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Strengthen classified guidance and promote the implementation of various tasks to achieve results. Suzhou makes precise efforts to improve the “gold content” of thematic education.

Strengthen classified guidance and promote the implementation of various tasks to achieve results. Suzhou makes precise efforts to improve the “gold content” of thematic education.
Strengthen classified guidance and promote the implementation of various tasks to achieve results. Suzhou makes precise efforts to improve the “gold content” of thematic education.

Strengthen classified guidance and promote the implementation of various tasks to achieve results. Suzhou makes precise efforts to improve the “gold content” of thematic education.

Since the launch of the second batch of thematic education, Suzhou City has conscientiously implemented the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee, strengthened classified guidance and precise implementation of policies to ensure that all tasks are implemented and effective, strives to improve the “gold content” of thematic education, and guide the city’s party members Cadres consciously accept the baptism of forging and promote high-quality development with hard work, responsibility and the courage to do good.

Precise policy implementation and full coverage of theoretical learning

“Online ride-hailing drivers are always on the road. The radio station has set up relevant columns to give theoretical lectures and interpret the latest policies, which has successfully opened up learning channels for everyone.” Recently, an initiative of the Zhangjiagang Municipal Party Committee Theme Education Office has made the city’s Gangcheng Car Doctor Party Branch Secretary Zou Jian and the majority of driver party members welcomed him very much.

For party members of new economic organizations, new social organizations, new employment groups and mobile party members, Suzhou relies on the “one cadre and ten branches” work system of the two new working committees of the Municipal Party Committee to strengthen the guidance responsibilities of party committees in 13 industries including transportation, and continuously enrich the form of learning and education . In view of the situation that the city’s 1,397 truck and online ride-hailing party member drivers work in scattered locations and have little time for concentrated study, the learning positions are built on driving lines, track points, and service stations, and are taught through industry party committees, enterprise guidance, and ” Organize learning through cloud-based party branch joint learning and other methods. At the same time, hundreds of “lecturers” including hundreds of famous mouthpieces and red craftsmen were recruited, and a total of more than 1,100 theoretical lectures were carried out in buildings in business districts and corporate workshops.

According to the characteristics of different levels, different fields, and different objects, Suzhou adheres to classified guidance and precise policy implementation, and promotes thematic education in depth through leading cadres to guide students, grassroots party members to self-study and joint study, and “special group” party members to send students and students to study. Go real.

Taicang City formulates work guidelines based on the actual conditions of different units, different fields, and different groups, and relies on the “Three Meetings and One Lesson” and “5 + The three-level organizational chain of “district – town (street) – village (community)” horizontally focuses on the main responsibilities and main businesses of each agency, unit, and sector, and “weaves” 3,232 grassroots parties in the form of industrial chain party building. Organize and organize “one network” of thematic education for 52,300 party members.

At present, all 108 participating units in Suzhou have completed the reading class. Through the “four courses” of teaching ideological and theoretical courses on learning well, learning from role models and demonstration courses, looking at the development reality course, and comparing contribution practical courses, we organized grassroots party organization secretaries and party members to carry out rotation training, covering a total of more than 25,000 people; we carried out “walking” The Party Building Through Watching, Learning and Doing activity carefully created 7 study routes including ancient city protection, technological innovation, and green ecology, with a total of more than 1,700 grassroots party organizations and more than 25,000 party members participating.

Precise research, facing problems directly to promote development

Since the launch of thematic education, Suzhou City has carried out investigation and research, promoted a pragmatic style, adhered to a problem-oriented approach, meditated on the five-character formula of “depth, practicality, detail, accuracy and effectiveness”, and carried out investigations and research strictly and practically.

“Relying on the Suzhou Intelligent Party Building Information System, we have established a survey and research database to strengthen the overall planning and judgment of survey topics, time, and points during thematic education and ‘hot reminders’ to prevent clustering of surveys and ensure the quality and effectiveness of the survey.” Suzhou Municipal Party Committee Theme Education According to the relevant person in charge of the office, at present, the city has sorted out and formed 32 work guidelines in 6 major categories to guide participating units to focus on self-reliance in science and technology, private enterprise development, education, medical care, elderly care, etc., and have researched and identified 1,803 “small incisions” “Research topics, a total of 6,231 field research visits have been carried out.

Looking for ideas from the masses’ “urgent, difficult and anxious problems” and from the development needs of enterprises, Suzhou’s grassroots party members and cadres insist on precise research to find the right focus for “promoting learning to do”.

Gusu District conducted a survey on key topics and identified a total of 6 positive cases and 6 negative cases. Among them, the four teams of the district identified the “Social Situation and Public Opinion Contact Mechanism” and “Suzhou Smart Community Renovation Disputes” as positive and negative typical cases respectively. The first office and the four committees Determine typical case anatomical research topics, go deep into the front line, unearth problems, analyze the root causes, and promote rectification; Xiangcheng District focuses on regional coordinated development, grassroots governance and other areas, deeply promotes 17 grassroots party building “secretary projects” at the district and town levels, and establishes “Investment Promotion” “Investment attraction, industrial quality improvement, project promotion, enterprise services, and hub construction” five hundred-day action branches strive to embody thematic education results in high-quality development results.

Kunshan High-tech Zone carried out the “contribution based on the position” activity of party members and cadres, established 15 high-quality industrial classes, implemented mechanisms such as linking the leaders of major industrial projects and promoting regular meetings, and efficiently coordinated to solve project difficulties and blocking problems; Wujiang District deepened the ” With the construction of “Three Front Lines” actions and “Action Branches”, Fenhu High-tech Zone (Lili Town) guided party members and cadres to go deep into the front lines of enterprises and solved more than 100 issues such as financing and talent introduction.

Accurate contact and strengthen tracking and inquiry results

Fei Zhong, Secretary of the Party Branch of the GCL Group Headquarters, recently reported to the Theme Education Liaison Group Three of the Suzhou Industrial Park Party Working Committee that he hopes to strengthen the guidance of grassroots party organizations such as the “Two New Initiatives” so that the grassroots party organizations can have a clearer understanding of the various aspects of the theme education. work tasks.

His demands quickly received feedback and implementation from the Theme Education Office of the Party Working Committee of the park. By improving and upgrading the functions of the smart party building “Star” platform, a theme education module was added to the platform to implement the requirements for party members to study, teach party classes, discuss and exchange, etc. platform, and fully integrated with the “Three Meetings and One Lesson”, theme party days, etc. While reducing the burden on the grassroots, we will achieve precise development of thematic education.

How to effectively feedback the demands of grassroots party members? How to prevent theme education from becoming formalized, routine, and superficial?

Suzhou’s approach is to promptly follow up and grasp the voices of grassroots party organizations and dynamically listen to the voices of grassroots people to achieve precise supervision by establishing a “grassroots observation point system”. The theme education offices at the city and county levels combined existing grassroots contact points to regularly contact more than 200 people including “two representatives and one committee member”, village resident representatives, grid members, and enterprise employees. The working group leaders each contacted one person The secretary of the village party organization, 1 secretary of the community party organization and 1 secretary of the party organization in other fields. Each member of the working group contacts 1 secretary of the party branch. Currently, more than 800 observation points have been established in the city.

The Changshu Municipal Party Committee’s Theme Education Office has established a dynamic liaison mechanism of “one question, two listening, three must clarification”. It relies on a liaison outline, combined with telephone surveys, on-site visits and other methods to regularly understand the theme education of grassroots party organization secretaries and ordinary party members. Development situation, promoting the clarity of the branch’s key tasks, the secretary’s work objectives, and the specific content of party members; Suzhou High-tech Zone (Huqiu District) focused on the key issues that need to be grasped to carry out thematic education, and clarified the pairing of the director, deputy director, and team leader of the theme education office 2-3 grassroots party organization secretaries, establish a “three one” working mechanism of “attend a concentrated study, participate in a theme party day, and help do a practical thing for the people” to help grassroots party organizations advance thematic education work in a solid and orderly manner .

“Insist on focusing our work on achieving practical results, strictly guard against formalism, and ensure the political nature and seriousness of the theme education.” The relevant person in charge of the Theme Education Office of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee said that in the next step, more solid and powerful measures will be taken to promote various projects Focus on tasks and strive to promote thematic education to achieve high quality and good results.

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