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Hong Kong youth build a platform to help enterprises “bring in” and “go global” – China News Service Video

Hong Kong youth build a platform to help enterprises “bring in” and “go global” – China News Service Video
Hong Kong youth build a platform to help enterprises “bring in” and “go global” – China News Service Video

[Same period]Ling Junjie, Chairman of Hong Kong Ceylon Group

I have always wanted to make good use of the different experiences I have accumulated over the years to help different young people in our country, including some foreign young entrepreneurs. If they are interested in the mainland and our country’s market, we must also help them.

[Explanation]In recent years, Ling Junjie, chairman of the Hong Kong Ceylon Group, has been playing the role of a “super contact”, frequently building platforms for Hong Kong youth and enterprises to develop in the mainland. Recently, Ling Junjie said in an interview with a reporter from China News Service that his relationship with the mainland began with his trip to Beijing in 2006. Ling Junjie said that when he was 10 years old, he traveled to Beijing with his parents. At that time, Beijing was not as developed as it is now. When he grew up, he came to Beijing and found that the city was full of vitality. In addition, he attended the “National Conditions Seminar” at the National Academy of Administration. This experience inspired him to participate in the future development of the motherland.

[Same period]Ling Junjie, Chairman of Hong Kong Ceylon Group

When I went there in 2006, I felt very energetic in places like Guomao and Sanlitun. Moreover, at the National School of Administration, they would also tell us about the different situations of the country, including military, diplomacy, etc., the (Hong Kong) Basic Law, and the entire history of Hong Kong, which helped me understand the country better.

[Explanation]It is understood that in the 1970s, Ling Junjie’s great-grandfather came to Hong Kong from the mainland to develop. The family has been engaged in real estate development business, most of which is in Hong Kong, and Ling Junjie is the first in the family to invest in the mainland. people. Taking the initiative to understand and embrace the mainland market has not only successfully helped state-owned and private enterprises “go global”, but also allowed Ling Junjie to gain his “first pot of gold” in life. Currently, Ling Junjie has invested in more than 30 companies around the world.

[Same period]Ling Junjie, Chairman of Hong Kong Ceylon Group

I started assisting state-owned and private enterprises to “go global” in 2009 and 2010, and I witnessed the rise of our country. This laid a solid foundation for my future development, which made me feel proud of being a Chinese.

[Commentary]Ling Junjie has always believed that youth work is very important. He often shares the development opportunities in the mainland with Hong Kong youth as a “experienced person” and helps Hong Kong youth integrate into the development of the mainland. He believes that Hong Kong youth have advantages such as international vision and innovation, and can integrate well with the mainland market. They should visit the mainland more often.

[Same period]Ling Junjie, Chairman of Hong Kong Ceylon Group

If you come to the mainland more often, in addition to the mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area, there are actually many opportunities in places such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Chengdu. For Hong Kong people, in terms of culture, they actually have advantages in different creative fields. , so how to combine the huge market of the mainland with Hong Kong to face the world, and tell the story of Hong Kong, the Bay Area and China well in different fields.

[Explanation]In December 2021, the “Xinhua Hong Kong and Macao International Youth Entrepreneurship Center” was established in Nansha, Guangzhou.

[Same period]Ling Junjie, Chairman of Hong Kong Ceylon Group

The positioning of the Youth Entrepreneurship Center is to better serve overseas companies “coming in” and domestic companies “going out”. Next, I plan to establish an international young entrepreneurs association to better allow different young entrepreneurs from abroad to understand the situation in the mainland market.

Reporter He Junjie and Sun Qiuxia reported from Guangzhou

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