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The 4th Maritime Silk Road Tea Culture Forum made a splash at home and abroad: telling the story of Fujian tea to the world – Original News – Southeast Net


The opening ceremony will be broadcast live.Photo by Southeast Network reporter Zhou Ruiqin

Southeast Net reported on November 17 (Reporter Lu Jinfu) From November 14th to 17th, the 2023 (4th) Maritime Silk Road Tea Culture Forum with the theme of “Blessing the World of Tea” was held in Wuyishan City, Nanping. This forum has been widely reported and reprinted by media at home and abroad, and its influence at home and abroad continues to expand. According to incomplete statistics, as of 12 noon on November 17, the communication volume of all network platforms at home and abroad exceeded 210 million, three-dimensional and comprehensive It presents the forum’s positive role and achievements in promoting tea culture exchanges and cooperation among countries along the Maritime Silk Road and promoting the integration and mutual learning of the “three teas” between China and foreign countries.

Aggregated media reports continue to hit the screen

This forum is a Fujian tea culture event held at an important time point to mark the 10th anniversary of the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative and the first year of fully implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

As the organizer of the forum, Fujian Daily attaches great importance to the publicity and reporting work of this forum, deploys in advance and carefully plans, gathering Fujian Daily, New Fujian APP, Southeast Net and overseas branches, Strait Net, Minnan Net, and the group’s subsidiaries The new media power of newspapers and magazines gave full play to the advantages of “newspaper, network terminal and micro” linkage communication, and successfully completed various publicity and reporting tasks.

Special edition of Fujian Daily.

Fujian Daily launched special editions “Focus on the 4th Maritime Silk Road Tea Culture Forum” on November 14 and 16 respectively, publishing “Nanping Fu Tea’s Fragrance Spreads to the World”, “Small Tea Leaves Support the “Big Industry” of Rural Revitalization”, “World “Sharing the Taste of Lucky Tea” and “International Youth Ignite the New Engine of Lucky Tea Fragrance” and other reports reported on the forum from multiple angles.

WeChat picture_20231117210536.png

Southeast website special page.

Southeast Net, New Fujian APP, Learning Powerful Fujian Learning Platform, Strait Net, Minnan Net, etc. have launched special topics to provide all-round, multi-form and three-dimensional coverage of the forum.

Focusing on the forum’s opening ceremony, keynote reports, exchange topics, Fu tea tasting and promotion, on-site inspections and other main agendas. immediately launched the “Full World of Tea Fragrance” 2023 (4th) Maritime Silk Road Tea Culture Forum Opens in Wuyi Mountain” “How to make “Generation Z” fall in love with tea? Foreign internet celebrities are hotly discussing the inheritance and innovation of tea culture” “Using tea as a medium: Promoting exchanges and cooperation to promote mutual learning among civilizations” “Experts, scholars and well-known internet celebrities discuss the inheritance of world heritage tea culture” “Envoys to China and international friends’ experiences of visiting Wuyi Mountain There are nearly 20 original reports including “The Beauty of Two World Heritages” and “Photos: The Wonderful Gathering of Wuyi Tea”.

During the forum, media reports continued to flood the screen. The Cyberspace Affairs Office of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee coordinated the province’s media and government WeChat public accounts to promote the grand opening ceremony of the forum to the entire network. Central media and provincial media such as China Central Radio and Television, People’s Daily Online, Xinhuanet, China Daily, China News Service, Fujian Radio and Television and Fujian Overseas Chinese News participated in on-site reporting and integrated it on their respective clients, WeChat, websites, video accounts, etc. The media platform publishes forum videos, pictures and texts through multiple channels, which expands Fucha’s international influence through its external communication advantages.

Same frequency resonance media presentation

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Southeast Network reporter interviews guests.Photo by Southeast Network reporter Lu Jinfu

For this forum, Fujian Daily integrated resources and sent an integrated media interview team composed of text, pictures, and videos to go all out to publicize and report the forum. They resonated on the same frequency and integrated media presentation to realize text, photos, videos, and posters. , H5 and other all-media products are fully covered, achieving good publicity effects.

WeChat picture_20231117210333.jpg

The opening ceremony of the forum will be broadcast live.Photo by Southeast Network reporter Lu Jinfu

At the opening ceremony of the forum, Fujian Daily conducted a global video live broadcast on the spot with all media including Southeast Net, New Fujian APP, Strait Net, Minnan Net, as well as Global Times, Nanfang+, N Video, Jingcai Taiwan, Nanfang Net/Guangdong Thirty-three mainstream media including Xuexue, Greater Bay Area TV, New Gansu Client, Douyin, and Kuaishou broadcast the forum format live, and conducted Facebook live broadcast for the first time globally. The total live broadcast traffic at home and abroad exceeded 20 million.

During the forum, Southeast Network launched the H5 work “Tea soup becomes paper, water replaces ink!” “Inviting You to Come to Fujian to Fight for Tea and Sip Tea”, through hand-painted scenes, depicts the origins of Fujian and tea dramas. The interactive design of the work enhances the user experience and adds interest, and has been read more than 100,000 times across all platforms. At the same time, a Weibo topic 四海丝茶文化论坛 # was opened, with 570 original entries, 33,000 discussions, 37,000 interactions, and more than 80 million reads.

WeChat picture_20231117204532.jpg

Fujian Daily All-Media Interview Room.Photo by Southeast Network reporter Chen Jiaqi

In addition, also launched a series of interview videos, inviting guests to talk about how to coordinate the development of “three teas”. At the same time, “The 4th Maritime Silk Road Tea Culture Forum丨Domestic and foreign experts and scholars share the keynote” and “The 4th Maritime Silk Road Tea Culture Forum丨Mutual learning between tea culture and civilization, “Generation Z” and the inheritance and innovation of tea culture, Wanli Tea Ceremony and “Generic Inheritance Theme Exchange” and other short video reports. Douyin short video work “Chiwulu, Ambassador of the Zambian Embassy in China: Wuyi Rock Tea is very delicious and very good!” 》A single playback volume was 35.139 million.

Enhance the international “voice” and tell the story of Haofu Tea to the outside world through “waizui” fully leverages its overseas platform advantages, deeply integrates international communication concepts, and publishes dozens of forum images, texts or videos on Facebook, Twitter and other overseas social platforms.

Many overseas Chinese media such as American Overseas Chinese News Network, Osaka Dragon Voice, Zongheng Dongying Gang, Kansai Chinese Times, Japan-China Information, Filipino Overseas Chinese Businessmen, Philippine Chinese Tea Culture, and Filipino Overseas Chinese Businessmen’s Life Convenience Service Platform have extensively carried out the activities. reporting, forwarding and promotion.

Hi Fujian’s ins platform’s series of video works about the Haisi Tea Culture Forum has received more than 168,000 likes, and Hi Fujian’s Facebook public homepage’s Facebook page about the Haisi Tea Culture Forum’s series of pictures, texts and short videos has accumulated a total of 100,000 likes.

“Participating in this tea culture forum, I felt the profound historical heritage of Chinese tea culture and understood the Chinese way of hospitality for guests who come to drink tea on cold nights.” During the forum, Xiaolong, an international student from Huaqiao University in Uzbekistan, took pictures with his mobile phone Many videos and photos were shared on overseas social platforms, and reports from Southeast Network were forwarded to spread the Fucha culture to the world. He also often shoots short videos and puts them on his country’s online platform to introduce China’s tea making methods and tea culture.

WeChat picture_20231117210313.jpg

Xiaolong shows the content he publishes on overseas social platforms.Photo by Southeast Network reporter Lu Jinfu

Tell the story of Fucha to the world and let the world listen to the good voice of China. The number of international friends participating in this forum exceeded 50% of the total number of guests, and they actively contributed to the spread of Fucha culture. The forum was innovatively added to issue “Fucha” overseas communication official appointment letters to international Internet celebrities, including Xinyue, Nesli, Ma Sen, Xiaolong, Ma Haoming, Eddy, “Nostalgia” Shen Dan, “Rural Harmony” Wu Tingqian, etc. from China and Russia Eight Internet celebrities from , Ireland, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Egypt and other countries were hired, injecting fresh energy into Fucha’s “breaking the circle” and “going global”.

WeChat picture_20231117210403.jpg

Turkish internet celebrity Nesli shot the video at the scene.Photo by Southeast Network reporter Lu Jinfu

Nesli, an Internet celebrity from Turkey, is a content creator who currently lives in Shenzhen. He shares Chinese life and culture on the social platform YouTube through the account “Nesli in China”. Participating in this forum, she focused her camera on the tea culture of Wuyi Mountain and recorded what she saw and heard into a short video.

“I like Fujian tea very much because it has a very rich aroma and rich taste.” Nesli said that she will dig out the stories of Fujian tea cultivation and techniques and promote them to overseas social platforms to let the world see and fall in love with Fujian. Tea.

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