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Government cadres turned into “governance secretaries” to solve “must-answer questions” in community governance

Government cadres turned into “governance secretaries” to solve “must-answer questions” in community governance
Government cadres turned into “governance secretaries” to solve “must-answer questions” in community governance

Original title: Cracking the “Must-Answer Questions” in Community Governance

Our reporter Sun Ying

Everyone lives in a community, and the community is the basic unit of the city. How can we answer the “must-answer question” of community governance in urban development? Cadres from government agencies turned into “governance secretaries” and went to communities to solve difficult problems. Cadres from district-based units and the two new organizations went to communities to serve as “first secretaries.” The vivid practice in Fengtai and Shijingshan solidified the grassroots foundation of urban governance.

On the north side of Jingtiejiayuan, Liuliqiao Street, Fengtai District, there is a parking lot with 791 parking spaces as far as the eye can see. This is the “exclusive” parking lot for Jingtiejiayuan residents. As a large community with more than 3,700 residents, long-standing historical issues such as parking management have made this community enter the city’s top 100 demands many times. At the end of November 2021, when Fengtai District explored the establishment of a “governance secretary” working mechanism and selected agency cadres to work at the grassroots level to solve problems, this became one of the first 26 key communities.

Jia Lan from the Fengtai District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee became the first “Governance Secretary” of Jingtie Homeland. Promoting the demolition of illegal land on the north side of the community to build a parking lot was the first “hard nut” she wanted to gnaw on.

With expertise, resources, and methods, Jia Lan and community cadres solicited opinions from residents, used their professional knowledge to make good use of policies, and coordinated housing construction, gardens, property rights units, property units, and territorial communities to solve problems together… The parking lot was finally put into use successfully, which greatly solved the parking problem of Jingtiejiayuan Community.

In February this year, Tian Huilin, section chief of the Liuliqiao Street Party and Mass Work Office, “succeeded” Jia Lan and became the second “Governance Secretary” of Jingtie Home. Her focus has shifted to standardizing parking management and elevators within the community. Property service issues such as renewal and stockpiling of materials are the focus of residents. The renewal of more than 50 elevators in the community is nearing completion. The Loumen Party Branch actively participated in the cleanup of materials and materials. The idle space outside the southwest gate of the community was transformed into a parking lot. Also in progress…

“The ‘Governance Secretary’ working mechanism is an exploration by Fengtai District to connect organizations, cadres, and talent training channels to activate the community’s own ‘hematopoietic’ function.” Tian Tao, member of the Standing Committee of the Fengtai District Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, said that the first batch of “Governance Secretaries” “After the dispatch, the resolution rate of 12345 complaints in the area increased by 28.76%. The second batch of “Governance Secretaries” has expanded its scope to cover 50 communities (villages) in Fengtai District after receiving complaints. They not only solve problems but also lead apprentices, cultivating and creating a team of “cannot be taken away” for the grassroots level. Governance team.

The “Governance Secretary” continues to improve the efficiency of community governance in Fengtai District, while the “First Secretary” connects the resident units and two new organizations in Shijingshan District, bringing party-building experience and governance resources to the community, and bringing out the new features of each community. face.

In the Gaojing Road Community of Guangning Street, Building 19, which was originally built as a single apartment, finally “broke the ice” on the problem of gas entering the home and started construction. In May last year, Shijingshan District selected 151 cadres to be stationed in the community, 53 of whom came from units stationed in the area and two new organizations. Li Kunming, the “first secretary” from the Gaojing Thermal Power Branch of Datang, a state-owned enterprise, is one of them. After taking office, he played a role as a bridge and worked with streets and communities to promote gas pipeline renovation work. During the selection process for the second batch of “First Secretaries” this year, he took the initiative to propose re-election, and worked with the community to promote the “Gas to Households” project. It is expected that the renovation will be completed on New Year’s Eve next year, when 100 households will say goodbye to carrying gas tanks. The history of going up and down the stairs.

“We referred to the practice of ‘first secretaries’ stationed in the village, broke the traditional practice of selecting people from within the system, and actively mobilized resident units, the two new organizations, etc. to select ‘first secretaries’ to work in the community at least 2 days a week, forming a It has created a vivid situation in which a secretary brings party building experience in a field, mobilizes the governance resources of a unit, and brings a new look to a community.” Zhang Lijun, member of the Standing Committee of the Shijingshan District Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, introduced that in more than a year, two batches of “first secretaries” “Actively integrated into the community and participated in various tasks, secured a total of more than 4.3 million yuan in funds, solved more than 250 water, electricity, gas and other problems, helped solve more than 90 historical problems, and assisted in solving more than 1,100 appeals. It has effectively solved the “urgent, difficult and anxious” problems of a number of communities and improved the level of community governance.

Although the community is small, it connects thousands of households. The innovative practices of Fengtai District and Shijingshan District use party building to lead grassroots governance, opening up paths for resources from committees, bureaus, subdistricts, social units, and two new organizations to sink into the community. They continue to consolidate the grassroots foundation of urban governance and inspire communities. The vitality of governance.

(Editors: Chi Mengrui, Bao Congying)

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