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Changsha’s maple leaves are about to enter the best viewing period. Don’t miss these places with all kinds of “maple” emotions – Today’s attention – Hunan Online

Changsha’s maple leaves are about to enter the best viewing period. Don’t miss these places with all kinds of “maple” emotions – Today’s attention – Hunan Online
Changsha’s maple leaves are about to enter the best viewing period. Don’t miss these places with all kinds of “maple” emotions – Today’s attention – Hunan Online

Let’s chase “Maple” together

Changsha maple leaves are about to enter the best viewing period

Don’t miss these places with all kinds of “maple” love

Agricultural University Hongfeng Avenue.Photo by Li Meng

On November 14, after a week of rainy weather, Changsha ushered in the long-lost sunshine, which also allowed many Changsha citizens to enjoy the feeling of “all the mountains are red, and the forests are dyed”. That morning, Ms. Su rushed to Hunan Agricultural University to see the colorful red maple trees. “The maple leaves here are red, it’s really beautiful.”

On November 15, Changsha issued the first cold wave blue warning for the second half of the year. The arrival of this wave of cold air also indicates that the maple leaves in Changsha are about to enter the best viewing period.

【Hunan Agricultural University】

“Red Maple Avenue” is changing color, and tourists check in for a “sense of atmosphere”

“The frost and wind are strong in the plain forest, and the maple leaves turn red like fallen flowers.” On November 14, the long-lost sunshine made the “Red Maple Avenue” next to the Hunan Agricultural University Library crowded with tourists.

“This is the third consecutive year that I have come to see the red maple leaves of Agricultural University. Now I like to see the red and yellow maple leaves even more. It has more atmosphere and I feel much better after watching it.” said tourist Zhang Fan.

Although it is not yet the best viewing period for the Agricultural University’s maple leaves, the red maples on the road are quietly changing color. Standing under the maple tree and looking up, green, yellow, orange, red, a variety of colors complement each other, the autumn wind blows, the layers are clear, and it is pleasing to the eye.

The reporter learned from the relevant departments of Hunan Agricultural University that the maple trees on Hongfeng Avenue are North American red maples. This kind of red maple is generally not suitable for planting in Hunan. It is rare in Changsha to plant such red maples on such a large scale and grow so well. See.

“I remember that at this time last year, the maple leaves were red very romantically,” said Duan Bo, a junior at Hunan Agricultural University. “This year it is hotter and the cold air came later, so the maple trees turned red slower.”

【yuelu Mountain】

The maple leaves first turn red at the end of October and will be “all dyed” at the end of November.

In Changsha, in early winter, you must go to Yuelu Mountain to appreciate the maple leaves. You can see up close the mountains and fields with “all the mountains red and all the forests dyed”.

On November 15, when the reporter arrived at Aiwanting, he found that the maple leaves here had not yet turned red. However, some of the maple leaves on both sides of the road up the mountain have begun to turn red, and the maple leaves in many places such as Shipopo and Yuanqinglin have also entered the color-changing period, but during the intensive viewing period, you may have to wait a little longer.

According to the staff of the Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area Management Office, the temperature has remained relatively high since November in the past two years, and the red leaves change color later than in previous years. Tourists who want to see the beautiful scenery of Yuelu Mountain, which is “half green and half red”, will have to wait for a while.

“This year, the maple leaves of Yuelu Mountain first turn red at the end of October. If you want to see the beautiful scenery of ‘all the dyed forests’ in a large area, the end of November is expected to be the best viewing period.” Zhou Ning of the Lushan Scenic Area Management Office also said that the plants with red leaves in autumn include Liquidambar, Chinese jujube, spicy tree, Chinese tallow tree, chicken claw maple, etc. “Therefore, the red colors all over the mountains and plains on Yuelu Mountain are not all maple leaves, but are also set off by other leaves.”

■Omni-media trainee reporter Zeng Guanlin Correspondent Song Kecheng

Map of maple viewing

these places

There is also a different kind of “maple” scenery

In addition to the Hunan Agricultural University Library and Yuelu Mountain, there are other places in Changsha where you can enjoy maple leaves.

Provincial Botanical Garden: There are tens of thousands of liquidambar trees in the Provincial Botanical Garden, mainly distributed in barbecue areas, Tianji Pavilion and other places, and can be found along the main roads in the garden.

Hunan Martyrs Park: There are relatively concentrated red leaves around the Martyrs Tower and Martyrs Pavilion, mainly liquidambar. Most of them are now red and can be viewed by the public for free.

Changsha Zoo: Some liquidambar trees are also scattered on the main roads in the park, and most of the leaves turn red.

Changsha Southern Suburb Park: Liquidambar is scattered around the South Gate Entrance Reservoir, and citizens can enjoy the maple leaves while taking a small cruise boat.

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