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Heating problems found in old residential areas were immediately rectified

Heating problems found in old residential areas were immediately rectified
Heating problems found in old residential areas were immediately rectified

Original title: Heating problems discovered in an old community and immediate improvements were made

Our reporter Zhang Nan

Since heating reached the standard at 0:00 on November 7, 3,610 residential heating boiler rooms in the city have been put into operation, and emergency repair teams at all levels are on duty 24 hours a day. The reporter learned from the Municipal Urban Management Committee that in the past week of heating, the city’s heating system has gradually established stable working conditions and the system has been running smoothly. This city will focus on strengthening monitoring, regulation, inspection and maintenance in special areas such as old communities, low-temperature areas, and disaster-stricken areas. If problems are found, they will be immediately corrected. If problems cannot be solved immediately, special personnel will be assigned to monitor them.

 knock once

Temperature measurement and inspection at home

“In the early stage of heating supply, the heating system needs a period of time to establish stable operating conditions. During this period, problems such as leaks and leaks are more likely to occur. Coupled with the influence of cold wave cooling weather, it brings great challenges to the initial operation of the heating system.” City Jiang Xiaojiao, first-level chief staff member of the Heating Office of the Urban Management Committee, said that since November 7, the municipal and district urban management committees have conducted random inspections of 425 heating units and 680 boiler rooms. In order to ensure stable and orderly heating, the city management committees at the municipal and district levels focused on inspections of production safety training, carbon monoxide and gas alarm monitoring, and inspections of equipment and facilities.

In response to problems such as leaks and leaks that are likely to occur in the early stages of heating, Jiang Xiaojiao said that in addition to increasing the frequency of equipment inspections, the city also promotes microcirculation service models such as heating butlers, urges heating units to proactively provide services, smoothes repair reporting channels, and quickly Solve problems reported by citizens.

“In the past week of heating, the city’s heating system has gradually established stable working conditions, the system has been running smoothly, all heating companies have basically been operating normally, and hidden dangers have been rectified. In the next step, hidden dangers will be continuously checked and corrected to ensure that the heating system Safe and stable operation.” Jiang Xiaojiao said.

After the official heating, the city also started home temperature measurement. Liu Yabin, assistant general manager and manager of the heating production department of Beijing Heating Group, a subsidiary of Jingneng Group, said that during the heating period, Beijing Heating will continue to conduct “temperature measurements every five days” on the 5th, 15th, and 25th of each month, and measure the temperature according to the outdoor weather. If the situation changes, increase the frequency of home temperature measurement appropriately. On the basis of previous home temperature measurement and text message temperature measurement, this winter Beijing Heat has vigorously promoted the temperature measurement mode of smart heating automatic temperature measurement remote transmission equipment, which can understand the room temperature in the user’s home at any time.

During the home temperature measurement process, staff also need to inspect the heating facilities in the residents’ homes. Jiang Xiaojiao told reporters that according to the guidance on home inspections issued by the Municipal Urban Management Committee this year, in addition to “temperature measurement every five days”, heating units should also conduct a round of “full coverage home inspections” services within two years. Help users discover hidden dangers in indoor heating facilities as soon as possible, and at the same time detect problems in public heating facilities early to ensure that residents stay warm during the winter.

  “Look at the sky” to adjust the heat

Establish an accurate temperature forecast model

“Look at the sky” to adjust the heat, and the “firepower” is not wasted. The reporter learned from Beijing Heating Group that this year, Beijing Heating will focus on strengthening heat load forecasting based on accurate meteorology, conducting technical exchanges and communication with the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, and establishing an accurate temperature forecast model. Currently, the accuracy rate of daily average temperature forecast deviation is less than ±0.5°C, reaching 43%.

With gridded and accurate weather forecasts, heating production and operation will strengthen the analysis and utilization of meteorological factors for heating regulation and operation, optimize and adjust the thermal indicators of each thermal station, improve the accuracy of thermal station load forecasting, and give full play to the “one station” “One day, one plan” management and control; increase rolling forecast of daily average temperature, heat network to adjust planned heat supply at any time, optimize heat source dispatching resource allocation, and improve heating management level.

In order to achieve “fine temperature regulation” of heating, the city will urge all districts and heating units to pay attention to weather changes and finely adjust the heating temperature according to temperature changes. In addition, on the premise of ensuring the safe and stable operation of the heating system, the city will focus on special areas and weak links in the system such as outer suburbs, old communities, low-temperature areas, and disaster-stricken areas, strengthen monitoring, regulation, inspection and maintenance, and make immediate corrections if problems are found. , assign special personnel to keep an eye on problems that cannot be solved immediately to ensure safe and stable operation.

  Clear channels

Added QR code for heating repair report

During the home interview process, the reporter noticed that before the heating season came, many residents had received “heating service cards” delivered to their doorsteps by the heating housekeeper. Not only did the phone number of the heating housekeeper be written on it, but also printed with A small QR code.

“Beijing Heating has added a new QR code repair channel for heating services this winter heating season. After users scan the code to report for repair, the heating butler will receive the order as soon as possible through the handheld heating app and provide timely home services.” Liu Yabin said that starting from November 5 , Beijing Thermal Power Plant and its various branches and subsidiaries implement three-level on-duty duty and are on duty 24 hours a day. Once an emergency occurs, they can respond promptly and handle it properly.

In order to cope with possible cooling weather, Beijing Thermal Power has also formulated relevant plans to use the joint dispatch and coordination mechanism of heat, electricity and gas in winter. Once low temperatures and other conditions occur, it will coordinate thermal power plants to adjust their operating methods in advance to increase heating.

The Municipal Urban Management Committee reminds citizens that during the heating season, if the heater at home leaks or the temperature in the living room and bedroom is lower than 18°C, they can first call the service hotline of the community heating unit to report repairs, or they can call the city’s heating service supervision Call 96069 for consultation and complaints.

(Editors: Chi Mengrui, Bao Congying)

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