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A group photo of the main guests at the opening ceremony of the “2023 Taiwan Pastry Festival”. Fifth from the left: Director Ding Wei of the Trade and Service Office in the United States, sixth from the left: Director Cai Xiuzhen of the International Trade Association of the Republic of China, fourth from the left: General Manager Xian Jian of Hele Company Meidong, first from the left: Bai Yuqing, President of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce. (Photography: Shu Xin/Look at China)
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[Look at China News on November 14, 2023](Look at China New York Business News) “2023Taiwan Cake Festival“On November 10th atNew YorkSkyview Shopping Center Changfa Supermarket (SKY FOODS) grandly opened.
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This year is the second “Pastry Festival” held in New York, attracting a large number of New Yorkers to actively participate, taste and purchase. Among the dazzling array of delicious pastries, Taiwanese specialty dessert pastries such as egg yolk cakes, sun cakes, layer cakes, cube cakes, raw milk rolls, twist rolls, etc. are very popular.

The “2023 Taiwan Cake Festival” is hosted by the Foreign Trade Development Association of the Republic of China and has strong support from Well Luck Co., Inc., which represents many Taiwanese food brands in the United States.

On that day, the opening ceremony attracted many important guests, including: Director Ding Wei of the Investment and Trade Service Office in the United States, Director Cai Xiuzhen of the Foreign Trade Development Association of the Republic of China, representatives of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, the Taiwan Youth Chamber of Commerce, and the World Chinese Business Women Association, and Mr. Wang, the person in charge of Changfa Supermarket Group, witnessed the grand opening of this event.

Ding Wei, director of the Investment and Trade Service Office in the United States, said in his speech that this is the second year that the Ministry of Economic Affairs has cooperated with the Trade Association to promote Taiwanese food globally, called the “Taiwan Food Theme Festival” series of activities. This time, we specially cooperated with Hele Company, Changfa Corporation is jointly held in New York. Taiwan has inherited Chinese culture and has developed some cakes and cakes from mainland China, producing more different flavors. In addition to the well-known pineapple cakes, there are also sun cakes, Fujian cakes, mung bean cakes, and mung bean cakes. The glutinous rice balls, especially the mung bean glutinous rice balls, taste very special and very good. Compared with last year, more varieties of cakes and cakes have been introduced this year, such as twist rolls, square cakes, etc. Taiwan’s cakes are constantly evolving. , constantly developing new products, hoping to bring Taiwan’s best pastries to all citizens of Greater New York in the future.

Ding Wei, director of the Investment and Trade Service Office in the United States, delivered a speech. (Photography: Shu Xin/Look at China)

Cai Xiuzhen, Director of the Foreign Trade Development Association of the Republic of China, also said in her speech that this is the second time to participate in the Taiwan Pastry Festival, and it feels even more exciting because this year it is held in a supermarket, and the whole atmosphere and aura are bigger. A lot… Later, Director Cai recommended the Taipei Food Exhibition to everyone – in Nangang, Taipei, there will be more than 1,000 manufacturers and more than 2,000 stalls displaying all foods at the same time, and there will be 12,000 people on site every day There are so many customers, what a grand scene! So I hope everyone will have the opportunity to go and see it. The Foreign Trade Association can help you arrange to go back to Taiwan to see the food exhibition. In addition, Director Cai also emphasized that she will cooperate with Hele Company every year in the future. She hopes that everyone will ask for what they want to eat, and will help Hele Company import it in the future… She also said that the day’s event is the most important among all food activities. The successful one said, “I hope everyone can go to this supermarket to participate in this event every year, and then go back to Taiwan every year to see the Taiwan Food Exhibition.” Next year’s food expo will be in June 2024.

Xian Jian, General Manager of Hele Company’s East Coast Region, expressed his gratitude and commitment to everyone: “After the 2022 Taiwan Pastry Festival, the Taiwanese pastries represented by our company have become popular on the East Coast. Not only popular on the East Coast, but also in other countries.” Several places, such as Atlanta, Houston and the West Coast, are very popular. After the Pastry Festival, the Taiwanese pastries we represented were also sold into Japanese supermarket chains. Therefore, we are very grateful to Director Ding and Director Cai for giving us this opportunity to serve everyone. We As a food wholesaler and agent with 40 years of experience, we will strictly control every check for everyone and ensure that every product we import is legal and compliant. Today we held many events at Changfa Supermarket We have tried food tastings and offered deep and deep discounts, so I hope everyone will be happy to buy, eat with confidence, and have fun buying! In the future, we also hope to discover some unique and local foods so that the American public can have them. More opportunities to try different options. More people came (to the event) this year (than last year), the atmosphere was better, and sales were better this year than last year. Meanwhile, in other places, there was also a wave of enthusiasm for Taiwanese pastries. The climax of (love), so we are also very happy. This event can drive sales in other regions, so this is also very good. Currently, some Taiwanese pastries are sold in all (Chinese) supermarkets.”

“2023 Taiwan Pastry Festival” logo (provided by the merchant)

At the event site, the public was able to experience Chen Yunbaoquan’s series of snacks that combine Japanese wagashi and Taiwanese Hancake techniques, as well as Target’s layer cake that combines French, Japanese and Taiwanese special elements, as well as improved and innovative traditional sesame cakes. The store’s square cakes are made from Hesu cakes, the special Fu-flavored twist rolls from Xiaoliuqiu, and the mung bean glutinous rice balls co-branded by Guiguan Foods and Jiu Zhennan, a century-old pastry store. These pastries represent the classic delicacies of Taiwan’s pastry industry, embodying Taiwan’s traditional inheritance, harmonious integration, and continuous innovative pastry spirit.

Cakes have a special symbolic meaning in Chinese culture. They are not only a kind of snack, but also a symbol and symbol of traditional Chinese culture. In celebrations of life, festive moments and festival reunions, people give and taste cakes to each other, which conveys The smell of humanity and happiness.

A dazzling array of Taiwanese specialty cakes were displayed at the
A dazzling array of Taiwanese specialty cakes were displayed at the “2023 Taiwan Pastry Festival” event. (Photography: Shu Xin/Look at China)

This event was cleverly combined with the Double 11 (i.e., November 11) shopping promotion. On-site participants not only had the opportunity to taste Taiwan’s exquisite pastries, but also felt the strong Taiwanese customs and alleviated their nostalgia for their hometown. miss. At the same time, people of other ethnic groups can also taste the charm of Taiwan’s food and culture. Cakes from Chen Yunbaoquan, Target, Zhuangjia, Fuwei and other brands can be purchased in major Asian supermarkets and online stores. To celebrate the opening of the event, Hele Company has teamed up with a number of supermarkets and e-commerce companies to launch a series of Taiwanese pastry promotions. Everyone is welcome to buy and taste them.

Recommended Taiwanese specialty delicious cakes:

Target rock-fired layer cake
Target rock-fired layer cake (provided by the merchant)

◎Target Rock Grilled Layer Cake (Touched)

Target’s rock-yaki layer cake is a combination of the essence of traditional French snacks “crepes” and exquisite Japanese desserts. The meaning of “rock roasting” is that each egg skin is carefully fried under controlled heat and has beautiful golden tiger skin patterns. In addition to fresh cream, the fillings also include mango jam, strawberry and other fresh fruits, or matcha, taro paste, etc., with a total of 7 flavors. Target also innovatively put elements of hand-cranked beverages such as Taiwan’s classic brown sugar cream milk, Earl Gray milk tea and red bean milk into the layer cake.

This layer cake is definitely comparable to the most popular Lady M layer cake in New York. It is low in calories and sugar and has a delicate and mellow taste, sweet but not greasy. It is a gourmet classic and is the first choice for those who love sweets and health. The best product.

Banker's cube cake (provided by merchant)
Banker’s cube cake (provided by merchant)

◎Square Cookies

Zhuangjia Square Crispy is a famous biscuit product in Chiayi City, Taiwan. It is named after combining traditional Chinese pancake making with shortbread and changing the shape into a square. It has now become a well-known souvenir in Taiwan. For more than 30 years, we have insisted on local production and local flavor. 100% handmade, following the traditional craftsmanship of ancient times, baking at low temperature, folding layer by layer and then folding again, so that the crispy layers are doubled, two layers become four layers, four layers become eight layers, and eight layers become sixteen layers. The layers are like magic, the crispy fragrance is hidden in the small squares, and the golden color makes the fragrance of noodles and wheat intersect in the mouth, leaving a fragrance on the teeth and cheeks.

Banker's cube cake (provided by merchant)
Banker’s cube cake (provided by merchant)

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