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[News Breaking]Biden warns the CCP: Do not interfere in Taiwan’s election | Akio Yaita | Wu Sezhi | Hamas

[News Breaking]Biden warns the CCP: Do not interfere in Taiwan’s election | Akio Yaita | Wu Sezhi | Hamas
[News Breaking]Biden warns the CCP: Do not interfere in Taiwan’s election | Akio Yaita | Wu Sezhi | Hamas

The CCP’s diplomacy has become a street rat, and it chooses Taiwan through backdoor listings? (Provided by “News Break”)

[The Epoch Times, November 16, 2023]Welcome to the “News Cracking” on Wednesday, November 15th. The cracking news guests in this episode, Japanese senior media person Akio Yaita, and Wu Sezhi, director of the Taiwan think tank China Research Center, are hosted Zhang Dongxu.

Today’s focus: The Chinese Communist regime’s diplomacy has become a street rat! Has Beijing successfully launched a backdoor listing and interfered in Taiwan’s election? Blue and white break up and reunite, is there a power behind it? The choice between war and peace is a fake issue! Is Hamas learning tactics from the CCP?

Huge banners with demands such as “End the Communist Party, Free China, Free Hong Kong…” were flying in the sky of San Francisco. When the leader of the Communist Party of China arrived in the United States, he booked a hotel but it was decorated like a funeral hearse. Anti-communist people from all walks of life gather together, and historic protests will follow.

The U.S. Congressional report, members of Congress, and public opinion are closely focused on Biden’s adherence to principles. Biden personally warned not to interfere in Taiwan’s election and may also meet with Taiwan’s Zhang Zhongmou. So why did the leader of the Communist Party of China make this trip?

Before Hamas visited Beijing, the Israeli military entered Shifa Hospital, the largest hospital in Gaza, and revealed that it was used to hide weapons and imprison hostages; the son of the Israeli president disappeared on the battlefield, the nephew of the prime minister was rumored to have died in the battle, and many US troops in the Middle East were attacked and killed. How will the Israel-Kazakhstan war end? What is the role of the Chinese Communist Party?

[The leader of the Chinese Communist Party arrived in San Francisco to protest and hit the CCP’s Doomsday Clock]

The Chinese Communist Party’s media mouthpieces have changed their tune from being anti-American to pretending to be pro-American. In the past few years, they have been buying American soybeans and possibly Boeing airliners. On the contrary, the US media has intensively disclosed the CCP’s true views on US-China relations, reminding people of the previous “Great Translation Movement”.

Many scholars have analyzed that the CCP is at its most vulnerable moment, and the leader of the CCP came to the United States under internal and external difficulties. He will face the rising anti-communist consciousness of American public opinion; historic-scale protests by pro-democracy movements, human rights activists, and dissidents; and the recent “China Current Situation” seminar and declaration foreshadowing China’s “State Affairs Conference” to discuss politics after the collapse of the CCP’s tyranny. Prospects, crafting a democratic constitution, transitional justice, and more.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the 10th that Chinese diplomats asked the United States to guarantee that there would be no protests at the CCP leader’s motorcade, hotel, or summit venue. It was also reported that the CCP made strange demands for treatment, and was ridiculed as “coquettish diplomacy”.

►Akio Yaita and Wu Sezhi observed, (1) What is the main purpose of the CCP leader’s trip? Why are you so afraid of protests? Can it consolidate internal power or be counterproductive?

(2) Gallagher, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Communist Party of China, attended a press conference on the Chinese pro-democracy movement. He criticized that the world catering to dictators is morally wrong, strategically stupid, and very ridiculous; he also accused the business community and elites Appeasement to the enemy. What do you think?

【Better greetings to Zhang Hui? Does blue and white go together? Biden warns China not to interfere in Taiwan election]

At the APEC summit in San Francisco, the United States, U.S. President Biden may have a one-on-one meeting with Taiwan leader Chang Chung-mou. Gu Lixiong, secretary-general of the National Security Council of the Taiwanese government, briefed foreign media on the 13th, saying, “The two sides are discussing relevant arrangements.”

The White House revealed that Biden personally warned the CCP not to interfere in the U.S. and Taiwan elections; the Chinese Communist Party’s official media mouthpiece rarely mentioned Taiwan at all. During Taiwan’s general election, the Blue and White camp unexpectedly restarted negotiations on the 15th.

►Akio Yaita and Wu Sezhi observe that there may be bilateral talks between Biden and Zhang Zhongmou? What are the current trends in Taiwan’s election and the shadow of CCP interference?

[Mainland Internet hotly discusses that Hamas will visit China due to the death of the prime minister’s nephew in the war and the missing of the president’s son]

Pay attention to the war between Israel and Kazakhstan in the Middle East. Before the leader of the CCP went to the United States, Hamas announced that it would send a delegation to Beijing, but the CCP did not deny it. It has been 5 weeks since Hamas launched the attack. The Israeli military took down Hamas government buildings and weapons factories. On the 15th, it entered the largest Shifa Hospital and brought hundreds of baby incubators to the hospital. It revealed that the hospital was used to hide weapons, fight, hold hostages, and tunnel. Entrance and other military purposes.

The Israeli president’s son lost contact in the battlefield, and many media reported that the prime minister’s nephew was killed in the battle, but Israel did not confirm it, which aroused heated discussions among Chinese netizens. In addition, it was reported that many Gaza civilians had become the “Leading Party” to help Israel eliminate Hamas.

►Akio Yaita and Wu Sezhi observe the situation in the Middle East. The United States and the Chinese Communist Party are taking action. How will the war between Israel and Kazakhstan end? What is the role and influence of the CCP in the Israel-Kazakhstan conflict?

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