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Village screening of the movie “The Founder”: Return to Xiazhuang Village and walk along the mountain road – Vision Network


“Well done by the actors! It is not easy to open mountains and build roads. The actors showed the bravery and strength of our Xiazhuang people. I am very touched.” Sister Li, a villager in Xiazhuang Village, said excitedly.

“The adults shed their blood to build roads for us, and we study for the tomorrow of Xiazhuang.”.“The children in Xiazhuang Village, Zhuxian Township, Wushan County said loudly.

On November 15, the creative team of the movie “The Mountain Man” returned to the birthplace of the story prototype – Xiazhuang Village, Zhuxian Township, Wushan County, Chongqing City to hold a “Village Screening Ceremony” to reminisce with the villagers and pay tribute to the Xiazhuang people’s hardships in opening mountains and building roads. The villagers at the scene were moved to tears by the hardship and courageous spirit.

Xiazhuang Village in Wushan County, where the film’s story takes place, is located deep in the Daba Mountains, surrounded by mountains and isolated from the outside world for generations. It is a typical poor village. “There is no way out, only those who dare to fight hard.” Due to lagging planning, the villagers of Xiazhuang were eager to uproot the roots of poverty. Starting in 1997, under the leadership of Mao Xianglin, secretary of the village party branch, they used the most primitive hammer and steel drill. It took 7 years to carve out an 8-kilometer “heavenly road” on the cliff, opening a passage to the outside world.

The scene of the village screening of the movie “The Founder”.Photo by reporter Wu Yinan

“Flowers” have bloomed all over the village on the mountain road again

Two years ago, the movie “The Founder” based on the story of people in Xiazhuang Village, Zhuxian Township, Wushan County, Chongqing City, who got rid of poverty and became rich, was officially launched. In order to restore this thrilling road to the mountains, the film crew went deep into the primitive villages surrounded by mountains, steep slopes and slippery cliffs in the Daba Mountains of Wushan County under extreme continuous cooling rainfall, hail, snow and fog weather that has been rare in the northeastern Chongqing mountains in recent years. Filmed in inaccessible caves, river valleys and other places, it pays homage to the hardships and bravery of the Xiazhuang people in opening mountains and building roads, creating a modern version of the story of “The Foolish Old Man Moves the Mountains”, truly recreating the thrilling scene of digging mountains and building roads, hanging by a thread on the cliff. It vividly interprets the moving epic of united forces fighting against heaven and earth in a desperate situation.

Now the creative team has returned to Xiazhuang Village, and together they have witnessed that the village has taken on a new look under the construction of the hard-working and brave Xiazhuang people.Through continuous exploration and development of characteristic agricultural economy,With the traditional tie-dying skills, the integration of culture and tourism, and increasing investment in young people returning home, Xiazhuang Village is on the road to uniting villagers to become prosperous together.“The mountains are cut one foot wide and the roads are built one foot long. Even if our generation is poor for ten years, we must let the next generation live a good life.” Mao Xianglin, secretary of the village party branch, choked with tears. Behind the Xiazhuang people’s daring spirit is the spirit of “not willing to lag behind”.

Every step you take to carve a path on the edge of the cliff is filled with dangers.

When talking about the early years of mountaineering, the villagers in Xiazhuang Village had tears in their eyes and could not hide the sadness and excitement in their hearts. Indeed, making a smooth path on the cliff is more difficult than imagined. The villagers have to tie long ropes and hang them in the air to drill into the rocks. Even simple tools such as sledgehammers and steel guns are difficult to use on the cliff. In order to save the round trip At that time, the villagers lived in caves and drank spring water. They often did not go home for several months. The place where they lived was damp and cold. They made a three-piece set of plastic paper and cotton wool and got into it when they slept. They pushed the road meter by meter. Although protective measures were taken as much as possible, the villagers still suffered injuries of varying degrees. However, something even more unexpected happened. While building a road, a villager was hit on the head by a falling stone and fell off a cliff. Later, successive warriors sacrificed their lives on the way to the mountains, and the people of Xiazhuang used their lives to forcibly open up a broad road to the outside world.

Enter Xiazhuangcun Primary School’s “Pioneering Spirit” and pass it on from generation to generation

The creative team and the villagers of Xiazhuang Village walked into Xiazhuang Village Primary School and exchanged with teachers and students the pioneering spirit unique to Xiazhuang people. “The sentence ‘The adults who built roads shed their blood for us, and we study for tomorrow in Xiazhuang’, I think it is the most touching. What I want to do now is to tell it to the children. Everyone has watched “The Founder” We all know the story of Xiazhuang. In the future, children will carry the spirit of our Xiazhuang people with them when they go outside.” Talking about the spirit of the founders, Peng Gan, a teacher from Xiazhuang Village, Zhuxian Township, Wushan County, said excitedly. The hard-working and brave Xiazhuang people who dug mountains to open roads and bravely climbed peaks passed down the spirit of pioneering from generation to generation.

The creative team of the movie “The Founder” took a group photo with teachers and students.Photo by reporter Wu Yinan

“The mountain is high and I am the peak” to witness together

Now, after 2 years, the crew is back here,The main creative staff of the film took a group photo with the villagers of Xiazhuang Village. This pictureA group photo taken more than 20 years late,The story of Xiazhuang depicted by the art of light and shadow is fixed in the brand-new Xiazhuang Village, for the people who have passed away, and for every Xiazhuang person who has never stopped moving forward bravely.“The mountain is high and I am the peak” This is a common witness that spans time and space.

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The creative team of the movie “The Founder” took a group photo with villagers.Photo by reporter Wu Yinan

The movie “The Founder” is produced by Zhao Ningyu, directed by Yi Xiang and Zhao Ningyu, written by Chen Liang, starring Zhang Tong, Su Qing, and Yang Yi, and starring Feng Guoqing, Wang Haitao, Li Xiangxuan, Lu Wenjun, Zheng Xilong, and Yang Kerun. Chongqing Film Group Co., Ltd., Xiamen Produced by Hengye Pictures Co., Ltd., Chongqing Newspaper Investment Co., Ltd., Emei Film Group Co., Ltd., All-China Federation of Trade Unions Art Troupe, Chongqing Wushan Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd., Chongqing Wushan Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd., Xiamen Hengye Wrangler Film and Television Co-produced by Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. The film will be released nationwide soon, so stay tuned!

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