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Picturesque scenery | Millennium-old Mulan Pi, witnessing the changes caused by flood control in Putian – Highlights


China News Service, Putian, November 15 (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue) Recalling the floods he experienced in the past, Zheng Renming, 71, the former party branch secretary of Puban Village, Xindu Town, Putian City, Fujian Province, still remembers it fresh. “At that time, the villagers were always on tenterhooks. They relied on the weather to grow food, fearing more typhoons and heavy rains. Affected by floods, one acre of land could only yield two to three hundred kilograms of rice at that time, and the villagers did not dare to go to the fields. If we grow other cash crops here, we are afraid that they will be inundated by floods.”

The flood Zheng Renming mentioned came from Mulan Creek, the “Mother River” in Putian City. Mulan River has abundant water resources, but it has many and sharp bends, the river channel is narrow, and the terrain where it enters the sea is low-lying. Before the construction of Mulan Pi, the Xinghua Plain on both sides of Mulan River was frequently damaged by floods from the upstream and sea tides from the lower reaches, causing life in the southern and southern plains to be devastated and the people suffering from floods.

The construction of Mulan Pi during the Northern Song Dynasty completely changed the previous situation of “only cattail grass growing, but no seedlings” in the southern and southern Beiyang plains. However, although Putian people have thrived here for generations, the flood problem has not been eliminated.

Pictured is Mulan Pi.Photo by China News Service reporter Li Jun

Lin Guodong, the 77-year-old former director of the Xiahuang Village Committee in Chengxiang District, Putian City, still remembers that there was a flood when he was a child. During the evacuation, the boat capsized because the water was too strong, and many people fell into the water. At that time, every household had a large wooden barrel, which was used for pickling pickles. It could also be used as a means of transportation when there was a flood. The elderly and children could be put into the barrel and sent to a safe place.

As early as 1957, the Mulan Creek management project was put on the agenda, but it was difficult to start construction due to the technical difficulty of the project. In 1999, Putian City invited domestic authoritative water conservancy experts, and after multiple demonstrations and technical tests, they finally found a good way to manage Mulan Creek. In 2003, the bending and straightening project of Mulan Creek was completed. The original 16-kilometer flood channel was straightened to 8.64 kilometers, shortened by 7.36 kilometers. In 2011, the flood control embankments on both sides of the Taiwan Strait were closed and the floodwaters were returned to the channel. Flood control standards were greatly improved.

After Mulan Pi was built, it completely changed the previous situation of “only cattail grass growing, but no seedlings” in the southern and southern plains.Photo by China News Service reporter Li Jun

After decades and generations of continuous efforts, Mulan Creek is undergoing transformation. What was once a “river of floods” has become the current “river of ecology”, “river of development” and “river of happiness”. The villagers no longer have to worry about flooding and can plant whatever they want, and the comprehensive management of Mulan Creek has a new direction. With Yuhu as the center, Putian plans to use 7,532 acres of land to develop and construct Yuhu New City. Today, the Yuhu area is fully equipped with various public supporting facilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and sports venues.

After thousands of years of development, Mulanpi has now been built into a beautiful waterside park. At present, Mulanpi focuses on the overall idea of ​​”Eternal Mulan Creek, Hundred Miles of Rivers and Mountains, and Ten Miles of Scenic Belt” and makes efforts from the five major aspects of “ecological belt, cultural belt, health belt, industrial belt, and innovation belt” to create a comprehensive heritage protection, It is a national 5A-level tourist attraction integrating ecological restoration, water conservancy science popularization and multi-dimensional experience. Mulan Creek has transformed into a green link connecting the city and the mountains and rivers.


The picture shows Mulanpi Dam.Photo by China News Service reporter Li Jun

Lin Guodong said that since the management of Mulan Creek, their lives have changed a lot. Now, no matter it is morning or evening, there are many people exercising by Mulan Creek, including jogging, Tai Chi, square dancing, etc. Some people come here specifically to ride bicycles, walk, and breathe fresh air. Several typhoons have landed in my country this year, but there has been no flooding in Putian.

For Putian people, with the great changes in Mulan Creek, “seawater flooding and cattail grass overgrowth” has become history, and the fear of water has slowly become a thing of the past.

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Source: China News Service

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