying kicks, but there was no substantial damage and they all stopped soon after. Although there has been a lot of action on the mainland recently, the thunder is loud and the raindrops are light, so it can’t cause much trouble. Didn’t the prophecy also say, “Each one should keep his guard”? From the dictionary, the word “conservative” also means maintaining the old status quo without seeking change or improvement. Is that very consistent with the situation on both sides of the Taiwan Strait in the past few decades?

So how long will this situation of cross-strait division last? Let’s look at the next sentence: “We must live in peace for a hundred and nineteen years.” It clearly mentions time. But how to interpret this “one hundred and nineteen”? Is it one hundred and ninety years, or one hundred and nine years? Some people say that one hundred and ninety years is a bit too far away. If you say 95 years on each side, then 190 years in total is quite reasonable. When will that be? 1949 plus 1995, will the Taiwan Strait be unified in 2044?

But some people say, wait a minute, we have to look at it in context. Look at the next sentence: “At that time, I walked out of the grass field. Holding the golden dragon and the jade steps in my hand.” What is in this sentence? “Golden Dragon”. When is the next Year of the Golden Dragon? 2060. 2060 is the year of Gengchen. Geng belongs to gold and Chen belongs to dragon. So this Gengchen Year is also the Year of the Golden Dragon. So if “one hundred and nine” is interpreted as 109 years, 1949 plus 109 will be 2058, which is very close to the Year of the Golden Dragon in 2060. Is it possible to achieve cross-strait reunification in 2058 or 2060?

future china

However, regardless of whether the Taiwan Strait is unified or not, the year 2060 seems to be crucial, because this is the year that the mysterious figure “holding a golden dragon” will “step up to the jade level.” “Bu Yu Jie” can be interpreted as ascending the stage to become the emperor, or becoming a ruler. Does this mean that there is a change of dynasty? ! It’s not impossible. The “Zen Master’s Poems” we introduced before said that the current dynasty “has just arrived and the golden snake luck has ended.” What is the next year of the Golden Snake? 2061. If we look at the two together, something big is likely to happen at the end of 2060 or the beginning of 2061.

So if the dynasty really changes, who will the new emperor be? Let’s look at the previous sentence: “At that time, we walked out of the grass field.” Some people interpret that the two characters “Cao Tian” combined together form the character “Miao”. Will the new emperor be named Miao? Some people also say that judging from the four words “walking out of the grassland”, this may also be a ruler from the grassroots. Isn’t it said in “Tui Bei Tu” that “there is no king or emperor to determine the world, and the first person from the field” (image 47 of “Tui Bei Tu”) predicts that a crape myrtle sage from the folk will come to rule the world, no He doesn’t call himself king or emperor, but he can decide the world with one hand. Maybe these two are the same person, right?

So if the dynasty really changes by then, what will China look like then? Let’s look at the next sentence:

“China will be unified within the Qingping Sea, and the north and the south will be united and united.”

It looks very good – the country is peaceful, the north and the south are united, and a beautiful dynasty is about to begin. However, some netizens analyzed in depth and said that the relationship between Taiwan and the mainland is not a north-south relationship. What does it mean that the north and the south belong together here? It is definitely not the reunification of the Taiwan Strait, but the south and north of the mainland are likely to be divided before 2060, so they will be unified later. Similarly, this period of time will also be turbulent, otherwise the words “China will be settled” would not appear in the prophecy. Why do we say “China is determined”? It is because before this, the land of China was unstable.

This is not without precedent when it comes to the North-South split. After the fall of the Jin Dynasty, it split into the Northern and Southern Dynasties. After 300 years of turmoil, Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty Yang Jian unified the world. Later, the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty also experienced a turbulent period of more than 50 years, splitting into the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. Let’s talk more recently. The Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991 and split into many small countries overnight. Later, it also experienced a period of turmoil.

Today’s China is like sitting on a powder keg, with frequent natural and man-made disasters, social unrest, and ordinary people living unhappy lives. The country may be divided in a matter of minutes. But Taiwan is probably not among them. why? What do you think the prophecy says? “Qingpinghai”. Where is Taiwan? It’s overseas. But when everything is calmed down on the mainland, will Taiwan return? maybe. However, judging from the prophecy, even if Taiwan returns, it will not be through military reunification.

After this the history of several generations was written in the prophecies. However, many netizens said that some of the prophecies after the Qing Dynasty in “The Song of Ten Thousand Years” were disrupted. Perhaps those prophecies about the future were written about the events of the previous dynasty. So, we won’t read too much into it.

No matter what, the predictions about today’s China in “Song of Ten Thousand Years” are quite accurate. At the end of the prophecy, the same concept mentioned in “Tuibei Tu”, “Maqian Lesson” and other prophecies is mentioned, which is “reciprocation”. “Ma Qian Ke” says that “the path from past to present is endless”; “Tui Bei Tu” says that “the end will be the end, and the beginning will be the beginning”; and what does it say in “Song of Ten Thousand Years”? “I only count the end of ten thousand years now. The cycle will be endless.” That is to say, China’s history is a cycle of ten thousand years, and the end of one cycle is the beginning of another cycle.

As I said just now, more than 4,700 years have passed in the “lower” five thousand years of history from the Yellow Emperor to the present. If Chinese history is really a cycle of ten thousand years, then we may only have less than 300 years left. In 300 years, will human civilization really start again? What is the meaning of such a cycle?

Okay, that’s it for today’s story. Unsolved mystery, I am Fuyao. See you next time.

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