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Electric power empowers Inner Mongolia to shoulder its new responsibility as “China’s rice bowl” – News Center – Inner Mongolia News Network


“Constructing the country’s important agricultural and livestock product bases in large quantities and high quality” is one of the five major tasks assigned to Inner Mongolia by General Secretary Xi Jinping. Inner Mongolia is an important agricultural and livestock product production area in my country, producing 19% of the country’s milk, 15% of beef and mutton, 5.7% of grain and 4.6% of oilseeds. The output of milk, beef and mutton ranks first in the country, and the output of grain ranks sixth in the country. Inner Mongolia is my country’s important grain warehouse, meat warehouse, milk tank and cashmere capital, and plays an important role in ensuring the stable and safe supply of national grain and important agricultural products.

Inner Mongolia Electric Power Group focuses on two major events: helping to complete the “five major tasks” and building a model autonomous region in an all-round way. Keeping in mind the earnest instructions and power empowerment, the Inner Mongolia Electric Power Group uses green inexhaustible electric energy to promote the construction of important national agricultural and livestock product production bases, and fully promotes strong agriculture and rural areas. The United States and farmers are rich. On the land of Inner Mongolia, just north of the motherland, in the changing of the four seasons, green electricity is used to continue to write good years and good years.

  Electric foot industry is booming, “milk tanks” and “meat warehouses” are large in quantity and high in quality


  Natural “milk tank” greenhouse feels like spring all year round

Promoting the revitalization of the dairy industry is an important task assigned to Inner Mongolia by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Party Central Committee, and it is also an important starting point for promoting rural revitalization. Inner Mongolia is the largest dairy base in the country. The unique conditions of temperature, light, water and grass resources, etc., have created the “natural quality” of Inner Mongolia’s milk, making it a veritable “milk tank” of China. For every 5 cups of milk consumed nationwide, 1 cup comes from Inner Mongolia.

Xilin Gol Prairie is located in the “World’s Golden Milk Belt”, with 192,000 square kilometers of natural grassland, 260,000 dairy cows, and an average annual milk production of more than 520,000 tons. In recent years, under the guidance of the national and autonomous region’s “rural revitalization” and “dairy industry revitalization” policies and the call to “vigorously develop the local characteristic dairy industry”, Xilingol League has promoted the development of the local characteristic dairy industry and turned it into an important industry that enriches the people.

On October 19, the temperature in Xilinhot City was minus 3 degrees Celsius. The wind was howling on the way from the city to Maodeng Ranch, and snow particles rustled on the car windows. A staff member of the Xilin Gol Power Supply Company who went to the ranch with the reporter said: “This is the first snowfall in Xilinhot this winter.” At the Xilinhot Youran Animal Husbandry Second Ranch located in Maodeng Ranch, more than 4,300 strong Juanshan cattle were being raised Eating fodder leisurely in the warm and bright cowshed. On October 1, the pasture entered the heating period. In the equipment room, an electric heating equipment is running rumblingly, providing clean heating for the cowshed, milking parlor and office production of farm employees. Staff from Xilinhot Power Supply Company came to the ranch to help check the use of power lines and electrical equipment.

“The coal-fired boilers in the pasture have been replaced by electric boilers, and floor heating has been installed in all cow sheds. The temperature in the shed is controlled at about 10 degrees, which is very beneficial to the growth and lactation of cattle. Our daily milk production in the pasture reaches 66 tons. If the shed is If the temperature is too low, each cow will produce half a kilogram less milk, and the ranch will lose about 5,000 yuan a day. The heating period in Xilinhot lasts for seven months, and the loss in one winter is not a small amount.” said the person in charge of the ranch.

Youran Dairy is the world’s largest raw milk supplier, exclusively for Yili Dairy. At present, Youran Animal Husbandry’s two ranches are the only large-scale breeding bases for Juanshan cattle in the country. Xilinhot is extremely cold in winter, and Juanshan cattle are temperate cattle that like heat and hate cold. The original coal-fired boiler heating process required 24-hour manual maintenance, which not only had high operating costs, but also had safety risks, inaccurate temperature control, and poor survival rates of calves. Milk production will decrease. In 2021, Youran Animal Husbandry added new electric heating equipment, and the electricity load increased significantly. Xilinhot Power Supply Company immediately organized personnel to conduct on-site inspections and calculated the electricity capacity based on the breeding scale and development expectations of the ranch. It only took 2 days. A box-type transformer with a capacity of 1,250 kVA was installed for Youran Animal Husbandry. In the cowshed, criss-crossed pipe racks, water tanks, heating pipes and complete ventilation and temperature and humidity control systems allow these “noble cattle” from the UK to enjoy a comfortable environment. In the winter, they drink warm water all day long in the greenhouse and eat grass that has been processed with a grinder. In the summer, they enjoy the cooling of the electric fan. Precise breeding plays a decisive role in the health and milk production of cattle, and the breeding survival rate of calves has also been greatly improved.

Every step of dairy milking, sterilization, and refrigeration and preservation is inseparable from stable power supply. According to reports, the milk production period of each cow is about 305 days per year, and the milk is milked three times a day. The refrigeration and preservation temperature of the fresh milk must be controlled at 2-8 degrees Celsius, and then it is filled into the milk truck through pipelines and transported to the factory. This process must Completed within 3 hours. In 6-8 hours, the liquid milk products people buy from the market complete the entire production process from milking to processing.

As the scale of breeding continues to expand, Youran Animal Husbandry has introduced a lot of modern electrical equipment, and the demand for electricity has also increased accordingly. On June 28 this year, Xilingol Power Supply Company upgraded the power supply lines of the ranch and expanded the power capacity of the ranch twice in the past three years to provide reliable power guarantee for the development of Youran Animal Husbandry. In addition, electricity prices in the pasture are subject to different standards based on the nature of electricity consumption. Electricity for breeding is subject to agricultural electricity prices, and electricity for heating is subject to clean energy electricity prices. This saves the ranch nearly 15,000 yuan in electricity bills every month.

The development of the dairy industry in Dengkou County, Bayannur City is also unique. Dengkou County seizes the favorable opportunities of the revitalization of the dairy industry and the high-quality development of agriculture and animal husbandry implemented by the country and autonomous regions, and focuses on the high-quality development of the dairy industry. Mengniu Shengmu Hi-Tech Industrial Park has become the largest organic milk production and processing base in the country, and the famous Delensu Desert Organic Milk was born here.

In 2022, Mengniu Shengmu High-Tech applied for new equipment and capacity increase of 2,730 kVA due to the expansion of production. Due to good profits last year, Mengniu Shengmu Hi-tech staff recently came to the Customer Service Center of Bayannur Power Supply Company again to apply for electricity for the two smart dairy farms in the second phase of the project. The milk production process is mostly automated and requires extremely high stability of power supply. Once a problem occurs, it will cause huge losses to the factory. Through “one-to-one” door-to-door service, Bayannaoer Power Supply Company regularly organizes personnel to come to help check the safe power usage of production equipment to ensure reliable power usage in the dairy production process. At the same time, through the implementation of electricity price policies, companies can save more than 900,000 yuan in basic electricity bills every year, helping companies save costs and increase production and revenue.

In October this year, the General Office of the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region issued “Several Policies and Measures to Promote High-Quality Development of the Dairy Industry” to strengthen support for the revitalization of the dairy industry, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the dairy industry, and strive to create a high-end industry chain “from a blade of grass to a cup of milk” A new pattern of quality development. In the first three quarters, Inner Mongolia had 1.687 million dairy cows, 4.613 million tons of milk, and 3.498 million tons of dairy products, continuing to lead the country. Inner Mongolia Electric Power Company provides sufficient “power” for the production and processing of the dairy industry with sufficient electric energy and sound power guarantee to help the high-quality development of the autonomous region’s dairy industry.

  National “Meat Bank” harmonious coexistence of grass and livestock

Inner Mongolia is not only a “milk tank” but also an important “meat bank” in the country. For every 5 pounds of mutton eaten by people across the country, 1 pound comes from Inner Mongolia, and Inner Mongolia’s mutton production ranks first in the country. In the first half of this year, 945,000 cattle were slaughtered in the region, and beef production was 169,000 tons; 24.387 million sheep were slaughtered, and mutton production was 378,000 tons. The advantages of the cattle and sheep breeding area have been further consolidated.

On October 19, the reporter came to the Xilinhot Modern Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Industrial Park, one of the first batch of modern agriculture and animal husbandry industrial parks in the autonomous region. The core area of ​​the park is located in the Maodeng Ranch Mutton Sheep Breeding Park. It is dominated by the mutton sheep industry and has created a Uzbekistan Zhumu sheep production demonstration area, mutton sheep economic hybrid production demonstration area and multiple first-class meat food processing bases. Walking into the core area of ​​the Mutton Sheep Industrial Park, groups of Hu sheep were eating a “big meal” in the pens, and they were all fat and strong. The person in charge of the park said: “In order to protect the ecological environment and reduce the pressure on the grassland, Maodeng Ranch promotes the transformation and development of the breeding industry, changing the past natural grazing methods and exploring the grass-fed confinement of meat sheep. Although it has entered autumn and winter, the sheep are in spacious and clean sheep pens. Eating pollution-free nutritious forage not only makes them fatten faster, but also because they eat natural pasture from the Xilin Gol Prairie, the meat is as delicious as free-range mutton.”

At present, the basic ewes raised in the industrial park are Hu sheep, which have high requirements for breeding temperatures. Too low temperatures in winter will affect ewe lambing and lamb fattening. By using electric heating fans to insulate the pens and heat the drinking water, we ensure that the ewe lambing and lamb fattening are ensured in winter. According to the person in charge of the park, the number of sheep in Xilingol League currently reaches about 10 million, and the annual slaughter volume of mutton sheep is about 6 million. The regional public brand of Xilin Gol sheep has become famous across the country and is on the dining tables of thousands of households.

In the afternoon of the same day, the reporter went to Xilingol Dazhuang Meat Co., Ltd. for an interview. The company’s parent company is the largest ecological sheep processing and production base in Asia. The daily slaughtering volume reaches 9,000, and every year at least 200,000 ecologically safe and traceable high-quality Xilin Gol sheep are sold to all parts of the country from here.

Walking into the production workshop, a modern assembly line passes the mutton sheep through a series of production processes such as slaughtering, skin separation, disinfection, freezing, classification, steam suction, weighing, acid discharge, and segmentation. After being quick-frozen at minus 32 degrees Celsius, they are packaged. Various products are sent to the refrigerated warehouse for shipment. The cutting and trimming workshops use a fresh air system to control the temperature. The workshop temperature is maintained at about 8 degrees Celsius. The low-temperature operation not only protects the working environment of the workers but also ensures the freshness of the mutton. In the 25,000-ton fully automatic unattended smart cold storage, stacks of packaged mutton are placed on shelves more than ten meters high, and are automatically shipped according to shipping instructions. The temperature of the cold storage is controlled at minus 22 degrees Celsius, which is higher than the national standard. about. The staff said: “Every step of our production process is inseparable from electricity. Stable power support is the key to our ability to deliver high-quality Xilin Gol sheep to all parts of the country.”

According to the staff of the Xilingol Power Supply Company, in order to ensure that the electricity used in the production of the Dahuang Meat Industry is more stable and reliable, the company invested approximately 450,000 yuan in 2021 to build a new backup power supply for the company. After the backup power supply was put in, automatic switching of dual power supplies was realized, improving the reliability of the power supply. Higher is safer.

In recent years, Xilingol League has adhered to the orientation of “ecological priority and green development”, promoted the supply-side structural reform of the livestock industry, and made great efforts in transforming breeding methods, extending the industrial chain, and improving the value chain. Modern breeding methods also have an impact on power supply capacity and New requirements for power supply services. Xilingol Power Supply Company proactively understands the power needs of enterprises, and combines the characteristics of electricity consumption in the breeding industry to provide enterprises with “one-on-one” special services, providing strong power guarantee for the construction of a “green agricultural and livestock product export destination”.(Text/Deng Liping)

  Green electricity empowers “noodle bags” and “vegetable baskets” to become treasure troves

  Saibei’s “granary” green power empowers and increases production

In June this year, when General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the Bayannaoer City Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park, he pointed out that we must truly play a role in promoting modern agriculture, continue to explore, and find suitable varieties, technologies, and farming methods here. The costs must be reduced and the benefits must be high. Bring it forward to form an experience that can be replicated and promoted. At that time, the high-quality new wheat variety “Bamai No. 13” was grown in high-standard farmland.

“Bamai No. 13” was jointly developed by the Bayannur Municipal Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Science Institute and the Inner Mongolia Zhaofeng Wheat Industrialization Research Institute. Its average yield per mu is as high as 1,100 kilograms. It is a veritable “seed chip” that helps increase grain production in the Hetao Irrigation Area. Harvest. It is understood that this year, Bayannaoer City has sown 5.5 million acres of grain, and the annual grain output has stabilized at 6 billion kilograms.

On October 18, walking into the workshop of Zhaofeng Hetao Noodle Industry, multiple wheat grinding machines were started simultaneously with the roar of machines. “Wheat has been electrified and automated from harvesting to grinding. Staff from the power supply station often come to help us check the operation of the power equipment. The output has increased and the sales have become wider and wider.” said the person in charge of Zhaofeng’s production workshop.

Inner Mongolia is one of my country’s 13 major grain-producing areas and 8 provinces and regions with large-scale grain transfers. In recent years, it has maintained a steady increase in grain growth. In 2022, the region’s grain output will reach 78.02 billion kilograms, exceeding the national grain production task, adding more and more “foreign grain” in the “China Bowl”. Bayannur is located at the top of the “Ji” bend of the Yellow River. It is Asia’s largest free-flow irrigation area and an important national grain production base. In recent years, Bayannur City has insisted on developing modern large-scale agriculture as its main direction, and has regarded the construction of high-standard farmland as the “No. 1 Project” to promote agricultural modernization. From 2019 to 2022, 2.32 million acres of high-standard farmland will be completed, and the grain production capacity Increase by 10%.

China’s first sunflower systematic technology research institution – Sanrui Agricultural Science and Sunflower Science Institute is located in Wuyuan County, Bayannur City. It has developed 11 high-quality sunflower varieties, breaking the “stuck neck” phenomenon of edible sunflower seeds and continuing to increase farmers’ production. , provide technical support to increase income, and provide quality seed guarantee for the vigorous development of the national edible sunflower industry. In 2010, Sanpangdan Food Co., Ltd. selected Sanrui Nongke’s high-quality seeds to produce high-quality original melon seeds, creating an industry benchmark product and selling original melon seeds all over the country. Today, Sanpangdan “fried the best original melon seeds in China” The slogan has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Due to the continuous expansion of production scale, Bayannur Power Supply Company added a 2,000 kVA transformer to Sanpangdan Company this year to meet the company’s production power consumption. In addition, the 2024 World Sunflower Conference will be held in Wuyuan County, and Sanrui Nongke and Sanpangdan will become the organizers. In order to solve the problem of increasing production and electricity consumption of conference venues and enterprises, the company plans to build new partitions from the Longxingchang 220 kV substation. , a newly built 10 kV line will be used to connect the loads of Sanpangdan and Sanrui Nongke, helping Guazi to go out of China and into the world from Bayannur.

Bayannaoer Power Supply Company resolutely shouldered the major political responsibility of safeguarding national food security. It has taken multiple measures to ensure the construction of high-standard farmland in Bayannaoer by continuously strengthening power supply guarantee, facilitating the use of telegraph equipment, and strengthening electricity safety. , providing a strong power guarantee for the high-quality and efficient transformation of agriculture in the Hetao area and its development towards high-end and branding. The company is guided by “proactive service, proactive service, and precise service” and develops detailed irrigation and harvesting power conservation plans based on the characteristics of the farming season and season. At the same time, it helps farmers debug the power consumption of machine wells and water pumps, guides farmers in the correct and safe use of agricultural power equipment, and comprehensively guarantees the use of electricity for agricultural production.

  Tiantian Hetao electricity enriches farmers and revitalizes the countryside

Inner Mongolia vigorously supports the construction of green organic agricultural and livestock product production bases, expands production scale, cultivates large brands and large enterprises with scale effects, coordinates the integrated development of agricultural and livestock product production, processing, and sales, promotes the use of agricultural and livestock product geographical indications, and promotes ” “Mongolia” word mark certification, creating a brand image of “bright Inner Mongolia, green agricultural products”.

On October 17, reporters walked into the Lantern Red Exhibition Hall in Shengfeng Town, Wuyuan County to learn about the history of the national geographical indication product “Lantern Red”. The characteristics of sufficient sunlight and long frost-free period give birth to crispy and sweet “lantern red” melons, which are deeply loved by consumers in first-tier cities. Through a scientific planting model that combines greenhouses, steel arch sheds, small bow sheds, and open fields, “Lantern Red” can be planted year-round and sold half a year. The planting area in Shengfeng Town alone reaches more than 2,000 acres, with an annual output value of more than 40 million yuan. The “water melon and egg” has transformed into a veritable “gourd and egg”, helping the villagers increase their income and become rich.

Through resistance wire heating and insulation, seedlings will be raised in December, and greenhouse planting will be started from March to May. Electric roller blinds will maintain a suitable planting temperature in the greenhouse. Every step of the growth of “Lantern Red” is inseparable from electricity, and it is becoming more and more intelligent. The modernized planting model poses a huge challenge to electricity. The power grid manager of Wuyuan Power Supply Company provides one-to-one service with farmers, setting up new wires and transformers, and conducting regular door-to-door maintenance. The maintenance involves 77 transformers, ensuring that farmers can use electricity safely and with confidence.

At the Shaxiaopang Fresh Corn Production Base in Wuyuan County, the organic fresh waxy corn can be picked, peeled, whisked, steamed, sterilized, and packaged within one hour. The annual processing capacity of 12 production lines reaches 100 million ears. The products are not only sold nationwide, but also exported to Dubai, Germany, the United States, Canada, Japan and other countries. With the endorsement of being organic, green, and non-quick-frozen, Shaxiaopang Corn sold for a “high price” of 9.8 yuan a piece, and its current sales have exceeded 100 million yuan. In 2022, Shaxiaopang established its second production base, and Bayannaoer Power Supply Company took the initiative to come to the site to provide high-quality services and ensure the safety and reliability of the company’s production and use of electricity.

Bayannur City is also the second largest tomato product production base in the country. 6 out of every 10 cans of tomato juice exported from China come from Bayannur. In the yard of Taishun Xingye Food Co., Ltd., boxes of finished tomato paste, tomato cubes, and tomato juice are loaded onto trucks and set off for travel around the world. Founded in 1995, Taishun Xingye is the first foreign-funded enterprise in Bayannur City and the only tomato processing enterprise in Inner Mongolia that has been producing continuously for more than 28 years. In July this year, the person in charge of Taishun Xingye approached Dengkou Power Supply Company. As the tomato picking season was about to begin, the existing load could not support the demand for increased production and needed to increase capacity. On July 18, before the tomato production and processing season, the staff of the Bayin Business Station reduced the voltage of a 35 kV line and turned it into an enterprise dedicated line, effectively solving the enterprise’s power consumption problem. “The production line runs sterilely 24 hours a day. Once the power goes out, we will face a huge loss of 800 kilograms of tomatoes. The stable power provided by the power supply company guarantees the production of our company and ensures the company’s maximum profits.” said the person in charge of Taishun Xingye.

In recent years, Inner Mongolia Electric Power Group has vigorously implemented rural power grid transformation and upgrading projects, optimized the rural power grid structure, and improved rural electrification and automation levels. As of now, 71 rural power grid consolidation and upgrading projects have been completed in 2023, with a total investment of 1.65 billion yuan, improving the stability of power supply. sex, continue to optimize the business environment, provide reliable power guarantee, and help Inner Mongolia’s high-quality agricultural and livestock products go nationwide and reach the dining tables of consumers around the world. (Text/Fan Ruxuan)

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