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Shanxi Province’s Financial Services Enters the Characteristic Professional Town and Xinzhou Municipal Bank-Enterprise Guarantee Professional Town Business Promotion and Matchmaking Conference was held–Yellow River News Network_Xinzhou Channel


Shanxi Province’s Financial Services Enters the Characteristic Professional Town and Xinzhou Municipal Bank-Enterprise Guarantee Professional Town Business Promotion and Matchmaking Conference was held

Dingxiang Pudong Development Bank Taiyuan Branch’s “Flan Professional Town Financial Comprehensive Service Platform” launch ceremony was held.Photo by Feng Xiaolei

On November 15, the Shanxi Province Financial Services Entering Characteristic Professional Town and Xinzhou Municipal Bank-Enterprise Guarantee Professional Town Business Promotion and Matchmaking Conference was held. Zhu Xiaodong, Secretary of the Xinzhou Municipal Party Committee, attended and delivered a speech. Zhang Yongsheng, member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of the Provincial Finance Office, Zhang Zhanxiang, first-level inspector of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and Hou Guangqing, member of the Party Committee and second-level inspector of the Shanxi Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision, attended and delivered speeches. Wen Jianjun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary-General, and Wang Jianfeng, Deputy Mayor, Party Secretary and Director of the Taixin Economic Integrated Development Xinzhou District Operation Center attended the event. Zhang Gensheng, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, presided over the event.

On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Zhu Xiaodong extended a warm welcome to all the leaders, representatives of the financial sector and entrepreneurs from the province who came to Xinzhou to participate in the conference. He said that Xinzhou has a long history, outstanding people, rich resources and a superior location. In recent years, with the advancement of major strategies such as the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, high-quality development of the central region, ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, and high-quality development of urban agglomerations in central Shanxi, various policies in Xinzhou are being integrated, resources are being concentrated, and Momentum is gathering, ushering in a period of important strategic opportunities once in a lifetime. In particular, we insist on taking the construction of the Taixin Integrated Economic Zone as a major traction, anchoring the construction of a frontier city for open development, accelerating the pace of “Integration from the South to the East”, and strive to create a unique, attractive, high-quality, cost-effective production and living area. As a boutique city, Xinzhou’s economic and social development has entered the fast lane, glowing with unprecedented vitality.

Zhu Xiaodong pointed out that finance is the blood of the national economy. If finance is active, the economy will be active. If finance is stable, the economy will be stable. It is hoped that all financial institutions will use the government-bank-enterprise guarantee cooperation platform established by this event to provide consultation and suggestions for the development of Xinzhou, especially focusing on 2 provincial-level specialty towns and 6 municipal-level specialty towns, innovative products, Optimize services and precise configuration to promote in-depth cooperation between the two parties. Enterprises in Xinzhou City must seize the opportunity of the registration system reform and the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange, seize the opportunity of the province’s “Market Entity Improvement Year”, seize the opportunity of this event, accelerate the process of share reform and listing, connect with the multi-level capital market, and actively Strive for long-term and stable support from financial institutions to inject more financial “living water” into its own development and growth. All departments at all levels in the city should attach great importance to and fully support financial work, promote the coordinated development of financial policies, fiscal policies, and industrial policies, carry out regular financial service exchange activities, regularly push corporate financing needs to financial institutions, and tailor-made matches for enterprises High-quality financial resources create a first-class ecological environment for the high-quality development of financial services.

Zhang Yongsheng pointed out that the Provincial Finance Office will resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, continuously strengthen policy guidance, optimize the financial ecology, promote financial innovation, and provide sufficient momentum for the development of financial services in the province’s characteristic professional towns. Financial institutions should increase support, innovate financial product varieties, improve credit approval efficiency, and provide more convenient, efficient, and high-quality financial services to enterprises in characteristic professional towns. Government departments at all levels should further improve service quality and efficiency, conduct in-depth research on the entry points of industrial policies and financial policies, better play the role of bridges between enterprises and financial institutions, and promote cooperation between financial institutions and enterprises to a higher level and broader scope. fields and move deeper. Entrepreneurs must strengthen their confidence, seize opportunities, continue to innovate, effectively strengthen cooperation with financial institutions, make full use of various financial resources, and promote enterprises to achieve sustainable development.

Zhang Zhanxiang pointed out that characteristic professional towns are an important platform and important starting point for strengthening leading industries, strengthening county economies, driving employment and enriching people, and are an effective way to promote transformation and upgrading and accelerate industrial integration. Relevant departments must insist on taking manufacturing as the main direction, coordinate characteristic agriculture and characteristic light industry, implement the “characteristic professional town + business entity” cultivation model, and promote the construction of characteristic professional towns to improve standards, expand scope, empower and increase efficiency. Entrepreneurs should make full use of the government-bank-enterprise guarantee cooperation platform established by this event, conduct in-depth exchanges, build consensus, explore a broad road for financial assistance in the development of characteristic professional towns, and create a mutually beneficial and common development path in the land of Sanjin. Wide space.

Hou Guangqing pointed out that all parties should further clarify the direction, strengthen connections and docking around the construction of characteristic professional towns, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and cultivate and expand emerging industries. It is necessary to increase policy publicity, innovate investment and financing methods, support the construction of key projects, and use the power of finance to help characteristic professional towns develop scientifically and create new value. It is necessary to strengthen communication and cooperation, service cooperation with business, promote business with cooperation, establish and improve the long-term mechanism of financial service industry clusters in characteristic professional towns, and promote the high-quality development of characteristic professional towns.

meeting venue.Photo by Feng Xiaolei

At the meeting, the promotional video “This is Xinzhou” and the professional town promotional videos of Dingxiang County and Dai County were played. The responsible comrades of the Dingxiang County and Dai County governments respectively reported on the development of professional towns; Dingxiang Pudong Development Bank Taiyuan Branch held a “Flan Professional Town Financial Comprehensive Service Platform” launch ceremony; the municipal government and financial institutions signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Financial institutions signed financing agreements with provincial and municipal key projects and signed contracts with professional town enterprises; they launched product releases, promotions and policy publicity. After the meeting, the participants conducted an on-site investigation of some key enterprises in Xinzhou City.

Relevant persons in charge of major banking institutions, insurance institutions, guarantee institutions and other financial institutions in the province, responsible comrades of relevant municipal units and Dingxiang County and Dai County, and persons in charge of relevant banking and insurance financial institutions in Xin participated.(Zhang Ye)



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