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Haikou “City Dance” dance night event starts registration-Haikou News Network-Nanhai Network

Haikou “City Dance” dance night event starts registration-Haikou News Network-Nanhai Network
Haikou “City Dance” dance night event starts registration-Haikou News Network-Nanhai Network

New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net News on November 16 (Reporter Ding Wenwen) On November 16, the reporter learned from the Haikou Municipal Tourism and Culture Bureau that the 2023 (24th) Hainan International Tourism Island Happy Festival is coming, as a happy Registration for Haikou’s “City Dance” dance night event, one of the festival’s main venue series activities, starts now.

  Haikou “City Dance” dance night event poster.Photo courtesy of Haikou Tourism and Culture Bureau

It is reported that the event is hosted by the Haikou Municipal Tourism and Culture Bureau and co-organized by the Haikou Dancers Association. With the theme of “DOU in Vibrant Haikou”, it aims to actively integrate Haikou City’s dance and creative resources and visit Haikou landmarks such as Qilou Old Street. Use literature and art to show the new style of Haikou’s era, and show the vivid scene of the whole people dancing together and igniting Coconut City.

  Registration target

All literature and art lovers and dance lovers can sign up to participate, regardless of status or region.

  Group settings

Divided into “required group” (required dance short video “DOU Dance”) and “optional group” (optional dance);

Both groups can register at the same time. Players who register for the optional group should give priority to posting the video of the required dance.

  registration time

Required group: from now on

Optional group: December 7th to December 12th

  ways of registration

Required group: From now on, send the required dance short video “DOU Dance” on Douyin, participate in the topic energeticHaikouDOUrise , follow and @Haikou Tourism and Culture Bureau. Videos with high quality will be selected and reprinted by the official account for priority display.

Self-selected group: From December 7th to December 12th, send the “Registration Form of Self-Selected Works + Video” to the email [email protected]; the title is “Self-Selected Group + Team Name + Name of Person in Charge + Contact Number”. (The final list of the self-selected group will be announced on the “Haikou Tourism” WeChat official account on December 20)

  prize settings

Best Creative Award: bonus 4,800 yuan + certificate;

Best Performance Award: bonus 3,800 yuan + certificate;

Best Popularity Award: bonus 3,800 yuan + certificate;

Best Organization Award: bonus 3,800 yuan + certificate;

Top Ten TikTokers: Hainan Travel Surprise Gift Pack.

The Haikou Municipal Tourism and Culture Bureau reminds that the selection data for the top ten Douyin kings is from now until December 25, and is generated based on the comprehensive data of video likes, comments, and reprints on the online Douyin platform. Teams that advance to the final selection will purchase their own insurance, submit the insurance certificate and sign the “Disclaimer” at the final selection site, otherwise they will not be allowed to participate in the performance. Participating works will be deemed that the unit owns the copyright of the work including video, audio, broadcast, etc., and agrees to the organizer for third-party dissemination, without paying additional copyright fees. If there are any irregularities such as false information during the event, the team will be disqualified from participating; if the program does not comply with the provisions, points will be deducted accordingly. Anyone who submits works to participate in the solicitation is deemed to have accepted and acknowledged the above terms by default. For related matters, please call: Teacher Li 18779933021; ​​Teacher Xiao 18789196946.

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