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Activities and Food Visits + Career Experience The variety show “Macau is Open” will be launched soon_TOM News


Macau is open·Macau food event experience special” will be launched on Mango TV on November 20. In the program, artists and guests will transform into different professions, go deep into various industry scenes in Macao, and show “Macao in business” from different angles. The program also retains food elements and focuses on Macao’s colorful year-end activities, leading the audience to experience the unique charm of Macao.

“Business Brothers” collect professional experience cards collectively to present the characteristics of Macao’s multi-industry industries

“Macau is Open·Macau Food Event Experience Special” artist guests include Huang Shengchi, Jiayi, Lu Siheng, Zhang Sifan (in alphabetical order of last name). The new brother group will go deep into scenes from all walks of life in the program and incarnate in different positions. The staff include museum guides, trainee racing drivers, restaurant waiters, chefs, souvenir sellers, Macau safety assistants and other occupations. It is exciting to look forward to what interesting jokes the guests will burst out in different professional experiences in each episode.

On the one hand, the novel professional experience ensures that the content of each episode is refreshing and has enough rich and interesting content. On the other hand, through different professional identities, the audience can better understand various aspects of Macao’s social ecology and local characteristics from different perspectives. Relevant industries are deeply linked to the 70th Macau Grand Prix, the Symphony of Lights on Haojiang Light Festival, the Taste of Macau Tour – Five Cities Gathering and other activities that are currently in full swing in Macau. Through the guests’ personal experience, the audience can gain a more immersive and immersive understanding of Macao’s special events.

Official departments provide guidance to deeply explore the “sense of business” and continue to promote the cultural and tourism construction of the Greater Bay Area

“Macau is Open·Macau Food Activities Experience Special” is directed and broadcast by the Macau SAR Government Tourism Office. At the beginning of the project, the program was determined to focus on “business sense”, starting from professional experience, focusing on the unknown stories behind various industries, paying attention to life and work topics that everyone resonates with, and creating a three-dimensional and warm “career transformation” remember”.

By creating an innovative micro-variety show that integrates food, interaction, popular science, and culture, the program deepens cooperation and exchanges between the mainland and Macao, highlights the charm of cultural heritage, presents a beautiful picture of charming Macao, and supports the development of Macao’s cultural tourism with the power of the program , to add color and help to strengthen the cultural and tourism construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Through the dissemination and offline display of this program, the world can learn about China and Macao, and the charm of Chinese cities can be presented, thereby attracting more tourists to participate, and allowing viewers to “immerse” experience local attractions, food and tourism highlights.

Activities and Food Visits + Career Experience The variety show

The Damangqing variety show “Macau is open for business·Macau Food Event Experience Special” will be launched on Mango TV on November 20. There will be a total of 9 episodes, each episode is 15 minutes, so stay tuned!

Activities and Food Visits + Career Experience The variety show


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