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Guizhou Hospital of Zhongshan First Hospital went to Qiannan to explore how to implement hierarchical diagnosis and treatment? |


If you want to analyze the development ideas of primary medical care in China, Longli County in southeastern Guizhou is an issue that cannot be avoided.

Because the digital medical pilots, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment pilots, and smart medical pilots launched around here are of extremely important significance in promoting the overall medical layout of the country.

The first time Long Li was widely noticed by the outside world was in 2015.

The general background at that time was that a large number of IT technology companies were marching towards medical care, and Tencent was no exception. It quietly launched a medical hardware product incubated by Tencent DreamWorks on the market: the Sugar Doctor Blood Glucose Meter. It is worth noting that the provincial partner of this product is the Guizhou Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, in addition to corporate partners Dingxiangyuan, Zhongan Insurance, Zhongmai and the multinational pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly.

For Tencent and Guizhou’s medical debut, it proves an important truth: it is important to find the right partners and training ground.

Still in 2015, four months after the launch of Tencent’s “Sugar Doctor”, taking advantage of the opportunity of Guizhou’s first digital expo, Tencent and the Guizhou Provincial Health Commission signed the “Internet + Medical Cooperation Agreement.” “Longli County” has a new business card – serving as a “testing ground” for Tencent and many other companies to implement new digital medical technologies.

Eight years later, Longli County has dedicated medical service equipment, AI technology has been added to the medical equipment, a normal referral mechanism has been established between medical institutions at all levels, and it has also formed a counterpart with the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University in Guangdong. Assistance and the establishment of a “Zhongshan No. 1 Guizhou Hospital” in Guizhou.

The “Longli Experience” of digitalization and high-quality hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system has now become another model of medical reform after Fujian’s “Sanming Medical Reform”.

In May of this year, it was the same Digital Expo again, and Longli’s experience was further copied and promoted-Tencent joined hands with Zhongmai Medical to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with the governments of Bijie City, Guiyang City, and Qiannan Prefecture, “Qiannan Prefecture” Model” was mentioned for the first time at this meeting. It carries an important exploration in the digital and intelligent transformation of medical care in Guizhou Province. It not only solves the problem of “difficulty in seeing a doctor” for rural people, but also finds a path for medical staff in the above three cities to sustainably improve their medical standards.

Let’s look at the options of Bijie City, Guiyang City, and Qiannan Prefecture. They occupy the northwest, central, and southeast directions of Guizhou respectively, forming a diagonal line across Guizhou’s “northwest-southeast” direction.

These three points are indispensable. The first is that nine cities/prefectures in Guizhou Province can provide medical services nearby; the second is that the northwest stronghold Bijie borders Yunnan and Sichuan, and the southeastern stronghold Qiannan borders Guangxi and Hunan. This means that in the next step, grassroots digital medical care and smart medical care will go out of Guizhou, and the edges of the four provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Hunan will be the first radiation areas.

Under the background that “serious diseases do not go out of the city, common diseases do not go out of counties and cities, and minor illnesses such as headaches and fevers go out of the countryside”, the Qiannan model has ample opportunity to land. However, the road to medical reform is never smooth, and there will always be phased problems. How to straighten out the cooperative relationship between Guizhou and neighboring advantageous provinces such as Guangdong Province and promote the systematic implementation of the Qiannan model requires a lot of work.

Recently, Guizhou Hospital of Zhongshan First Hospital, Qiannan Prefecture Health Bureau and Zhongmai Digital officially signed the “Digital Hierarchical Diagnosis and Treatment Strategic Cooperation Agreement”, becoming the first step for Guangdong Province’s superior medical resources to take the lead.

Zhongshan First Hospital Guizhou Hospital, Qiannan Prefecture Health Bureau, and Zhongmai Digital officially signed the contract

As an important representative of Guizhou Hospital of Zhongshan First Hospital, Chen Zhenguang, executive director of the hospital, said at the meeting, “The focus of this cooperation is to integrate our high-quality specialized resources, radiate and enhance the medical service capabilities of Qiannan Prefecture, and jointly create digital hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. ‘Qiannan Model’.”

In fact, as early as 2015, when Longli County was established as a medical pilot, Chen Zhenguang participated in the design of the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment plan there. This time he said again, “This plan is still there and is still fully implemented in Longli County. It has been applied in real practice. This is not only a breakthrough in technology, but also a collaborative innovation of systems and mechanisms.”

How to ensure the normalized output of assisted hospitals is an important focus of this signing.

As an output hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University is one of the first batch of comprehensive national regional medical centers jointly built by the province and the province, and is also the first batch of national regional medical center construction export units. Over the years, it has jointly led the construction of national neurological regional medical centers and medical universities. Data center and multiple centers. The next important step is to benchmark the Guizhou Hospital of Zhongshan No. 1 Hospital against the national regional medical center construction standards and the discipline development level of Guizhou Province, to realize the translation of brand, technology, talent, and management advantages, to unify the medical, teaching, scientific research, and management models, and gradually Achieve homogeneous development with Zhongshan First Hospital.

In the future, under the implementation of the Qiannan Model, using Zhongshan First Hospital Guizhou Hospital as a bridge will also be an important opportunity to provide “Guizhou Model” and “Zhongshan First Hospital Model” for the construction of a healthy China.

Hu Weiyi, a member of the Party Leadership Group of Longli County Government and Deputy County Magistrate, said: “This signing will establish a medical collaboration link that extends all the way to the Yuexiu Campus of Zhongshan First Hospital and the Nansha Campus of Zhongshan First Hospital. Longli County will use this as a We will use this opportunity to realize flexible talent flow support in cooperation and further sink medical resources that are ‘visible, tangible, and trustworthy’ to the masses.”

A best example is:

On the day of the signing ceremony, the “Large-scale digital hierarchical medical teaching and free clinic event” was hosted by Qiannan Prefecture Health Bureau and Zhongshan First Hospital Guizhou Hospital, and hosted by Longli County Health Bureau and Longli County People’s Hospital (Medical Community) General Hospital. “Into Qiannan” was also held together.

Eleven experts from the Department of Thoracic Surgery, Nephrology, Cardiovascular Medicine, Neurosurgery and other departments of Guizhou Hospital of the First Hospital of Zhongshan Hospital visited Longli County and Xima Town on-site. ) The main hospital carries out expert lectures and teaching rounds. Through teaching rounds and case teaching discussions, the medical staff of the county hospital were guided in patient diagnosis, treatment plans, medication prescriptions, etc.

“I came at two o’clock and was the first person in line to see what I liked. Director Wang told me to just go for a review at the county hospital regularly every year. Don’t worry too much. I used to go to Guiyang for a gastroscopy every one to two years. Things are different now. You can directly see experts in the county hospital via video chat, and the doctors in our county are also good. I am 65 years old, and I can’t run to the city anymore. There are free physical examinations in the community every year. Now I feel that the county Medical treatment is enough.” Aunt Luo, who watched the consultation on the spot, said.

Guizhou Hospital of Zhongshan First Hospital went to Qiannan to explore how to implement hierarchical diagnosis and treatment?

Experts from Guizhou Hospital of Zhongshan First Hospital conducted case teaching discussions at Longli County People’s Hospital

Experts from the Guizhou Hospital of the First Hospital of Sun Yat-sen Hospital provide free medical consultation to the public at Xinglong Square in Longli County

If we want to truly promote the expansion of high-quality medical resources and balanced regional layout, it is not enough for doctors to “run errands”, but also need to improve their technical capabilities.

In fact, the Guizhou Provincial Health Commission has joined hands with Tencent and Zhongmai Digital to launch a pilot project in Longli County, Qiannan Prefecture, to explore the digital technology route of “special medical equipment + blockchain”, which will be further amplified. This form of technology establishes trusted, controllable end-to-end and point-to-point medical data connections between medical institutions at all levels, bringing superior experts to the bedside of grassroots patients “face to face”.

Specifically, relying on the digital hierarchical medical teaching system jointly established by Zhongmai Digital and Tencent Health, the teaching assistance provided by Guizhou Hospital of Zhongshan First Hospital to Qiannan Prefecture will be upgraded from the traditional offline teaching and free clinic once a year to every Weekly online teaching ward rounds and remote medical record teaching discussions have made medical assistance the norm.

Up to now, Longli County’s digital hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system covers 18 clinical departments of 3 county-level hospitals, 15 township-level health centers, 52 administrative villages, and 83 village clinics, benefiting more than 100,000 people. It has greatly facilitated the grassroots people to seek medical treatment, reduced the cost of medical treatment, and embarked on a road of development of county medical institutions promoted by the provincial level, linked up and down, and driven by echelons.

In the future, using “hematopoietic” digital graded medical teaching to expand the local medical talent pool and improve the diagnosis and treatment level of grassroots doctors, thus reducing cross-province and cross-regional medical treatment, is of great significance to accelerating the implementation of the graded diagnosis and treatment system in Qiannan Prefecture.

In the face of this major medical reform test in the southwest, now not only Tencent, but also Zhongmai, Zhongshan No. 1 Hospital and the local Guizhou Hospital are forming a joint force:

By the end of 2025, we will prioritize the formation of a digital hierarchical diagnosis and treatment service model with vertical flow of high-quality medical resources supported by digitalization in Qiannan Prefecture by the end of 2025. The county-wide medical treatment rate will reach more than 90%, further satisfying the needs of the people in Qiannan Prefecture. Demand for high-quality medical and health services.

In the long term, it will only be a matter of time before this digital hierarchical diagnosis and treatment path is extended to a wider area. account:

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