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26 years of persistence to protect the mountains and rivers-Characters-China Engineering Network

26 years of persistence to protect the mountains and rivers-Characters-China Engineering Network
26 years of persistence to protect the mountains and rivers-Characters-China Engineering Network

Original title: 26 years of persistence to protect the mountains and waters

Tang Ziqing, all-media reporter from Sichuan Daily

If you open a column

Since ancient times, Sichuan has produced numerous heroes and respected etiquette and virtue. In recent years,SichuanThe province deepens its citizen moral construction project, carries out extensive selection activities for moral models and good people around them, continues to strengthen the ideological and moral construction of minors, inherits and promotes China’s excellent traditional virtues, and takes multiple measures to deepen the cultivation of civilization and promote new trends in civilization.

From now on, the Sichuan Daily will open the “Deyao Bashu” column, focusing on the vivid practice of citizen moral construction, paying attention to the heartwarming stories that happened at the grassroots level, the good people and good deeds around the masses, and gathering “Good deeds in Sichuan”, “Courtesy in Sichuan” and “Integrity in Sichuan” “The bright light in the book witnessed that the core socialist values ​​took root and flourished in the land of Bashu, gathering a majestic force for good for forging ahead on a new journey and building a new era of success.

business card

Liang Chunping, a ranger in the Wanglang area of ​​the Giant Panda National Park, has been awarded honorary titles such as “Good Person of Sichuan” and “The Most Beautiful Ranger in Sichuan”.

For 26 years, he has been working in the field monitoring position, walking an average of more than 2,000 kilometers on mountain roads every year. Since taking charge of the Wanglang Secret Eye infrared camera monitoring project in 2020, Wanglang wildlife footage has been broadcast on TV and online platforms many times. While showing biodiversity to the public, it has also attracted more and more people to invest in ecological protection. middle.

Liang Chunping at work.Photo provided by interviewee

Character story

Wearing a peaked cap, a camouflage uniform, a pair of rubber shoes, and black-rimmed glasses, Liang Chunping, a thin figure, looks elegant, but his hands are covered with calluses. “When dealing with nature, you inevitably have to climb mountains and cross ravines. Over time, you will also have Marked.”

Recently, the “China’s Good People List” for the third quarter of 2023 was released. Liang Chunping, a ranger of the Wanglang Area of ​​the Giant Panda National Park from Pingwu County, Mianyang City, was on the list as a dedicated and dedicated figure.

Over the past 26 years, I have walked more than 2,000 kilometers every year through the mountains and rivers of the reserve.

At around 8 a.m. on November 15, Liang Chunping, as usual, put on his backpack and prepared to enter the reserve with his teammates to start patrol work. “Usually daily patrols require more than 10 hours of walking every day, averaging more than 2,000 kilometers per year. Now the joints are severely worn and my knees hurt when going down the mountain.” Liang Chunping said that the winter patrol period is the most difficult period of the year. “The backpack weighed more than ten kilograms, and within half an hour I was sweating all over. But the temperature was minus ten degrees Celsius, and I didn’t dare to stop. The sweat would freeze as soon as I stopped.”

Liang Chunping is a “second generation Lin” and he is no stranger to this experience.

“My father is the first generation ranger of Wanglang Nature Reserve. When I was a child, I followed my father on mountain patrols. I could see many wild animals and sometimes the excrement of wild giant pandas.” Liang Chun, who is in close contact with nature The Peace Reserve gradually developed feelings. Although he was well aware of the hardships of this profession, he resolutely returned to Pingwu after graduation to protect the green waters and green mountains of Wanglang Nature Reserve.

“I didn’t understand anything at the beginning, I could only recognize some simple and common wild animals and plants. Wang Lang is too big. To do a good job, you must continue to learn.” Participating in training, reading books, and consulting experts and scholars… Liang Chunping took the initiative Learn relevant knowledge and constantly improve your own knowledge system.

As he learned more and more knowledge, Liang Chunping’s patrol work became smoother and smoother. In 26 years of work, Liang Chunping has visited more than 90% of the patrol area here. There are more than 20 relatively fixed routes in the area, which he takes at least 4 times a year.

Challenges Technological advances bring new challenges to work but “I’m still very happy with new discoveries”

Year-round snow-capped peaks, boundless virgin forests, crystal clear streams, deep and steep canyons… Looking through Liang Chunping’s WeChat Moments, almost all of them are about the mountains and rivers of the reserve and the things he encountered during the patrol. Animals, “There are 26 species of national first-level protected animals such as giant pandas, golden monkeys, and snow leopards, 60 species of national second-level protected animals such as wolves and red foxes, and more than 270 species of birds…”

“Patrol patrols are not just about walking in the protected area, there is a lot of work along the way.” Liang Chunping said that with the advancement of technology, they have to record and collect traces of animal activities, and investigate poaching, poaching of medicinal materials, etc., and now they are still To check the condition of the infrared trigger camera equipment, replace the battery and memory card, “It usually takes several days to sort out the captured materials, but I am still very happy to make new discoveries.”

In 2006, Wanglang Nature Reserve included amphibians and reptiles in the monitoring scope. Due to the lack of relevant experts, Liang Chunping volunteered to go to the Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences for systematic study.

After that, Liang Chunping studied while working, and gradually became an “expert” on amphibians and reptiles in Wanglang Nature Reserve. He has participated in dozens of scientific research monitoring and scientific research cooperation projects in Wanglang Nature Reserve.

Now, Liang Chunping’s work has a new challenge – last month, he was hired as “the first batch of nature education lecturers in Pingwu County”. In his view, nature education can not only allow more young people to understand nature, go into nature, and get close to nature, but also allow more people to understand the profound meaning of the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

“Whether I am a ‘Good Person of Sichuan’ or a ‘Good Person of China’, these honors encourage me to continue to do a good job and hope that more people will pay attention to environmental protection and ecological diversity protection,” Liang Chunping said.

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