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If you can’t beat them, grab them. The United States may abolish the patents of Chinese companies. Foreign media: Their true nature is exposed – OFweek Communications Network


If you can’t beat them, grab them. The United States may abolish the patents of Chinese companies. Foreign media: The true nature is exposed.

The United States has initially passed a bill on patents. It plans to invalidate the patents of individuals or institutions listed on the U.S. Entity List and will no longer accept patent applications from these individuals or institutions. Considering the current situation, this bill is considered to be mainly aimed at China. enterprise.

1. The U.S.’s scientific and technological R&D strength is no longer what it used to be.

Data for 2022 released by IFI Claims Patent Services, a U.S. patent analysis agency, show that 56% of U.S. patent authorizations are obtained by non-U.S. companies. The number of patent authorizations obtained by U.S. companies is approximately 142,000. Companies in Japan, China, South Korea, and Germany The number of patent authorizations obtained ranks second. The total number of patent authorizations obtained by these four countries in the United States reached 108,000.

For the widely familiar 5G technology, the proportion of patents obtained by American companies has lagged behind that of China, and China has also taken the lead in terms of the number of 6G patent applications.Mobile Communication TechnologyIt has a profound impact on industries such as AI, autonomous driving, and the Internet of Things, which are regarded as emerging technologies. China’s mobilecommunication technologyIts advantages will help China catch up with the United States in emerging science and technology fields.

In terms of chip technology, the United States has also lost some of its advantages. Intel, the U.S. chip leader, was once far ahead in chip technology. However, since the 10-nanometer process, Intel has fallen behind in chip technology. Now TSMC and Samsung have mass-produced 3 Nano, Intel’s 7nm has only just been mass-produced. In desperation, the United States can only force TSMC and Samsung to set up factories in the United States.

USAinternetIt once led the global Internet, and Europe was basically monopolized by the U.S. Internet. However, China’s Tik Tok has occupied a place in the U.S. video industry. Facebook tried to copy similar video applications but was unable to compete, prompting the United States to try to suppress the development of Tik Tok in other ways.

All the above show that the United States’ technological strength can no longer achieve the same leading or even monopoly advantage as before. The American technology Internet, which has lost its technological advantage, is now even defeated by Asian companies in some industries. Western Digital was forced to sell itself to Japan because of losses. Xia, this is in sharp contrast to the past when American companies acquired Japanese companies, and it makes the U.S. chip industry even more worried.

2. China substitutes imports in some technologies

China’s 5G technology leadership is obvious;communication deviceAlready in a leading position in technology and possessing advantages in the market, before the United States took action, the two ChinesecommunicationThe market share gained by equipment manufacturers has already overwhelmed Ericsson and Nokia. In recent years, China’s communication equipment manufacturers have been suppressed. However, data from analysts show that China’s communication equipment manufacturers are still ahead of Ericsson and Nokia.


In terms of 5G chips, China has already achieved domestic substitution in 5G base station chips and 5G mobile phone chips. The United States restricted TSMC from OEMing for Chinese chips, which once blocked the development of China’s 5G chips. However, by the end of August this year, the Chinese company Technology companies have once again launched 5G chips, showing that the United States has failed to prevent China from developing advanced chips.

The 5G mobile phones launched by this Chinese technology company have a large proportion of chips that have been replaced by domestic ones. The 5G radio frequency chips and analog chips that were previously monopolized by the United States have all been replaced by domestic ones, proving that the previous practices of the United States are in vain.

The above-mentioned memory chips of Western Digital and American chip giant Micron are also a kind of chip that China has achieved breakthroughs. China’s memory chips have achieved technological leadership in 2022 and have advantages in cost. They have aggressively seized the market, leading to Western Data and Micron fell into losses, and Micron’s losses were particularly serious – a loss of US$2.3 billion in the first quarter and a loss of US$1.9 billion in the second quarter.


Chinese memory chips are also suing Micron and other memory chip companies in the United States, pointing out that they have infringed on the patents of Chinese memory chips. China’s memory chips have developed advanced patents in just a few years since 2016, which shocked the U.S. chip industry. .

3. The United States may abolish the patents of Chinese companies

Perhaps seeing that the U.S. technology industry cannot resist the offensive of Chinese technology companies with its technological leadership, the United States has now brazenly introduced bills related to the abolition of patents in an attempt to use this barbaric method to prevent the Chinese technology industry from continuing to consolidate its leading advantages in technology. , which exposes the true nature of the United States.

There is a precedent in this regard. At that time, General Motors of the United States was suppressed by Alstom of France in the electrical field. The United States suddenly arrested Pierucci, an executive of Alstom, and launched an investigation into Alstom. Later, Alstom Tong’s electrical department was acquired by General Motors of the United States. It can be seen that the United States has always been merciless towards companies that threaten the interests of American companies.


However, now that the United States is trying to use similar means, it seems that it is not successful. It has attacked many Chinese companies in the past few years, but it has not stopped China from developing advanced technologies. Many Chinese technology companies that have been included in the entity list are still developing tenaciously, and the U.S.-supported The fact that companies are unable to shoulder their heavy responsibilities shows that it is difficult for the United States to use similar means to suppress the development of China’s advanced technology. On the contrary, the U.S. chip industry has suffered huge losses in recent years, with losses one after another, which can be said to have shot itself in the foot.

Original title: If you can’t beat it, grab it. The United States may abolish the patents of Chinese companies. Foreign media: The true nature is exposed.

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