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Beijing data infrastructure pilot zone starts operation

Beijing data infrastructure pilot zone starts operation
Beijing data infrastructure pilot zone starts operation

Our reporter Cao Zheng

On November 10, the Beijing Data Infrastructure System Pilot Zone was launched. The pilot area will focus on piloting and demonstrating 10 policies and measures implemented by the country and this city, establish a pilot trial mechanism in accordance with new regulatory methods that adapt to data elements and digital economy characteristics, and accelerate the construction of a comprehensive reform experimental field for data basic systems and a data element cluster area.

  The pilot area creates a comprehensive reform experimental field

In recent years, the city has made bold explorations and innovative breakthroughs in data asset registration, evaluation, listing, trading, financing and judicial protection. Beijing’s data element market ecology has formed a complete chain. In the first three quarters of this year, the city’s digital economy achieved an added value of 1.406 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.3% based on current prices, accounting for 44.3% of the regional GDP.

The pilot area will continue to explore the data infrastructure system. “The pilot zone will establish a pilot pilot mechanism in accordance with the new supervision method that adapts to the characteristics of data elements and the digital economy, and accelerate the construction of a comprehensive reform experimental field for the data basic system and a data element cluster area.” Jiang Guangzhi, director of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, said that the overall planned area of ​​the pilot zone 68 square kilometers, there are 18 industrial parks related to data elements, including 45,700 market entities, more than 30 key enterprises in the data element category, and an industrial usable area of ​​2.617 million square meters.

From the perspective of functional layout, the pilot area will build a data pilot area management service center in Beitou Taihu Industrial Park; build an intelligent computing center, data training base, etc. in Xinchuang Park; and layout in performing arts town book city renovation projects and other places. Data headquarters base, including financial data area, cultural tourism data area, etc.

 Centralized pilot demonstration of ten policy measures

Based on the “Data Twenty Articles” of the country and this city, the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau also launched the “Beijing Data Basic System Pioneer Area Policy List”, with a total of 10 items. It focuses on pilot demonstrations and implementation of relevant national and city policies and measures to create a policy for the whole city. A comprehensive model for the market-oriented allocation reform of data elements, and then promote the replication of successful experiences and practices.

“The distinctive feature of the policy list is that it will be implemented first and piloted, focusing on market entities within the data pioneer area, and taking the lead in enjoying policy dividends and related public services such as compliance realization of data value and efficient matching of data supply and demand.” Jiang Guangzhi said.

The reporter learned that the pilot zone will explore the model of incorporating the data assets of municipal state-owned enterprises into the state-owned asset value preservation and appreciation mechanism; the data pilot zone will introduce data anonymization and de-identification technical processing procedures, and will use security technology to anonymize and de-identify data. Large-scale data sets desensitized such as identification can be used in large-scale artificial intelligence model training, scientific and technological research, clinical medical and new drug research and development, and data product research and development in the public service field without violating relevant national laws and regulations. If the source of the relevant data content raises objections, it will be deleted or compensated through appropriate negotiation; for activities such as the first registration, first transaction, first entry into the table, and first opening of data assets, the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau will use high-tech support funds to provide policies support.

  The scale of the data industry will exceed 50 billion yuan in 2025

On the 10th, a series of data service windows including the Beijing Data Infrastructure Pioneer Zone Construction Office officially settled in the Data Pioneer Zone. 10 data element market entities including Capital Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing International Computing Power Services Co., Ltd. have taken the lead in the Data Pioneer Zone. District landing.

This is just the first step taken by the pilot zone. This year is the construction and cultivation period of the pilot zone, and the construction and technical verification of major projects (phase one) of the data pilot zone will be carried out; from 2024 to 2025 is the operation and promotion period, the construction of major projects (phases two and three) will be carried out, and the construction culture Special zones for data such as tourism and finance will be built, data asset registration and custody platforms will be completed, data asset assessment pilots will be carried out, the construction of data industry bases will be accelerated, and data element-based enterprises will be promoted to attract investment; 2026 to 2030 will be the leading development period, which will form a national data The industrial highland effect sets a benchmark for the circulation of data elements across the country.

According to the plan, by 2025, the pilot zone will basically form the Beijing data infrastructure system pilot zone framework system, the total amount of high-value data assets gathered will reach 80PB, the data transaction volume will reach 5 billion yuan, and the data industry scale will exceed 50 billion yuan; by 2030 , fully build the Beijing Data Infrastructure Pioneer Zone, and create a policy highland, trusted space and data factory for the market-oriented allocation of data elements.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau said that with the launch of the Beijing Data Basic System Pilot Zone, the city will keep pace with the times and adjust production relations that are compatible with the development of digital productivity, and explore the construction of data that is conducive to data security protection, effective utilization, The property rights system and market system of compliance and circulation will cultivate, develop and expand the data element market, and promote the high-quality development of Beijing’s digital economy.

(Editors: Dong Zhaorui, Gao Xing)

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