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Helping the construction of low-carbon smart cities, Shenzhen Gas brings the latest scientific and technological achievements to the China Hi-Tech Fair_Enterprise_Energy_Digital

Helping the construction of low-carbon smart cities, Shenzhen Gas brings the latest scientific and technological achievements to the China Hi-Tech Fair_Enterprise_Energy_Digital
Helping the construction of low-carbon smart cities, Shenzhen Gas brings the latest scientific and technological achievements to the China Hi-Tech Fair_Enterprise_Energy_Digital

Original title: To assist in the construction of low-carbon smart cities, Shenzhen Gas brings the latest scientific and technological achievements to the Hi-Tech Fair

“Wearing 3D glasses, you can immersively experience the construction of smart gas through 3D video and 3D gesture interaction models.” On November 15, at the Futian Convention and Exhibition Center, the smart energy digital management and control platform of the Shenzhen Gas Exhibition Hall attracted a large number of visitors Stop by and experience “one-screen perception of the overall operation” with great interest. The reporter learned that Shenzhen Gas brought the latest technologies and business achievements of its seven national high-tech enterprises in the fields of digital construction and energy transformation to the China Hi-Tech Fair. The overall design of the exhibition area is full of interaction and technology, fully demonstrating the group’s “becoming a domestic enterprise”. The development vision of “a first-class comprehensive clean energy operator and a low-carbon smart city service provider”.

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Shenzhen Gas proposed to build a “multi-level, open, technological research and development and innovation system that closely integrates industry, academia and research, and efficiently transforms results.” The company mainly focuses on the deep integration of smart gas and new generation information technology, clean energy and comprehensive Carry out technological research in two major directions of efficient energy utilization, and strive to become the leader and leader in technological R&D and innovation in the industry.

In the past two years, Shenzhen Gas has vigorously developed comprehensive energy businesses such as photovoltaics, energy storage, and centralized energy supply. It has now achieved business layout in N-type scenarios in five major fields: industry and commerce, rail transit, urban villages, building construction, and municipal facilities, and has created It has designed several near-zero-carbon microgrid demonstration projects such as the building’s optical storage direct-to-flexible, Shenzhen North Station optical storage integration, and Shixia low-carbon urban village. At the same time, it runs through the digital energy system of “source-load-storage-use” to build Shenzhen Gas’s virtual power plant aggregation platform.

At the same time, Shenzhen Gas focuses on technological innovation, extensively carries out “government-industry-university-research-application” cooperation, participates in many national key R&D programs such as hydrogen doping in pipe networks, independently develops new gas-electricity complementary high-efficiency refrigeration technology, and jointly develops SOFC and liquid flow batteries. , Shenran Core, etc., to unlock new smart energy business formats.

Liu Jianhui, general manager of the Technical Information Department of Shenzhen Gas Group and executive vice president of Shenzhen Shenran Gas Technology Research Institute (Digital Energy Center), introduced that the smart gas digital management and control platform, known as the “Shenran Brain”, exhibited at this exhibition is On the basis of the “Shenzhen CIM Base”, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, BIM and other technologies are applied to build a city-wide, whole-network, and full-scenario digital twin system for city gas, which monitors operating conditions in real time and can detect accidents when an accident occurs. Automatically generate digital emergency plans to improve emergency rescue capabilities. At the same time, through data integration with relevant government departments, city gas safety is integrated into the entire city’s emergency system, creating an industry precedent for integrating smart gas into smart cities. Relevant results won the first prize in the 4th “Blooming Cup” of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Also unveiled this time was the “deep combustion engine”, a distributed high-efficiency energy supply unit that integrates cooling, heating and electricity. The related results won the winning award in the first National Postdoctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. The main principle is “bio-natural gas power generation – electric refrigeration – power generation flue gas recovery and re-cooling”. It has the characteristics of “gas and electricity complementarity, peak and valley shaving, intelligent control, and small skid installation”. The unit efficiency is increased by 60-80% compared with similar conventional gas air conditioners. %, which has been identified as the leading domestic level by domestic authoritative institutions. This product can be widely used in various major scenarios such as industrial parks, hotels, hospitals, schools, and public buildings.

Shenzhen Gas is a public service enterprise that supplies gas to a wide range of users, and network security is particularly important. The “Shenzhen Gas Core” independently developed by Shenzhen Gas combines a national secret-level security chip in the NB-IoT communication module to achieve hard encryption of transmitted data. This integrated NB-IoT secure communication module is innovative in three aspects: system architecture, security protocol and active safety functions. It can effectively reduce power consumption and can directly replace traditional communication modules and be used in NB-IoT smart watches. It realizes security-free integration and achieves true end-to-end security authentication and communication. It can also support the real-time collection and reporting of terminal security data to achieve independent and controllable security.

Liu Jianhui said that Shenzhen Gas started informatization construction in 2013 and created a set of overall solutions focusing on smart pipe network, smart services and smart operations, which is at the leading level in the gas industry. In the next step, Shenzhen Gas will transform from digitalization to intelligence in the process of digitalization, and is committed to realizing the evolution of the group company from smart gas and smart energy to smart cities, and actively introduce new generation information such as 5G, AI, big data, and cloud computing. technology to create a Shenzhen example of 5G+AI+big data smart gas overall solution to empower urban public safety. At the same time, we have cooperated with leading companies such as Huawei, Tencent, and Kingdee to increase information innovation, actively promote the application of information products such as domestic databases and domestic software, continue to promote the output of digital results for external industrialization, and improve our own security operations. At the same time, it empowers the development of the industry and contributes Shenzhen experience.

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A delegation of national high-tech enterprises attended the event

Shenzhen Gas actively builds an industrial innovation ecosystem and corporate innovation camp. It has 7 national high-tech enterprises, 1 State Council “Science and Technology Reform Demonstration Enterprise”, 2 national specialized and special new “little giant” enterprises, and Guangdong Province specialized and special new enterprises. 1 home.

1. Shenzhen Ruili Technology Co., Ltd.

As an Internet of Things gas meter manufacturer, the company’s products cover a full range of gas smart diaphragm gas meters, smart ultrasonic safety meters, Roots flow meters and turbine flow meters from civil to industrial and commercial use. Among them, the company’s innovatively designed “Building Block” series of smart IoT gas meters won the 2021 China “Contemporary Good Design Award” and the 2022 German “iF Design Award”, successfully entering the high-end smart gas meter market.

2. Jiangsu Swick New Materials Co., Ltd.

The world’s leading photovoltaic film supplier will exhibit a series of core photovoltaic film products that meet market demand, including EVA film, PO film, etc. Its market share has ranked second in the world for many years.

3. Shenzhen Saiyite Information Technology Co., Ltd.

As a smart utility solution provider, it provides professional services such as management consulting and system construction, and has created multiple application scenarios such as customer service marketing cloud platform, Internet of Things equipment management platform, GIS platform, and gas pipeline network emergency rescue command platform. It has been promoted and applied in Guizhou Gas, Shenzhen Metro, Zhuhai Gangxing Gas and other companies.

4. Leshan Sichuan Tian Gas Transmission and Distribution Equipment Co., Ltd.

A leading domestic supplier of smart gas transmission and distribution equipment. The company’s products mainly include gas transmission and distribution equipment, intelligent remote control systems, gas safety operation and maintenance platforms, pressure vessel equipment and client products. It can also provide customers with gas transmission and distribution system construction. Comprehensive solutions and maintenance services for operational products.

4. China Special Inspection Shenran Safety Technical Services (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

As a company engaged in pipeline inspection and inspection business, it is actively developing the intelligent pipeline network inspection market. Currently, its main business involves internal and external pipeline inspection, pipeline risk assessment and repair, cathodic protection system testing and evaluation, intelligent pipeline construction, etc.

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