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Beijing Fengtai education experts help high-quality development of secondary vocational education in Zhaqi, Inner


From September 18th to 19th, Li Yu, deputy director of the Fengtai District Education Committee in Beijing, member of the Expert Advisory Committee for the “Group-style” Assistance of Educational Talents in Key National Rural Revitalization Counties, and Secretary and Principal of Fengtai District Vocational and Adult Education Group Under the leadership of Zhao Aiqin, an 8-member team of education assistance experts from Fengtai District, Beijing, visited Zhalaite Banner Secondary Vocational School in Xing’an League, Inner Mongolia to conduct research, guidance and docking assistance work. This educational assistance activity was carried out in the form of on-site inspections, discussions and exchanges, special reports, situation reports, and project docking.

Guo Xiaoxiong, member of the party group and chief inspector of the Xing’an League Education Bureau, Yang Shuo, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhalaite Banner Banner Committee and deputy flag chief (temporary post), Zheng Jinling, the deputy flag chief, Meng Fanyu, chief of the vocational education section of the Xing’an League Education Bureau, Zhalaite Banner Education Bi Zhanguo, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Bureau, Liu Chenglong, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director, Jiang Yongqiang, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Agency, etc. participated in the research and discussion.

During the discussion between the expert team and the Zhalaite Banner Committee, Banner Committee, Government and Education Bureau, Liu Chenglong introduced the basic overview of the educational development of Zalaite Banner. In view of the increasing number of students and the expanding scale of Zhalaite Banner secondary vocational schools, Liu Chenglong Trends, he proposed the idea of ​​intensifying connotation construction and closely following the regional development and construction of majors and cultivating high-quality technical and technical talents; the “group-type” assistance mechanism should be used to continuously improve the quality of running schools in Zhaqi secondary vocational schools.

Zhao Aiqin introduced the relevant measures and basic situation of counterpart assistance for Beijing Fengzhi and Zhaqi Secondary Vocational Schools, and fully affirmed the good development trend of Zhaqi Secondary Vocational Schools. She pointed out that over the past year of cooperation, the two schools have made in-depth docking efforts in establishing a collaboration mechanism, conducting teaching diagnosis, building a Beijing-Xiongan-Mongolian competition platform, organizing teachers to go to Beijing for training, conducting research on professional iterative construction, and selecting cadres and teachers to support teaching. Both parties learn from each other, collaborate and exchange frequently, and the work results are very obvious.

Li Yu introduced the development of education reform in Fengtai District under the new situation, as well as the coordination and function of Fengtai vocational education and regional economic and social development. He emphasized that Fengtai will give full play to the leadership of vocational schools in accordance with the requirements of the “Head Goose Plan” program for vocational education of the District Committee and District Government. The role and radiation function are to join hands with Zhaqi secondary vocational schools for common development in the assistance work in Beijing and Mongolia.

Yang Shuo proposed that vocational education should closely focus on the local economic and social development strategic positioning needs to plan professional construction, and Zhalaite Banner should combine the needs of modern agriculture, tourism service industry, etc. to carry out professional talent training and promote school construction and upgrading; deepen the cooperation mechanism between Beijing and Mongolia, To build the “Fenglai” education brand, we hope that the team of assistance experts will establish a long-term and short-term assistance mechanism to provide suggestions for the high-quality development of vocational education in Zhalaite Banner, provide higher levels and more ways of assistance for the construction of the teaching staff, and provide Students build a platform for mutual visits, mutual learning, and skill competitions. At the same time, Zhaqi secondary vocational schools should carry out student graduation tracking services, widely publicize graduates’ models for further education, employment, and entrepreneurship, and enhance the school’s reputation and influence.

At the meeting, Fengtai District Vocational and Adult Education Group and Zhalaite Banner Secondary Vocational School jointly signed the 2023 “Hand-in-Hand” Education Support Cooperation Agreement.

On the 19th, a team of assistance experts inspected the campus environment, professional construction, training room construction, education and teaching of Zhalaite Banner Secondary Vocational School on the spot, and reviewed the school’s campus environment construction, improvement of internship training conditions, and education and teaching work in recent years. The improvement results were highly praised.


In the ensuing discussion on the support and docking between Fengzhong and Zhaqi secondary vocational schools, Principal Sun Feng, who was sent by Fengzhong to Zhaqi secondary vocational schools through education “group-style” assistance, said that “Beijing and Mongolia join hands to write a new chapter in the development of vocational education.” As the title, it comprehensively summarizes the school’s experience in running schools and development characteristics from adhering to party building as a guide, adhering to quality school establishment, adhering to the integration of industry and education, adhering to talent-based education, and adhering to service development. At the same time, he pointed out that the school has problems and difficulties in the construction of teaching staff, teaching resource conditions, and the integration of industry and education in school-enterprise education. He said that it is necessary to make good use of Beijing-Mongolia cooperation and group assistance mechanisms to clarify high-quality development goals and tasks, and strive to improve School running conditions, building high-level teachers, innovating talent training models, creating high-quality teaching resources, deepening the integration of industry and education, and improving service levels will push the school to continuously reach new heights in the new era.

The leaders of both parties conducted in-depth discussions on the training of cadres and teachers, students going to Beijing for training, students’ further education and employment, reform and innovation of teaching models, and support for Zhaqi secondary vocational schools to improve school running conditions, and reached an implementation docking plan.

Zhang Yao, the accompanying expert and director of the School Scientific Research Supervision Office of Fengtai District Vocational Education Center, gave a special lecture to all full-time teachers on “How to Carry Out Good School Teaching and Research Work”.

Wang Qian and Li Jia, the award-winning teachers from the Fengtai District Vocational Education Center School who participated in the national competition, showed all the teachers the national competition projects they participated in, and went deep into the national competition preparation team of the flag secondary vocational child care and nursing majors to provide professional services to the participating teachers. guide.

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The guidance and docking of the Beijing-Mongolia Cooperation Fengtai District’s “group-style” support education expert team has provided guidance, diagnosis, and empowerment for the high-quality development of Zhalaite Banner secondary vocational schools, integrating advanced school-running concepts, development experience, and distinctive practices. Contribution from the reservation area has demonstrated the “power of Fengtai” in the development of Zhalaite Banner secondary vocational schools. In the future, the two schools will work together and work together to write a new chapter in the high-quality development of Zhalaite Banner secondary vocational schools and the cooperative development of Beijing-Mongolia education. (Guangming Daily all-media reporter Chen Xu)

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