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Mao Weiming attended the 7th Hunan Provincial Women and Children’s Work Conference: Do a good job with sincerity and sincerity – Huasheng Online


Mao Weiming emphasized at the Seventh Hunan Provincial Women and Children Work Conference

Do a good job with heart and affection and give with sincerity and sincerity

Huasheng Online reported on November 14 (all media reporters Sun Minjian and Huang Xinran) On the morning of the 14th, the Seventh Hunan Provincial Women and Children’s Work Conference was held in Changsha. Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor Mao Weiming emphasized at the meeting that we must thoroughly understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on women and children’s work, and implement the spirit of the Seventh National Conference on Women and Children’s Work.Do it with heart and affection,Paying sincerely and sincerely will make women and children’s rights more protected, life more colorful, and life happier, and we will fully promote the high-quality development of women and children’s undertakings.

(On the morning of November 14, the Seventh Hunan Provincial Working Conference on Women and Children was held in Changsha. Mao Weiming, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor of the Provincial Committee, attended and delivered a speech.)

Vice Governor Qin Guowen presided over the meeting, and Qu Hai, Secretary-General of the Provincial Government, participated.

Mao Weiming pointed out that women hold up “half the sky” and children are the future and hope for the development of the nation and the country. In recent years, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have attached great importance to the development of women’s and children’s undertakings, and have thoroughly implemented the basic national policy of gender equality and the principle of giving priority to children. The education level of women and children has continued to improve, and the women’s and children’s health service system covering both urban and rural areas has been increasingly improved. Women’s social security and children’s health services have been continuously improved. Welfare levels have been significantly improved. Currently, women account for 70%, 75.8%, and 39.4% of all school faculty, medical staff, and scientific and technological workers in various schools in the province. There are 14.595 million minors in the province, and the gross enrollment rate of preschool education is It has increased to 95.21%, and the nine-year compulsory education consolidation rate has stabilized at over 98%.

(meeting venue.)

Mao Weiming emphasized that it is necessary tohold firmlyThe contemporary themes of the women’s movement,hold firmlyThe basic principle of giving priority to children,hold firmlyThe practical requirements for the construction of family tutoring and family tradition are to implement the new round of women and children’s development plan as the starting point, to deploy, promote and implement the cause of women and children at the same time as high-quality development, and strive to make the rights and interests of women and children more secure and their lives more fulfilling. Brilliant and happier life.strive forBy 2025,Municipal maternal and child health care institutions in the province basically meet the third-level standard, and more than 80% of county-level maternal and child health care institutions meet the second-level standard. The number of beds per 1,000 children has increased to 2.8, and the proportion of women with scientific literacy has reached 10%.

Mao Weiming said that to fully promote the high-quality development of women and children’s undertakings, we must focus on four aspects of work.Make every effort to promote the all-round development of women.Deeply implement the “Women’s Employment and Entrepreneurship Promotion Action” to improve women’s health, strengthen women’s life-cycle health management and comprehensive prevention and treatment of diseases that are high in women, ensure women’s right to participate in decision-making and management, and improve institutional channels for women to exercise their democratic rights and equally participate in decision-making and management. , to promote outstanding women from all walks of life to stand out and make contributions.Efforts will be made to implement the priority development of children.Prioritize the development of children’s education, accelerate the integration of urban and rural compulsory education, promote educational equity, and improve the quality of education; prioritize the protection of children’s health, improve the birth defect prevention and treatment system, strengthen the training of pediatricians, and ensure children’s medication; prioritize the expansion of children’s welfare, improve left-behind children, Assistance and assistance policies for children in need, orphans, and de facto unsupported children.Strong support for family construction.Improve childbirth support policies with more practical measures, establish and improve the social sharing mechanism of childbirth costs, and effectively reduce the burden of childbearing, parenting, and education on families; improve public service capabilities in newer ways, improve the inclusive childcare service system, and expand childcare through multiple channels Service supply; make greater efforts to promote good family education and family traditions, give full play to women’s unique role in family life, and pass on the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation from generation to generation.Strongly protect the rights and interests of women and children.Build a solid legal barrier with full coverage, do a good job in the implementation and publicity and education of relevant laws, and improve the ability of women and children to use legal weapons to protect their own rights and interests; zero tolerance to crack down on crimes of infringement, and severely punish domestic violence, sexual assault, abduction and trafficking of women and children and other illegal crimes behavior; take multiple measures to strengthen network protection, strengthen cyberspace governance in accordance with the law, and create a clear and clean network environment.

Mao Weiming emphasized that all levels and departments mustImplement work responsibilities, integrate resources from all parties, and create a good environment,In order to promote the majority of women to be at the forefront of the times and the majority of children to thrive, we must work together for development.


(Mao Weiming and others presented awards to the commended representatives.)

At the meeting, a group of advanced collectives and individuals in our province for implementing the National Outline for the Development of Women and Children were also commended. 4 collectives and 8 individuals were commended.

Picture/Photo taken by Huasheng Online all-media reporter Liu Shangwen

(First trial: Jiang Jun Second trial: Wang Yaqi Third trial: Yu Zhenhua)

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