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Make persistent efforts to do a good job in post-disaster recovery and reconstruction – General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the post-disaster recovery and reconstruction work in Beijing and Hebei, which triggered a warm response from the broad masses of cadres and the


  CCTV news(News Network): When inspecting post-disaster recovery and reconstruction work in Beijing and Hebei, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that party committees and governments at all levels and all relevant parties must conscientiously implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, make persistent efforts to do a good job in post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, and ensure that the broad masses of the people live and work in peace and contentment. , warm winter. The general secretary’s deep concern and earnest entrustment made the cadres and the masses in the disaster-stricken areas feel warm and inspired. Everyone said that they should strengthen their confidence and go all out to build a better homeland.

Yongding River Sanjiadian Water Diversion Hub is a control project in the Guantingshan Gorge section of Yongding River. General Secretary Xi Jinping came here as the first stop of his inspection tour to learn about the progress of post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, and asked Beijing to effectively improve its ability to prevent and resist floods in mountainous areas.

Miaofengshan Nationality School is adjacent to the Yongding River and has high terrain. It has become a “safety island” for villagers to take emergency refuge during this year’s flood season. In this ideological and political class classroom, the students showed the General Secretary a handicraft with the theme of flood relief and disaster relief. The teacher took everyone to knead it out of colored clay and called it “Beautiful Home with Green Waters and Green Mountains.”

On the school playground, the General Secretary cordially expressed condolences to the families of martyrs who died in the line of duty and representatives who participated in flood prevention and disaster relief. The general secretary said that many party members and cadres died in flood fighting and rescue operations. We must always remember them and vigorously promote their heroic deeds. Xiong Li, a cadre from Bao Village, Wangping Town, Mentougou District, was such a party member cadre. She unfortunately died while transferring people.

Among the representatives of the General Secretary’s condolences, there is also a grassroots cadre who has been on the front line of flood prevention and disaster relief. She is Meng Ermei, secretary of Luopoling Community. During this year’s flood season, she led cadres and the masses to help each other to ensure that nearly a thousand stranded train passengers were properly accommodated and safely transferred.

Shuiyuzui Village was seriously damaged by the floods and has now been renovated. At the home of villager Li Meng, the general secretary asked in detail about the damage to the house, repair expenses, heating, etc. The General Secretary said that ensuring that the affected people survive the winter safely and warmly is a hard task. Li Meng told reporters that she showed the general secretary the flooding situation at that time.

When leaving the village, the local people warmly bid farewell to the General Secretary. The general secretary told everyone that I have always been thinking about the people in the disaster area and hope that the villagers will strengthen their confidence and work hard to build a better home.

During this year’s flood season, Zhuozhou City, Baoding, Hebei Province suffered severe flooding, but normal production and living order has basically been restored. General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Yongji Xiuyuan Community in Shuangta Street and walked into merchants and heating stations to understand the situation. There are more than 2,000 permanent residents in this community. Previously, water entered the first floor of most residential buildings. The General Secretary visited resident Dong Caiying’s home to visit and express condolences, and inquired in detail about flood levels, emergency housing, furniture and appliance updates, heating, and related subsidies.

When leaving the community, the general secretary told everyone that he felt much more at ease seeing that municipal public service facilities had returned to normal operation and everyone’s lives had basically returned to normal. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, as long as everyone works together, we will be able to live a better life.

Wanquanzhuang Village in Diaowo Town is located in the Langouwa flood storage and detention area. All 311 households in the village were affected by the flood during this year’s flood season. General Secretary Xi Jinping walked into the house reconstruction construction site and encouraged everyone to unite as one to overcome the difficulties and rebuild a harmonious and beautiful countryside.

The house of villager Yang Peiran’s house was slightly damaged and has been reinforced and repaired and moved in. The General Secretary went into Yang Peiran’s home to learn about their family income, repair expenses, production recovery, etc.

When parting, the villagers greeted the General Secretary loudly. The general secretary said that party committees and governments at all levels are taking various measures to solidly promote post-disaster recovery and reconstruction. He hopes that the villagers will be self-reliant, work hard, and use their hard-working hands to speed up recovery and reconstruction and promote rural revitalization.

The General Secretary also walked into the farmland to inspect the growth of winter wheat and Chinese cabbage. He pointed out that agricultural production is an important aspect of post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, and it is necessary to organize and arrange agricultural production this winter and next spring to strive for a good harvest next year.

Baigou River is a backbone flood channel in the Daqing River Basin. General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the Baigou River Management Project (Zhuozhou Section) to inspect the progress of the project. He pointed out that the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei water system is connected, and flood prevention and fighting are a game of chess. It is necessary to conduct in-depth research and promote the construction of a flood control engineering system in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

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