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Focusing on the “One Belt and One Road”, the 2023 “SHOW JIANGSU” photo collection activity has been launched – China Daily

Focusing on the “One Belt and One Road”, the 2023 “SHOW JIANGSU” photo collection activity has been launched – China Daily
Focusing on the “One Belt and One Road”, the 2023 “SHOW JIANGSU” photo collection activity has been launched – China Daily

On November 13, the “Belt and Road China and the World” 2023 “SHOW JIANGSU” photography collection event jointly planned by the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government Information Office, the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government Foreign Affairs Office and the Xinhua News Agency News Information Center was officially launched at the Six Dynasties Museum in Nanjing. Many well-known media reporters and professional photographers from countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” are invited to participate. In the coming days, they will go deep into the four cities of Nanjing, Changzhou, Huai’an, and Yancheng, using a unique foreign media perspective and wonderful lens language to record Jiangsu’s actions in promoting the construction of an open province and expanding new space for opening up internally and externally. , feel the strong pulse of high-quality development in Jiangsu, which is at the intersection of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, and further tell the “Jiangsu Chapter” of the Chinese story in the circle of friends around the world.

Launching ceremony site

As a major economic and open province, Jiangsu has convenient sea, land and air transportation, unique economic resource endowments, and a large industrial base. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative. Jiangsu, located at the intersection of the “Belt and Road”, has given full play to its geographical advantages and promoted the two-way mutual benefit of opening up to the east and opening to the west, becoming a “two-way open” in the new development pattern. “important window.

Hu Zhu, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government Information Office, introduced in his speech that in the past ten years, Jiangsu has aimed to build a two-way open hub with world cohesion, deepened land and sea coordination, and river-sea linkage, built 10 billion-ton ports, and opened international containers There are 89 routes, especially 24 China-Europe freight train routes, covering nearly 80 cities in Europe and Asia. More and more “Made in Jiangsu” are using the “Belt and Road” to reach the world, in order to promote the interconnection between China and the world, Mutual learning, win-win cooperation, and joint development contribute to the strength of Jiangsu. He expressed his hope that through in-depth reports and wonderful videos and pictures by reporters and photographers, China and Jiangsu along the “Belt and Road Initiative” can be shown to the world, and China’s attitude and Jiangsu’s voice of win-win cooperation and shared civilization can be conveyed to the world.

Xu Hua, deputy director of Xinhua News Agency’s Jiangsu Branch, said in his speech that Xinhua News Agency has foreign branches and main branches in more than 180 countries around the world, has a global news information collection and distribution network, and is striving to build a world-class new omni-media mechanism. As resident units, the Jiangsu Branch and Jiangsu Center have also deeply explored Jiangsu’s external reporting resources, built a diversified communication pattern, and strived to form an international communication level that matches Jiangsu’s high-level opening up. By telling vivid Jiangsu stories, the international community Learn more about China and experience China.

She emphasized that the “SHOW JIANGSU” photography and style collection activity allows people to feel the pulse of Jiangsu’s advancement with the times, and also appreciate the magnificent scene of Jiangsu’s gathering of humanities and prosperous economy. We look forward to further deepening international communication cooperation with various departments and departments in Jiangsu, and leveraging Xinhua News Agency’s unique media resource advantages and international resource integration capabilities to empower local governments and enterprises and institutions in their external publicity work, so that the international community can have a deeper understanding of a true, three-dimensional and comprehensive China. .

Based on the beneficial exploration and practice of the previous “SHOW JIANGSU”, this year’s “SHOW JIANGSU” photo collection activity invites photojournalists and well-known photographers from international mainstream media such as Agence France-Presse, European Press Agency, Latin American News Agency, and German TV station 2. Visited four cities in Jiangsu and used vivid brushstrokes and wonderful shots to describe Jiangsu’s new picture of modern development such as industrial transformation, green ecology, openness and integration, and to highlight Jiangsu’s style in the construction of the “Belt and Road”.

Yang Jing, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, said that in the past ten years, Jiangsu has achieved remarkable results in jointly building the “Belt and Road”, and there are many Jiangsu stories on the “Belt and Road”. We invite all Chinese and foreign journalists and photographers to gather in Jiangsu, precisely to let these vivid Jiangsu stories fly to every corner of the world with the wings of news and become a window for the world to understand Jiangsu.

The venue for this launch ceremony was once again Nanjing. Over the years, whether it is the historical heritage accumulated in the thousand-year-old city, the urban style that perfectly integrates the ancient city wall with modern architecture, or the open and inclusive urban temperament that is constantly released, it has deeply attracted batches of international friends to visit Nanjing. During the next trip to Nanjing, reporters and photographers will visit China’s most comprehensive museum displaying cultural relics from the Six Dynasties, witness the Nanjing trains speeding along the “Belt and Road” that promotes economic and trade exchanges, and the digital transformation of the medical equipment industry, leaving behind unforgettable memories. Memory of Nanjing.

“Nanjing is an ancient capital with rich cultural heritage. Changzhou is exploring the integration of industry and culture and tourism. Huai’an has a pleasant water town style. Yancheng is building a modern and livable city… Each city has different stories waiting for us to discover and record.” Bae In-suan, a member of the photography group and a reporter for South Korea’s “Asia Economy”, said that he hopes photographer friends will use their creativity to use photography, a wonderful art form, to capture the diverse faces of Jiangsu, jointly interpret Jiangsu’s stories, and share Jiangsu’s style. (China Daily Jiangsu Reporter Station Cangwei)

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