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Photo by Dadukou Park/Xie Guoqing

“Two Rivers and Four Banks” management improved. Photo by Ge Laoxi Section/Tang Anbing


Renovation of old residential areas in Yueguang Community


“Jin’ao Pastoral” Bashu beautiful courtyard demonstration film

Unique city parks are dotted here and there, becoming the city’s most recognizable business cards; old blocks and communities have achieved “reverse growth” in the process of renovation, and the old appearance has been replaced with a new look, and the old has become nostalgic. ; The continuous renewal of farmhouses and courtyards outlines the “Fuchun Mountain Residence” in the bustling city…

Scenes of beautiful butterfly changes that are obvious to all are being staged throughout the Dadukou area.

In recent years, the whole Dadukou District has deeply implemented the concept of “people’s city built by the people, people’s city for the people”, with the goal of building “Park Dadukou, Colorful Art Bay”, and integratedly promoted urban renewal and upgrading, harmonious rural construction, urban and rural areas The energy level has jumped up across the board, and livable quality has accelerated. The former “industrial rust belt” has been transformed into a “humanities show belt”, and the “steel town” has been transformed into a “park and green city”.

A new picture of a park city that integrates urban and rural areas and covers all areas is slowly unfolding in Dadukou.

Reshaping regional value “Park Dadukou, Colorful Art Bay” is accelerating

From the old industrial base of the “Ten Mile Steel City” to an ecological and livable modern new city, the urban transformation of Dadukou District has taken more than 10 years.

On the basis of early exploration and accumulation, how to further shape the city image and regional value that matches the positioning of the central city, and how to take responsibility and show its role in promoting the construction of a modern new Chongqing is another must-answer question given to Dadukou District in the new era.

In this regard, Dadukou is also anchoring the construction goal of “Park Dadukou, Colorful Art Bay” and writing vigorously:

Create a high-quality park city——

Adhere to leading the construction of park cities in a green, humanistic, systematic, characteristic and efficient manner, transforming from “building a park in the city” to “building a city in a park”, taking the lead in proposing the construction of an urban and rural all-area park pattern in the city, and taking the lead in building the main city The Dadukou Greenway System, the most distinctive park, takes the lead in implementing “one park, one theme, one feature” and accelerates the exploration of new ways to build a park city with Dadukou characteristics. At present, a total of 77 parks of various types have been built, and the per capita green area ranks among the top in the country. It is planned to build 134 kilometers of park greenways.

Steadily promote the construction of “Art Bay”——

Accelerating the improvement of “Two Rivers and Four Banks” management, the Ge Laoxi section of the art and leisure waterfront was officially completed and put into use, the construction of the Yuhaohao section and the Qiezixi section is also progressing in an orderly manner, and the Chonggang Cliff Line Mountain Trail won the “France Paris Design Gold Award” ; Diaoyuzui Music Peninsula, Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music and other functional facilities are accelerating the development; Funiu Xi area, the International Small Ball Competition Center, National Fitness Center and other small ball competition venues are accelerating planning.

Continuously woven transportation network——

The “four vertical and four horizontal” rail line network is gradually established. The southern section of the first phase of Rail Line 5 and the Jiangjuan Line are open to traffic. Chongqing Rail Transit Line 18 has begun trial operation without passengers. Rail Transit Line 21 and Line 29 are in the early stages. The work is accelerating and will be fully integrated into the “Chongqing Half-Hour Commuting Circle”. The “eight vertical and eight horizontal” backbone road network is taking shape at an accelerated pace. Nodal projects such as Diaoyuzui Interchange and Chenjiage Interchange have been completed and put into operation. The second phase of the Jinsheng Road Network and Chongqing Steel North-South Arterial Road and other projects have been successfully opened to traffic. A total of 247 kilometers of urban roads have been completed. The construction of the three-longitudinal line Shuangshan Tunnel to Jinjiawan Interchange reconstruction project and the southern section of New Yuanqie Road has started. Projects such as the Jianan Line Connector, the northern section of the North-South Trunk Road, and the Taojia Tunnel are accelerating. The urban road transportation system is increasingly improving.

The developed and convenient transportation network has effectively shortened the time and space distance, and high-quality urban construction has further broken down the psychological distance. Nowadays, when walking on the streets of Dadukou, you can no longer see the image of the “gray and dusty” steel city of the past. Instead, you can see the picture of a beautiful city full of greenery, livable and suitable for business. “Park Dadukou, Colorful Art Bay” has replaced “steel” and become the new pronoun of this city.

Rebuilding the quality of human settlements and giving residents a new look to enjoy a new life

“The community is clean and tidy, with all the facilities for fitness and children’s play, and there are many old neighbors. It’s more comfortable to live here.” Not long ago, Aunt Chen, who had left Dongzheng Community in Yuejin Village Street for more than 20 years, moved back with her family. . In recent years, many people like Aunt Chen have moved back to Dadukou.

The renovation of old communities is connected to people’s livelihood and well-being, and to urban development.

Since 2020, Dadukou District has taken the opportunity of in-depth implementation of urban renewal and upgrading, adhered to the renovation concept of “turning old into nostalgia”, and in accordance with the overall goal of “five-year task, three-year completion”, high-quality promotion of 24 areas in the district , 1.37 million square meters of old community renovation, striving to transform a number of old communities with “characteristics, history, and memories” so that the people can enjoy a new life.

Where will the money come from for such a large-scale centralized renovation in a short period of time? How to coordinate demands from multiple parties?

Dadukou District has innovatively explored a set of diversified fund-raising methods of “superior subsidies, district-level supporting facilities, residents’ contributions, and social fundraising”. At the same time, it has strengthened the coordination of the four parties of “government, residents, three divisions, and enterprises” to explore joint creation and strive to Achieve “each serving a dish and sharing a table” to ensure sustainable development.

Among them, the government takes the lead, coordinating fund raising, communication and coordination, monitoring and supervision, and exploring new governance ideas such as “party building + property management” and “evaluation + rewards”, so that the old communities can not only be renovated smoothly, but also be managed well in the future. Residents play the leading role, responding to the needs of the people by asking the people for “what to change”, asking the people for ideas “how to change”, and asking the people for “how good the changes will be”, dynamically optimizing and adjusting plans, and stimulating people’s enthusiasm for participation. . The “three divisions” will participate together to give full play to the professional service advantages of planners, architects, and engineers to promote the renovation and upgrading of old communities in Dadukou with high quality; enterprises will work together to attract social forces to participate through public service provision and the realization of idle resources. invest.

In addition, the district also adheres to the principle of “one project, one feature, one street, one bright spot” during the renovation, focusing on protecting and highlighting unique urban memories such as historical background and regional characteristics, and preventing “the same phenomenon in a thousand cities” during the renovation, so that The city retains memories and allows the masses to remember nostalgia. For example, Dongzheng District integrates the history of “Steel City Development” into the community environment; Baishatuo District protects historical relics from the revolutionary period and reshapes the style of Baishatuo Old Street.

Today, the renovation work of 24 areas covering 1.37 million square meters in the district has been fully launched, benefiting 26,542 households. Among them, 15 areas covering 1.13 million square meters have been completed. It is expected that the renovation of 24 areas will be completed in the first half of next year. Dadukou District won the municipal government’s 2022 annual inspection incentives due to its remarkable results in the renovation of old communities.

Reconstructing the harmonious countryside and creating a “return to the garden and countryside” in the city

The “Jin’ao Pastoral” in the golden autumn is colorful and picturesque.

“It used to be a barren mountain, but now it has changed a lot. It has beautiful pastoral landscape, rich farming experience, and is basically overcrowded every weekend.” Since the construction of the “Jin’ao Pastoral” complex project was launched in Dadukou District, Zhang Jing, the person in charge of Jiangshang Yunqi B&B, is one of the first people to “eat crabs”.

“Jin’ao Pastoral – Bashu Beautiful Courtyard Demonstration Film” is an important part of the “Jin’ao Pastoral” complex.

Last year, Dadukou District implemented the construction of a beautiful courtyard demonstration film in Bashu in accordance with the construction standards of 4A-level scenic spots and the five requirements of “ecology, wisdom, history, nostalgia, and three governance”, and built 108 farmhouses in the “Jin’ao Pastoral” complex project area. The renovation will focus on renovating and beautifying house courtyards and village public spaces, upgrading surrounding functions and environmental facilities, promoting the “three improvements” of farm house quality, courtyard appearance, and village value, and creating a harmonious and beautiful “Peach Blossom Land” in Sichuan and Chongqing cities.

At present, the quality of 108 farmhouses has been improved, three key courtyards have been built, including Xianjiayuan, Chaotianzui Courtyard, and Shiziping. More than 90 micro vegetable gardens, micro gardens, and micro orchards have been constructed, and guidance signs and cultural walls have been improved. , garbage stations, street lights and other infrastructure, build 8 node landscapes such as “Jinshi Pavilion” and “Chaotianzui” viewing platform, complete the renovation of 13 kilometers of tourist roads and 10 kilometers of greenways and trails, and basically realize “beautiful scenery every step of the way, You can check in everywhere.”

Jin’ao Pastoral Project is not only a peach blossom garden that urbanites yearn for, but also a fragrant steamed bun that can revitalize local villages and increase income.

At present, more than 10 villagers in Jin’ao Tianyuan Bashu Beautiful Courtyard Demonstration Film have voluntarily renovated their houses and engaged in tourism service industries such as B&Bs, farmhouses, and sales of agricultural specialties, helping more than 200 villagers to enjoy tourist meals. In addition, the local area has further improved the level of rural public services by revitalizing villagers’ idle farmhouses and establishing facilities such as “farm bookstores” and “mutual aid and elderly care centers.”

Not long ago, “‘Jin’ao Pastoral’ – Bashu Beautiful Courtyard Demonstration Film” was successfully selected into the top ten typical cases for the protection of rural characteristics (including traditional villages) in the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle.

In the next step, Dadukou District will use the “Jin’ao Tianyuan” complex project as a demonstration model, relying on the location advantages, transportation advantages, and resource endowments of “countryside in the city” to build an “urban and rural revitalization demonstration site and a good leisure and tourism destination for citizens”. With the goal of “creating a good platform for foreign inspections and exchanges”, we will pay close attention to the “two main positions” of Jin’ao Mountain and Zhongliang Mountain, solidly promote rural development, rural construction, rural governance and other key tasks, innovate the urban-rural integrated development mechanism, and promote livability and industry throughout the region. Harmonious rural construction. (Unless signed, the pictures of Wang Jing and Wang Meirong are provided by the Dadukou District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee)

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