“Building a Road to Mutual Trust and Creating Prosperity in China and Europe – Report on the Development of Chinese Enterprises in the EU 2023/2024” released–International–People’s Daily Online

“Building a Road to Mutual Trust and Creating Prosperity in China and Europe – Report on the Development of Chinese Enterprises in the EU 2023/2024” released–International–People’s Daily Online
“Building a Road to Mutual Trust and Creating Prosperity in China and Europe – Report on the Development of Chinese Enterprises in the EU 2023/2024” released–International–People’s Daily Online

People’s Daily Online, Brussels, November 15 (Reporter Niu Ruifei) On November 14, the China Chamber of Commerce in the European Union (hereinafter referred to as the “Chamber of Commerce”) and global management consulting company Roland Berger jointly released the chamber’s annual flagship report “Building a Road to Mutual Trust Together” in Brussels, Belgium. , Jointly Create Prosperity in China and Europe – Report on the Development of Chinese Enterprises in the EU 2023/2024. The report said that despite the impact of global economic shocks and geopolitics, Chinese companies in Europe moved forward under pressure and maintained steady growth. At the same time, Chinese companies in Europe believe that the EU has proposed a “de-risk” strategy for China and introduced a series of policy measures, which have brought uncertainty to the development of economic and trade cooperation and bilateral relations. Chinese companies have rated the EU’s overall business environment for the fourth consecutive year. Declines, but at a slower rate.

Based on the survey, the report calls on the EU to avoid politicizing business issues in key areas of digital and green transformation such as information and communication technology (ICT), new energy vehicles, and clean energy. It calls on China and the EU to fully resume exchanges at all levels this year on a good basis. , enhance mutual trust, work together to address global challenges such as geopolitics, climate change, energy and food crises, jointly seek sustainable development of economic and trade investment, green industry and digital economy, and help the two major markets of China and Europe to connect and prosper.

Xu Chen, President of the China Chamber of Commerce in the European Union, delivered a welcome speech at the press conference. He said that China and the EU are each other’s second largest trading partners. Bilateral trade reached a new high last year, with average daily import and export volume exceeding 2 billion euros, demonstrating the depth and dependence of the economic and trade relations between the two sides. More than a quarter of China-EU trade is high-tech products, and the share of green products such as photovoltaics, batteries and electric vehicles has also increased steadily, fully demonstrating the resilience and vitality of China-EU economic and trade relations, and also contributing to the recovery and growth of the global economy.

Chairman Xu said that the European market is unique to Chinese companies’ overseas development. At present, the EU market is an important part of the global strategy of Chinese companies and is also the destination with the highest investment stock among Chinese companies in developed economies. Chinese companies have established R&D centers, data centers, network security centers and battery factories in countries such as Germany, Ireland, Belgium and Hungary, contributing to the EU’s local economic development, job market and R&D innovation. The business community expects the EU to provide a fair, just and non-discriminatory business environment for Chinese companies in Europe, and to jointly promote the development of China-EU two-way investment and commercial relations with practical actions.

Roland Berger partner Li Bing congratulated the release of the report via video link. He said that 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Europe. Resilience, vitality, and confidence are the three most significant keywords for China-EU economic and trade cooperation. This year, for the fifth year, Roland Berger has joined hands with the China Chamber of Commerce in the European Union to conduct research on the business environment of Chinese companies in Europe. Although affected by different external environmental pressures every year, the long-term optimism of the Chinese companies surveyed about doing business in Europe has continued to increase in recent years: the survey results of about 180 Chinese companies/institutions in Europe show that about 90% of the surveyed companies reported that doing business in Europe Revenue has increased, significantly higher than last year’s 70%; about 80% of the companies surveyed have formulated plans to further increase investment in Europe and continue to deepen the European market. These intuitive survey results are the best proof that China and Europe remain resilient, dynamic, and confident in their current status and trends. Facing the future, many Chinese and European companies are full of expectations and confidence in strengthening innovation exchanges, co-creating markets, and strengthening division of labor and collaboration in strategic emerging fields such as digital economy, green economy, and technological innovation. It is hoped that this year’s report will continue to provide the development status of Chinese enterprises in Europe and the opportunities and challenges they face through objective survey data, and promote win-win cooperation and interoperability between China and Europe.

The report production took approximately 4 months. The Chamber of Commerce and Roland Berger conducted a 2023/2024 annual flagship report survey on about 180 Chinese companies and institutions in Europe from July to October 2023, including collecting 155 valid questionnaires and conducting in-depth interviews with nearly 30 Chinese companies and institutions. Obtained first-hand information and in-depth views of Chinese companies in Europe on their business in Europe and the EU business environment. The report covers automobiles, energy, finance, manufacturing, high-tech and other fields, focusing on key issues such as green cooperation, digital partners and technological innovation. The report finally puts forward 170 detailed suggestions covering nine major aspects for governments and Chinese companies in Europe.

(Editors: Jia Wenting, Zhang Yue)

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