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Gathering the power of Longjiang merchants to shine the future of Longjiang


On the 14th, the first Longshang Conference and the China (Heilongjiang) International Green Food Industry High-Quality Development Forum were held in Harbin. Longshangs scattered around the world went home one after another to reminisce about their hometown, plan development plans, and talk about Longjiang. future.

The theme of this conference is “New Journey, New Development, New Opportunities”. The three words “new” outline the expectations for Longjiang’s future and also explain the heavy mission shouldered by Longjiang.

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Since its establishment more than a year ago, the Dragon Merchants Association has taken it as its mission to repay the hometown and help economic development. It has built the Dragon Merchants brand and polished the Dragon Merchants business card. It has promoted a total of 53 visits to the hometown of more than 600 people for inspections. Member companies have invested more than 20 billion in Heilongjiang. Yuan. However, the pace of building and promoting their hometown will never stop. They are committed to promoting more Longjiang products, Longjiang brands, and Longjiang quality to go global.

“Our Tianjin Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce has innovated the entrusted investment promotion model and conducted entrusted investment promotion for cities, counties and districts across the province. Now we have more than 50 contracts signed with us. I feel that as a dragon merchant, I have the obligation and responsibility to contribute to the construction of my hometown.” Tianjin Xu Jinghai, president of the Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce, said.

Dai Di, President of the Beijing Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce, also said that the Beijing Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce has attracted more than 200 billion yuan in investment for his hometown, and has implemented 150 billion yuan. We are willing to use more circles of friends, resources, abilities, and connections to support our hometown. , help hometown, promote hometown, promote hometown.

Yang Chunbo, president of the British Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce, said: “We have reached preliminary intentions with the British supply chain to promote Longjiang’s green agricultural products into the UK.”

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Every dragon merchant’s words contain one thought: it is our duty to repay our hometown. For them, investing and starting a business in Heilongjiang is an unshirkable responsibility, and they have great potential. Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce, which is distributed across the country, serves as a bridge connecting enterprises and governments, enterprises and enterprises, giving full play to its own advantages, guiding and helping Longshang enterprises to participate in local economic construction, and at the same time plays an active role in attracting phoenixes back home and attracting investment. Strive for more development opportunities for Longshang enterprises and inject new vitality into Heilongjiang’s economic development.

The Shenzhen Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce and the Harbin Municipal People’s Government, the Jiangsu Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce and the Qiqihar Municipal People’s Government, the Guangdong Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce and the Daqing Municipal People’s Government… signed contracts one after another, expressing the hope and determination of win-win cooperation. And this is inseparable from Longshang’s feelings of family and country and its role as a bridge.

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Gather the power of Longjiang to shine the future of Longjiang. At the ceremony where representatives of dragon merchants from all over the world jointly light up the Longjiang River, He Qiqiang, representative of dragon merchants in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and chairman of Guangdong Evergreen (Group) Co., Ltd., and representative of dragon merchants in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development area, Zhongkang International Kang Weihai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tourism Culture Development Group Co., Ltd., Chen Feibao, representative of Longshang in the Yangtze River Economic Belt Development Area and Chairman of Hunan Anbang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Yang Chunbo, representative of the Overseas Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce and President of the British Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce… come from all over the world Representatives of entrepreneurs took the stage one after another to convey the light of development. Starlights start from the world map and converge on the Cock’s Crown, forming a dazzling Milky Way. At this moment, what lights up is not only the tangible cooperation projects, but also the intangible spirit of Longshang.

Like Shanxi merchants, Fujian merchants, and Hui merchants, Long merchants also have their own marks. If we want to sum up the spirit of Longshang in one word, it may be the courage to fight, the courage to struggle, hard work and responsibility, or innovation and dedication. When these beautiful qualities meet the passionate sons and daughters of the black land, their cohesion will be even stronger. I am older, my heart is warmer, and the burden on my shoulders is heavier.

Just as Leng Youbin, vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, president of the Longjiang Chamber of Commerce, and chairman of China Feihe, said, “Returning to our hometown to repay our hometown and build a new Longjiang is the mission given to us by the new era, and all Longjiang merchants must take it up. Let’s work together to further strengthen exchanges and seek common development.”

The black soil in cold areas is not only fertile soil for nurturing Longjiang grain and high-quality black soil products, but also fertile soil for nurturing outstanding entrepreneurs. The Longshang spirit started here and has a long history. Groups of outstanding Longshang entrepreneurs bravely stand at the forefront and dare to be the first.

If Longshang is strong, Longjiang will be strong. The vast black land has given birth to heroic sons and daughters who are as bright as stars. The dragon merchants have worked hard on this land. We believe that the forward-looking vision is firm, the pace of progress is unstoppable, the hands of cooperation are not loose, and the blood of innovation is not cold. You will surely be able to sail far and create new glory.

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