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Public welfare sports lottery provides guidance and motivation for the vigorous development of Zhejiang’s sports


Friends who are familiar with sports know that there is a saying in the sports system: “Sports lottery is the lifeline of sports.” As a national public welfare lottery, how does the sports lottery adhere to the issuance purpose of “from the people, for the people” and provide guidance and motivation for the development of social welfare undertakings and sports undertakings?

A few days ago, reporters followed the National Sports Lottery Center’s “Gathering Micro-Public Welfare to Add Color to the New Journey” series of publicity and reporting activities on outstanding sports lottery public welfare projects, and visited Taizhou, Lishui, Hangzhou and other places in Zhejiang to explore public welfare stories in which sports lottery public welfare funds help sports development and people’s common prosperity.

Competitive sports have achieved fruitful results

Karate, Taekwondo, Sanda, Wenwulong… Walking into Tiantai Wenwu Vocational and Technical School, a group of energetic young people are sweating and practicing their skills under the leadership of coaches.

The picture shows students from Tiantai Wenwu Vocational and Technical School training

As a school with traditional martial arts programs, Tiantai Wenwu Vocational and Technical School is located in a small county town, but it is well-known. More than 1,000 students from the school have won gold medals and medals in various competitions at home and abroad. From 2019 to 2023, 26 people have won the title of “National-level Sports Athletes” and more than 100 people have won the title of “National First-Class Athletes” With the title of “Level 2 Athlete”, he has sent 12 members to the national karate team. At the just-concluded Hangzhou Asian Games, Li Qiaoqiao, a student from the school, won the women’s -68kg gold medal in the karate competition.

“We hope to be like Senior Sister Li Qiaoqiao and bring glory to the country and the school.” Xie Yu, one of the school’s “national athletes” and now studying at Beijing Sport University, told reporters excitedly. Looking back on the days of studying and training in school, Xie Yu couldn’t help but sigh: “In the past, there were not many opportunities to participate in competitions. Now, not only can we participate in domestic and foreign competitions, but all aspects of the school’s settings are constantly updated and optimized, which provides a strong guarantee for us to improve our performance.”

Hong Junwu, head coach of the karate team of Tiantai Wenwu Vocational and Technical School, said that all these changes are inseparable from the strong support of the Sports Lottery Charity Fund. Since 2017, the Sports Lottery Charity Fund has provided a total of more than 3 million yuan to the school. The school’s sports fields, training halls, dormitory restaurants, equipment and other hardware conditions have been optimized and upgraded. The coaching level and team support have been significantly improved.

There are also more and more opportunities to participate in domestic and foreign competitions to accumulate practical experience.

In addition to providing strong support for athletes in preparing for competitions, purchasing training equipment, and constructing training venues, Wang Zhenzhang, Secretary and Director of the Party Branch of the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Lottery Management Center, said that Zhejiang Sports Lottery has also long-term support for men’s volleyball, Go, sailing, tennis, badminton, The development of swimming, shooting sports, dragon boating, track and field and other sports in Zhejiang supports the development of various sports events. At the Hangzhou Asian Games, athletes from Zhejiang Province won a total of 51 gold medals, 21 silver medals and 8 bronze medals, creating the best results in Zhejiang’s Asian Games history.

The picture shows the clouds and terraced fields in Lishui

Rural revitalization is booming

In early November, the Lishui clouds and terraced fields, the gentle breeze and pleasant scenery, and the golden rice fields attract tourists from all over the country.

“This picture was unimaginable before!” Ye Guoping, deputy director of the Meiyuan Village Committee, told reporters that in the past, mushroom sheds were built randomly in the village and mushroom sticks were randomly discarded on the ground. Outsiders often joke: “Before entering the village, the pungent smell of mushroom sticks in the distance means that Meiyuan Village has arrived.”

In order to promote industrial upgrading and improve the appearance of the village, Yunhe County, through the lottery public welfare fund project, relies on the urban spatial layout of “one city, one lake, one terrace” and the advantages of mountainous water resources, focusing on creating triathlons, national paddleboard open competitions, and terraced cross-country races. and other high-quality sports events; around natural landforms such as terraces and Yunhe Lake, mountain and water sports are planned according to local conditions.

“These endless events have attracted contestants and tourists from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou and other places. Our villagers near the scenic spots have seen more tourists staying and have opened farmhouses, B&Bs and local product sales points. It has brought great benefits to the village.” Ye Guoping said.

Nowadays, the influence and popularity of sports in Yunhe County continue to expand, which not only promotes the recovery of the tourism market, but also stimulates the development of local industries. It is understood that there are currently 175 homestays (farmhouses) around the Yunhe Terraces Scenic Area, with an average annual turnover of more than 200,000 yuan per household; there are more than 130 catering service companies, directly creating employment for more than 5,000 people; during the “May Day” period in 2023 , the revenue of the terraced scenic spot exceeded 18 million yuan.

“‘From the people, for the people’ is the purpose we have always adhered to.” Wang Zhenzhang said that this is just a microcosm of Zhejiang’s promotion of beautiful rural construction. In order to stimulate the vitality of Zhejiang’s common prosperity, relying on the lottery carrier in the future, a series of A series of policy measures have assisted the high-quality development of 26 counties in mountainous areas of Zhejiang.

Public welfare sports lottery provides guidance and motivation for the vigorous development of Zhejiang's sports industry

The picture shows Sports Lottery Little Star Theme Park

National fitness craze is surging

After the Asian Games, Zhejiang saw a nationwide fitness craze. In parks, basketball courts, and national fitness centers, citizens exercising and exercising can be seen everywhere.

Fengcai Sports Park, located in Linping District, Hangzhou, has become a new internet celebrity check-in spot in the east of the city because of its unique “guitar” shape and colorful colors. But who would have imagined that three years ago this place was still dirty and overgrown with weeds, and even nearby residents began to grow vegetables here.

In order to meet the growing sports and fitness needs of the surrounding people, a new stadium was built. Among them, the sports lottery public welfare fund plans to invest 500,000 yuan for the operation and maintenance management and facility maintenance of the sports park. The stadium is equipped with 4 half-court basketball courts, 1 children’s basketball, 2 badmintons, 1 inflatable volleyball, 1 three-person football, 1 tennis wall, as well as other children’s play areas, leisure areas, etc., for surrounding children and There are venues for walking, jogging, fitness and other activities for young and middle-aged people.

According to the relevant person in charge, more than 1,000 people come to play sports every day. What was once a barren land has suddenly become a “playground” that people will never forget. It seems that a large network of national fitness has been woven to support people’s healthy and happy life. The surrounding residents are smiling from ear to ear. “In the past, you could only play with your grandchildren at home or far away. Now you can play outside the gate of the community. It’s safe and fun.” said an old man living nearby.

With the support of the Sports Lottery Charity Fund, mass sports in Zhejiang Province are now booming. Wang Zhenzhang introduced that from 2020 to 2022, the province will build 4,578 new sports parks, football fields, people’s gyms and other grassroots sports facilities. The province’s per capita sports venue area will increase to 2.79 square meters, and the proportion of people who regularly participate in physical exercise will increase to 43.4 % (ranking second among all provinces and cities), and the national physical fitness passing rate increased to 94.2% (ranking first among all provinces and cities).

“From 3,713.9463 million yuan in sports lottery charity funds raised in 2020, to 4,478.221 million yuan in 2021, and to 5,446.242 million yuan in 2022.” Wang Zhenzhang said that in the past three years, Zhejiang Sports Lottery has raised more than 57.2 billion yuan in public welfare funds for the country, which is widely used To support various expenditures for sports and public welfare undertakings. This has effectively promoted the high-quality development of sports lottery in Zhejiang Province, contributed solid force to the construction of Zhejiang Province as a strong sports province and a demonstration area for common prosperity, and accumulated valuable “Zhejiang experience” for the high-quality development of sports lottery. (Reporter Liu Xiyao)

Photo courtesy of the Sports Lottery Center of the State Sports General Administration

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