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News from New Hainan Client and Nanhai Net on November 15 (Reporter Su Guichu) Recently, an article by New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net, and Nanguo Metropolis Daily focusing on whether charging piles can enter the Times Square Community in Haicheng, Qionghai has attracted much attention. On November 15, the Qionghai Municipal Housing Security and Real Estate Service Center took the lead in organizing a “five-party meeting” of housing construction, power supply, developers and community property companies to discuss the crux of the problem and made it clear that the basement of the community was not equipped to install charging piles. condition.

On November 11, the New Hainan Client and Nanhai Net’s “Asking about Hainan Affairs” column published the article “Why is it difficult to access the underground garage at the charging pile at Times Square in Haicheng, Qionghai?” All parties say so →”, on November 13, Nanguo Metropolis Daily reported that “The owners of Qionghai Haicheng Times Square Community are having a hard time installing charging piles and have been unable to install them – who is the obstacle to getting charging piles into the basement? “The topic continued to pay attention to the installation of charging piles in the community, which triggered heated discussions among all parties.

Basement of Qionghai Haicheng Times Square Community.Photo by reporter Su Guichu

“In accordance with the “Hainan Province Technical Standards for the Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities” (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Provincial Standard’) issued and implemented by the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Provincial Fire Brigade in 2019, the maximum allowable building area of ​​a single-story garage fire-proof unit must be It can be installed below 1500 m².” Wu Changwen, director of the Rights Protection Office of Qionghai City Housing Security and Real Estate Service Center, said after the coordination meeting that in accordance with the provisions of the “provincial standard”, if the fire protection facilities of the underground garage are not further improved, Haicheng Times Square Community will Underground garages do not have the conditions to install charging piles.

“We have clearly required the community property management company to build 10 charging piles on the ground as soon as possible to solve the charging problem of new energy vehicles for residents in the community.” He said that according to the “provincial standard” requirements for fire protection area safety areas, only 10 charging piles can be installed below 1,500 m². (20 guns) charging piles. This community is quite special. Charging piles need to be installed in the basement of the community, which is difficult to meet the “provincial standard” specifications. Therefore, the basement of this community does not have the conditions to install charging piles.

The relevant person in charge of the Qionghai Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau who participated in the coordination meeting also made it clear that the 2016 fire protection standards were implemented during the acceptance inspection of the basement of this community. At that time, the basement had corresponding fire protection equipment, but there were no new energy sources at that time. It meets the requirements for the installation of vehicle charging piles, so it has fire acceptance standards for delivery and use.

“According to the requirements of the “Implementation Rules for the Construction of Charging Piles in Qionghai Residential Areas”, before installing charging piles, the owner of the charging pile, the charging pile provider, the charging pile installation company, and the property service company must sign a “Charging Pile Installation” Only by “Letter of Commitment” can the charging piles be installed with meters and connected with electricity.” The relevant person in charge of the Marketing Department of China Southern Power Grid Hainan Qionghai Power Supply Bureau said that as early as September 2020, the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Development and Reform Commission, the Department of Industry and Information Technology, and the Fire Rescue Corps jointly The “On Standardizing the Construction and Management Process of Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities in Residential Areas” was issued, which clarified that Party A (electric vehicle owner), Party B (charging pile provider), Party C (charging pile installation company), and Party D (property company) ” “Sifang” should sign a commitment letter for the installation of charging facilities before installing meters and connecting power to charging piles.

The reporter checked the “provincial standard” provisions and found that in the regulations on “ventilation and smoke exhaust” for installing charging piles, it is clear that areas where charging equipment is installed indoors should use natural ventilation, and ventilation ducts should be made of non-combustible materials. For car garages with charging facilities, the exhaust volume should not be less than the relevant provisions of the current national standard “Code for Design of Vehicle Storage Buildings”. When installing charging facilities in a new garage, the area of ​​each smoke-proof partition should not be larger than 2000m².

In response to the issue of acceptance of the underground garage of the community, the reporter consulted relevant personnel from the Qionghai City Fire Rescue Detachment and received a reply that the basement fire inspection has been handed over to the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department after 2019. It is recommended that the response from the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau shall prevail. At the same time, the fire department also suggested that community garages with different conditions should have different acceptance standards and should not be one-size-fits-all.

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>>Ask Hainan | Why is it difficult to access the underground garage at the charging pile in Haicheng Times Square, Qionghai? All parties say so →[详情]

Ms. Yang, who lives in Haicheng Times Square, Jiaji Town, Qionghai City, wanted to buy a basement parking space and install a charging pile to charge new energy vehicles, but was told by the property management company of the community that it could not be installed. The Qionghai Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau responded that the basement of the community has the conditions for installing charging piles, and the manager of the community property company also told reporters that “it can be installed.” But when the Qionghai City Power Supply Bureau wanted to come in for installation, the residential properties did not allow construction. What happened?


  Haichengtime Square.Photo by reporter Su Guichu

The owner’s application to install charging piles in the basement was rejected by the property management

Haicheng Times Square is a large community with more than 4,000 residents in Qionghai City. At present, the community’s ground parking lot has not yet been equipped with charging piles. Ms. Yang just bought a new energy car last month. In order to facilitate the charging of the car, she went to the property management office of the community to inquire whether electric piles could be installed in the underground garage. The answer she received was “it cannot be installed.” Copyright Statement:
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