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Government departments, social organizations, businesses, merchants, and enthusiastic residents jointly participated in grassroots governance of Shiqiaopu Street. A group of “community partners” came to –

Government departments, social organizations, businesses, merchants, and enthusiastic residents jointly participated in grassroots governance of Shiqiaopu Street. A group of “community partners” came to –
Government departments, social organizations, businesses, merchants, and enthusiastic residents jointly participated in grassroots governance of Shiqiaopu Street. A group of “community partners” came to –
Volunteers are providing convenience services at the Baihe Community Volunteer Service Market in Shiqiaopu Street, Jiulongpo District (photographed on June 29).Photo by reporter Zheng Yu and intern Yang Han/Visual Chongqing

“Old man, you should take care of yourself when the weather gets cold. Don’t you believe those investment scams on the Internet anymore?”

“Oh, thanks to you last time, otherwise I would have been deceived!”

In early winter, Liu Yumei (pseudonym), a resident of Yuzhou Xincheng Community in Shiqiaopu Street, Jiulongpo District, hurriedly expressed her gratitude to the community and bank staff who came to visit them. In August this year, the 76-year-old was almost deceived by an online investment scam. Fortunately, she was promptly dissuaded by a “community partner” – a financial institution in her jurisdiction, and she avoided property losses.

The reporter learned that in March this year, Shiqiaopu Street implemented the “community partner” system in 12 communities under its jurisdiction, attracting the participation of government departments, social organizations, corporate merchants, enthusiastic residents, etc., to form “institution partners” and “public welfare partners” “Commercial partners”, “property partners” and “autonomous partners” and other five types of “community partners” unlock a new model of co-construction, co-governance and sharing of grassroots social governance.

Anti-fraud alliance has significantly reduced fraud cases

“Let’s go and watch a movie. The community organizes free movies to help us increase our awareness of prevention and avoid being cheated in life.” On August 18, Li Qin, a resident of Yuzhou Xincheng Community, invited her neighbors to go to Yinxing International Cinema together. , watch “All or Nothing” now playing.

As a “community partner”, this theater provided two free movie viewings with a total of 350 seats this summer to popularize knowledge on preventing telecom network fraud and teach them to identify and prevent fraud.

In June this year, an anti-fraud alliance was established consisting of “community partners” such as Yuzhou Xincheng Community, Shiqiaopu Police Station, China Post Bank, Bank of Communications, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank and property management units. .

“That day, an old man came to the business office to withdraw 20,000 yuan, but she looked nervous and anxious, which made us more vigilant.” A staff member of Baihelin Branch of China Construction Bank recalled that one day in August, the 76-year-old Liu Yumei, a resident of the area, hurriedly came to withdraw money, which alerted the bank staff as a “community partner”. After asking the elderly person about the purpose of the withdrawal, they initially judged that the elderly person might have suffered from telecommunications fraud, and immediately suspended the acceptance of the business.

Bank staff told reporters that while they patiently taught the elderly about the typical characteristics of telecommunications fraud and advised them to go home first to understand the situation, they also contacted the Yuzhou Xincheng community. Soon, community workers and community police came to the elderly home to dissuade him.

“In order not to arouse the resentment of the elderly, the staff and community police first communicated with her in a way that made things easier for her.” Zhang Yu, secretary of the Party Committee of Yuzhou Xincheng Community, told reporters that after a chat, it turned out that it was the elderly who wanted to provide for their children. To reduce the burden, I plan to use my monthly pension for “investment and financial management”. The first “financial management fund” must be paid at 20,000 yuan. The staff and community police took similar cases that happened to the elderly as examples. They used reason and emotion to finally make the elderly realize that there was no such thing as a pie in the sky. They had been brainwashed and said they would never do it again. Will believe the investment and financial management scams on the Internet.

After the establishment of the anti-fraud alliance with “community partners” as the main body, it effectively curbed the occurrence of various telecommunications fraud cases in street jurisdictions. Previously, Yuzhou Xincheng community received an average of more than 10 home-entry dissuasion orders from the police station every week. After the establishment of the anti-fraud alliance, the community received an average of 2 home-entry dissuasion orders from the police station every week. The risk of telecommunications fraud in the community has been declining month by month.

Help make the living environment more beautiful and the business environment better

“Before the participation of ‘community partners’, market merchants complained, and community residents also complained.” On November 13, recalling the scene before the renovation and upgrade of Xinde Mingju, Zhang, deputy director of the Shixin Road Community Neighborhood Committee of Shiqiaopu Street, Rui shook his head repeatedly.

Xinde Mingju was moved in around 2018. It is a commercial and residential complex with a total of 780 households in 3 units. On the 1st to 5th floors of the podium is the Bayi Hardware and Electrical Comprehensive Market with an operating area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters. Previously, because there was only one road and one entrance to and from the market, there was no circulation road within the market. As a result, merchants transporting goods and consumers who came to shop had to rely on this only road to enter and exit, which often caused congestion and appeared chaotic. Residents of the neighboring Xinde Mingju Community also complained: Because there was no land for mobile housing planned during the construction of the community, residents could not find suitable places for sports and activities.

“To open up the circulation roads within the market, it is necessary to occupy the green land of the residents of the community. Due to the failure to reach an agreement, this problem that has plagued both the market and the residents has been unresolved.” Zhang Rui told reporters that this situation has been discussed in this year’s “Community Partnership” The problem will be solved after the implementation of the “people” system.

This year, after the market owners Chongqing Science City High-tech Industry Development Co., Ltd., Bayi Hardware and Electrical Comprehensive Market and the property service agency of Xinde Mingju Community joined the “community partners”, they immediately convened a meeting with representatives from both the market and the community, and finally decided to take “Land for land, land for capital, space replacement” and other methods are solved – the owner allocates residents’ activity venues from the commercial part, the market party occupies the green public area and invests in building activity venues, and the commercial part is equivalent to the community housing, realizing The road circulation within the market was improved, and the residents’ activity center was successfully launched.

“It’s better now. The road to the market has been opened, and vehicles entering and exiting are no longer congested. Our residential area is not so noisy, and the surrounding environment is clean and tidy. Moreover, the ‘Le Neighbor’s Home’ resident activity center is under construction. It also gives us residents a good place to do activities in the future!” said Cai Zhongyun, a 70-year-old resident of Xinde Mingju Community.

Gathering nearly a thousand “partners” to provide various services

Spring job fairs, summer parent-child activities… Thanks to the addition of the only comprehensive commercial complex in the area, “Ocean Future Exchange”, Zhangping Community, which has 6 residential communities and a permanent population of tens of thousands, has its own event venue. As a “community partner”, this commercial entity not only provides event venues, but also regularly carries out various theme activities to create a harmonious “big family” atmosphere in the community.

Lu You, a retired soldier, runs a company in the automotive related field. In the process of starting a business, he encountered many difficulties. Thanks to many times of assistance from relevant departments, the company gradually developed. This year, he joined the team of “community partners” on Chaoyang Road, Shiqiaopu Street, providing 500 yuan per month in student aid to needy girls in the area. “Someone helped me when I encountered difficulties, and now I do my best to repay the favor.” It’s time for society.”

It is understood that since March this year, Shiqiaopu Street has attracted 18 departments, 129 government officials, 12 public welfare teams, 221 corporate merchants, 61 property companies, and 379 enthusiastic residents to join the “community partners”. The 12 communities in the jurisdiction carry out market, public welfare, people’s livelihood and other services according to local conditions.

Liu Xiaobing, secretary of the Party Working Committee of the street, told reporters that the next step will be to continuously optimize the “community partner” model by strengthening party building leadership, sort out the introduction of “community partner” norms, operating mechanisms, and evaluation systems, further innovate grassroots social governance, and improve grassroots social governance. Governance energy efficiency provides more scientific and complete institutional rules, platform support and policy guarantees for “community partners” to participate in community governance.

Reporter Liu Hanshu

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