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Original title: Sowing financial seeds to stimulate rural vitality (title)

Bank of Communications Beijing Branch actively participates in rural revitalization (theme)

To strengthen a country, we must first strengthen agriculture, and only then can the country be strong. A strong agricultural country is the foundation of a strong modern socialist country. The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly proposed accelerating the construction of an agricultural power when drawing up the grand blueprint for building a powerful modern socialist country in an all-round way. 2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Maintaining the basics of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” is of great significance for continuously making new progress in comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and promoting the construction of an agricultural power to get off to a good start.

Bank of Communications Beijing Branch thoroughly implements the strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to comprehensively promote rural revitalization, strengthens policy guarantees and mechanism innovation, focuses on key areas and key customer groups to implement comprehensive policies, and explores diversified financial support for rural revitalization through the establishment of internal and external coordination mechanisms. Effective ways to meet multi-level resource needs, expand assistance paths, actively fulfill social responsibilities, help consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation, and continuously improve the level of financial services for rural revitalization.

The account manager of the direct sales team of the Inclusive and Benefit Department of the Bank of Communications Beijing Branch visited agricultural customers to understand the use of funds

Tianzhu County agricultural products displayed in the Bank of Communications exhibition area at the 2023 Service Trade Fair


The 10th China Small and Medium Enterprises “Investment and Financing Conference” showcases Bank of Communications’ financial services for rural revitalization

● Consolidate the foundation of the exhibition industry by strengthening mechanism construction.

Bank of Communications Beijing Branch regards financial support for rural revitalization as an important task to fulfill political and social responsibilities, and provides a solid guarantee for serving rural revitalization in terms of structural functions and organizational promotion. The branch has established a rural revitalization work leading group personally led by the bank leaders and specifically led by the General Welfare Department, covering corporate, personal finance, investment banking, credit and other related sectors and line management departments, and setting up special posts to ensure the implementation of rural revitalization of financial services, etc. All work shall be promoted in an overall manner and managed in a unified manner, and relevant policies, systems, and plans shall be rapidly transmitted and responded to to form a joint effort to serve rural revitalization. Decompose the rural revitalization work into details, consolidate the responsibilities of the “top leaders” of branches and branches, guide and supervise various rural revitalization tasks, and strengthen work deployment and advancement through special meetings, supervision meetings, work groups, etc.

● Enrich financial supply by focusing on increasing resource allocation

Bank of Communications Beijing Branch will tilt resources towards “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, focus on key areas and key customer groups, provide diversified financing services, and inject financial “living water” into rural revitalization. The balance of agricultural-related loans continued to grow, and the increment and growth rate of agricultural-related loans ranked among the best among market peers.

Focusing on key customer groups for rural revitalization such as leading agricultural industrialization enterprises, national seed industry formation enterprises, and emerging agricultural business entities, we will strengthen loan disbursement in key areas involving food security and the supply of major agricultural products, agricultural industry chains, and rural infrastructure construction. Establish close cooperation with key agricultural-related enterprises, provide financial support to the world’s leading plant protection and seed companies, issue operating loans to farmers’ professional cooperatives in the suburbs of Beijing, and effectively serve the real economy. Sort out the key nodes of the core enterprise industry chain, provide financing solutions for upstream suppliers of high-quality agricultural-related core enterprises, and have served many core enterprise customers in the agricultural-related industrial chain. Actively look for high-quality projects that serve rural areas and are conducive to the long-term development of the country, especially government-led projects that improve people’s livelihood, and participate in projects that bring rural collective commercial construction land to the market, effectively revitalize existing rural land assets, and improve rural living environment. Focusing on the green development of rural areas, we have continuously strengthened the cooperation between key central enterprises and municipal enterprises in the field of clean energy and clean production, contributed financial strength to improving the rural ecological environment and building beautiful villages, and have issued green agriculture-related loans in areas rich in wind energy and water energy resources. .

Bank of Communications Beijing Branch continues to enrich its financial service product system for rural revitalization, forming a relatively complete platform for business loans for farmers, loans for new rural construction, small loans for poverty alleviation, fast discounting of commercial bills, fast and easy payment (fast factoring), and bank-bank cooperation platforms. product system. In particular, the three major product lines of “Agriculture e-Loans” have been launched for inclusive agriculture-related entities such as large agricultural professionals, family farms, farmers’ cooperatives, and agricultural enterprises. Through the combination of online + offline, standard products + scenario customization, Effectively meet their diverse financing needs. Relying on Internet technology, it integrates taxation, market supervision and management, credit reporting, settlement and other data, and launches the “Puhui e-Loan” product to issue credit loans to small and micro enterprises related to agriculture.

● Build a prosperous and strong countryside with the key to consolidating and expanding the results of poverty alleviation

Bank of Communications Beijing Branch continues to consolidate and expand the effective connection between poverty alleviation achievements and rural revitalization through various methods such as industrial assistance, consumption assistance, and donation assistance. Tianzhu County in Gansu Province is a designated assistance target of the Bank of Communications. After achieving poverty alleviation, the Beijing Branch of the Bank of Communications continued to maintain close contact with the posted cadres and the Tianzhu County Investment Promotion Bureau, Education and Science Bureau, etc., from special industries, logistics construction, Educational resources, medical resources, tourism resources and other multiple dimensions have an in-depth understanding of the local socio-economic and humanistic development conditions and actual needs, giving full play to resource advantages, and striving to continue to assist the development of the county.

After full communication with relevant units in Tianzhu County, Bank of Communications Beijing Branch learned that the local agricultural product market needs to be further expanded, so it actively explored resources and introduced Beijing Jingong Technology and Trade Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Beijing Jingong Garment Group Co., Ltd., a key enterprise in Beijing. The company has established business cooperation with Gansu Jinnongshang E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd., a well-known local agricultural product sales company in Tianzhu County, and uses customers’ online + offline sales channels in Beijing to build a sales platform for Tianzhu County’s characteristic agricultural and sideline products to help expand the sales of agricultural products. market. At the same time, through various means such as large-scale exhibitions and media channels, a rural revitalization exhibition area will be set up at the Bank of Communications’ booth at the 10th China Small and Medium Enterprises Investment and Financing Fair and the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services to display specialty agricultural products in targeted areas, Cultural products help build a bridge of communication with the outside world and bring more opportunities for local investment and industrial development.

Bank of Communications Beijing Branch continues to carry out consumption assistance, and through bulk purchases in business units and canteens, it encourages and guides employees, customers and other sectors of society to widely participate in purchasing and sales assistance, promoting industry through consumption and development through industry. In terms of building a livable, industrial and beautiful countryside, the bank has contacted charity foundations, jointly with and many other caring enterprises and social caring people to provide loving support for the “Bright Eyes Project” project of primary and secondary schools in Tianzhu County, providing free help. A total of 305,000 yuan was donated to provide eye protection lighting equipment for ethnic minority schools in Tianzhu County and help local ethnic minority schools improve teaching facilities and lighting conditions.

If the nation is to be rejuvenated, the countryside must be revitalized. Doing a good job in “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” has a glorious mission and a heavy responsibility. Bank of Communications Beijing Branch will continue to implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, fulfill its mission of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, continuously optimize and innovate service mechanisms, improve the quality and efficiency of financial development of agriculture, and use higher positions, greater efforts, and more practical measures to Contribute Bank of Communications’ strength to write a new chapter of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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