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ASML’s exports to China doubled, Japan’s exports fell, it is self-evident who is more important – OFweek Optical Communications Network


The Netherlands’ exports to China have surged, with exports of photolithography machines increasing more than six times; in contrast, the Netherlands continues to insist on restricting exports to ChinachipHowever, Japan, which is equipped with equipment, suffered a 21% decline in chip equipment and materials. Facts have proved that the Chinese market is too important to the chip equipment industry.

Data from China Customs shows that the amount of chip equipment imported by China from the Netherlands increased by more than six times in September. Naturally, the chip equipment exported by the Netherlands to China is mainly photolithography machines. As the export of photolithography machines to China doubled, the export volume of the Netherlands to China increased significantly. It has also grown significantly, boosting the export volume of the Netherlands.

At the same time, the Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ) also announced the export of chip equipment in September. The data showed that Japan’s chip equipment and material exports fell by 21.6% year-on-year. Apparently, the Japanese chip equipment and materials industry continues to follow the footsteps of the United States. pressure.

This result is due to the fact that China has become the fastest growing market for chip equipment in the world. Since the second half of 2022, the global chip industry has declined, chip orders have decreased, and TSMC has experienced a decline in performance. Samsung, UMC, Power Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., etc. are trying to compete for In response to customer orders and proactive price cuts, these chip manufacturing companies have chosen to reduce expenditures and postpone the purchase of chip equipment, while China continues to expand chip production capacity in order to increase its chip self-sufficiency rate.

ASML had previously followed the footsteps of the United States and continued to tighten exports of lithography machines to China. This also caused ASML’s revenue share from the Chinese market to continue to decline, once falling to 8%. ASML thought at the time that this would not have any impact on it. Too big an impact.

However, after TSMC, Samsung, Intel, etc. slowed down the purchase of photolithography machines, ASML became nervous. At the end of August, China successfully mass-produced domestically produced5GChips, ASML quickly obtained permission to export advanced immersion lithography machines to China. In early September, ASML stated that it could export 2000i lithography machines to China.

The Chinese market also quickly gave ASML a generous report. The data released by China showed that the import of photolithography machines increased by more than 18 times. The third quarter results released by ASML showed that the revenue from the Chinese market doubled – the Chinese market contributed 46% of its revenue. , with the revenue contributed by the Chinese market doubling, ASML’s revenue only increased by more than 10%, which means that if the Chinese market had not increased its revenue significantly, its revenue would have declined.


Seeing ASML’s massive gains from China, Japan’s lithography machine industry has also become nervous. Earlier, it was reported that Nikon, a Japanese lithography machine company, said it was negotiating with Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to adopt new light source technology to bypass the United States. restrictions, hoping to export photolithography machines to China.

Japan’s lithography machine industry is so tense because Japan’s lithography machine technology itself has lagged behind ASML. Except for the Chinese market, which still has demand for Japanese lithography machines, there is not much demand in other markets. This has also led to Nikon’s share of the market. The global lithography machine market share fell to 7%.

If Japan continues to sit back and watch ASML seize the Chinese market, Japan’s lithography machine industry will no longer have any hope of revitalization. That’s why Nikon is so nervous and hopes that Japan will let it go and allow Nikon to export lithography machines to China. After all, ASML’s more advanced lithography machines are Can be exported to China.


This is the reality of the market. The market for lithography machines is not big. Now that the Chinese market has become the largest chip equipment market, whoever abandons the Chinese market will lose a big piece of cake. Once China’s lithography machines Once the technology reaches the advanced level, overseas lithography machine companies will not even be able to drink the soup.

Original title: ASML’s exports to China doubled, Japan’s exports fell, it is self-evident who is more important

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