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These three “CIIE stories” today will also be the CIIE stories of more companies tomorrow.


On November 5, 2023, the 6th China International Import Expo opened in Shanghai. For six consecutive years, the “four-leaf clover” along the Huangpu River has once again become the focus of global attention.

At the opening ceremony, Premier Li Qiang shared several specific “CIIE stories” with Chinese and foreign guests. An article published by Liberation Daily today describes these three stories: In 2018, an American essential oil company came to the CIIE with the mentality of testing the waters. Unexpectedly, it received an order of 380 million yuan. Since then, the purchase amount has also climbed to 1 billion yuan. . In 2020, an Afghan young man participated in the CIIE for the first time with a handmade wool carpet and received 2,000 orders. The CIIE has improved the living conditions of thousands of Afghan families. In 2022, a Japanese pharmaceutical company came to the CIIE with a new drug to treat rare diseases of the digestive system, and entered Boao’s medical institutions in just a few months.

These are three touching and inspiring stories. The stage of the CIIE has become a shared development opportunity, and guests from all over the world have played a new chapter in jointly promoting prosperity and progress.

Since the first CIIE, there have been too many vivid “CIIE stories” worth writing, recording and presenting on and off the stage on this global stage.

In June 2022, the “My CIIE Story” global collection special planning event sponsored by the China International Import Expo Bureau and the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) was officially launched; in May this year, the “CIIE Story” global collection event was launched again. As of November 5, a total of about 160 issues of “CIIE Stories” have been published in the two years, with a total of 23,000 relevant media reports and other information, and a total dissemination volume of nearly 1.2 billion times. The above three stories are also included in the “CIIE Stories” series and have been widely disseminated.

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Fundamentally, the reason why the “CIIE Story” has attracted widespread attention is because the huge influence of the Chinese market has been tested and confirmed through the CIIE. One of the most intuitive manifestations is that many small businesses have gradually grown and developed along with the CIIE, and there are more than 200 companies that have always followed the CIIE. The American essential oil company doTERRA in the above three stories is one of them.

Mai Owen, president of doTERRA China, said that at the first CIIE, there was only a 9-square-meter booth, and later it was expanded to 200 square meters. The expansion not only expanded the booth area, but also the confidence in the CIIE and the Chinese market.

DoTERRA’s booth at the first CIIE was a 9 square meter “standard booth”.Photo courtesy doTERRA China

DoTERRA exhibition area at the 6th China International Import Expo.Photo by The Paper reporter Li Jiawei

Through the boost of the CIIE, doTERRA China has tasted real “sweetness”, and the Chinese market has become the company’s largest business market in the world outside the United States. In November 2022, just after the fifth CIIE, doTERRA’s world’s first overseas R&D center was also established in China to enhance the diversification of R&D capabilities, promote the comprehensive utilization of China’s native aromatic plants, and try to bring more Chinese native aromatic plants to the market. Raw materials are introduced to the world.

On November 5, 2023, after hearing President Xi Jinping’s letter to the 6th China International Import Expo and Premier Li Qiang’s keynote speech at the opening ceremony, doTERRA China Vice President Guo Jie couldn’t conceal his excitement.

“I didn’t believe my ears at first, but after I confirmed that it was our company, I felt proud. When the news came back to the company, all employees in the company were excited!” said Guo Jie, the founder of doTERRA in the US headquarters. , global CEO Corey Lindley also sent a congratulatory email after hearing the good news, saying that he would continue to strongly support the development of business in China.

Mai Owen also once again expressed his confidence in the business in China. He said that in the past few years, doTERRA has taken advantage of the CIIE and continued to grow and develop. He is very grateful to various departments for their support on the development path of doTERRA. He also made a bold statement: “By 2030, doTERRA’s Chinese market will surpass the United States and become the world’s number one.”

Today, in the huge National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), there are many confident companies similar to doTERRA, and stories of win-win cooperation are constantly unfolding.

The 6th China International Import Expo attracted guests from 154 countries, regions and international organizations, and more than 3,400 companies from 128 countries participated in the exhibition. Not only did the exhibition area hit a new high, but the world’s top 500 companies, industry leading companies and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises participated in the exhibition. , the number is the highest ever. The “stickiness” of China Expo is getting stronger and stronger, and the “circle of China Expo friends” is getting bigger and bigger.

One after another “CIIE stories” of openness, cooperation, innovation, and win-win are also vivid reflections of China’s determination to promote high-level opening up, turning China’s big market into a shared big market for the world, and turning China’s new development into new opportunities for the world.

Today’s three “CIIE stories” will also be the CIIE stories of more companies tomorrow.

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