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Xi Jinping: China never bets on the United States, and the United States should not bet on China.


Expanding anti-drug cooperation, resuming high-level military exchanges, and expanding people-to-people and cultural exchanges… Chinese President Xi Jinping summarized the results of his meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden while attending the Indo-Pacific Leaders’ Summit in California.

issuing time: 16/11/2023 – 14:03

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Biden and Xi held their first face-to-face meeting in a year at an estate in Northern California. This meeting, working dinner and garden walk all showed the world that although China and the United States are economic competitors on a global scale and still have major differences in many fields, the two sides have no intention of engaging in a zero-sum game.

Xi Jinping, taken on November 15, 2023, California, USA © Photo courtesy AP

Xi Jinping said: “It is the two-way rush of the people that has brought China-US relations back to the right track from the low point time and time again. Once the door of China-US relations is opened, it will never be closed again, and once the cause of friendship between the two peoples is started, it will not give up halfway. . President Biden and I agreed to promote dialogue and cooperation between the two countries in the fields of diplomacy, economy and trade, humanities, education, science and technology, agriculture, military, law enforcement, artificial intelligence and other fields in the spirit of mutual respect.”… “Put the list of cooperation The longer we can stretch, the bigger the cake of cooperation will be.” “I reached an important consensus with President Biden today. The two countries will launch more measures to facilitate personnel exchanges and promote people-to-people and cultural exchanges, including increasing direct passenger flights between China and the United States, holding a China-US high-level tourism dialogue, optimizing the visa application process, etc.”

Xi Jinping talks about China and the United States working together to combat drug abuse and panda diplomacy © AP

Regarding the fentanyl controversy, Xi Jinping said: “China deeply sympathizes with the poisoning of fentanyl to the American people, especially young people. President Biden and I have agreed to establish an anti-drug working group to assist the United States in dealing with drug abuse.”

Regarding youth exchanges between China and the United States, he said: “China is willing to invite 50,000 American youths to come to China for exchanges and studies in the next five years.”

Xi Jinping also mentioned panda diplomacy and announced that he would send new pandas to the United States: “Giant pandas are envoys of friendship between the Chinese and American peoples, and China and the United States will continue to cooperate in the protection of giant pandas.”

Xi Jinping:
Xi Jinping: “China never bets on the United States, and the United States should not bet on China.” © AP

Regarding the overall relationship between China and the United States, Xi Jinping said: “If the other party is regarded as the most important competitor, the most significant geopolitical challenge and an ever-increasing threat, it will inevitably lead to wrong policies, wrong actions and wrong results. China We are willing to be partners and friends with the United States. The fundamental principles we follow in handling Sino-US relations are mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation. China never bets on the United States, never interferes in the internal affairs of the United States, and has no intention to challenge or replace the United States. We want to see a confident, open, developing and prosperous United States. Similarly, the United States should not bet on China and should welcome a peaceful, stable and prosperous China.”

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