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China-Kazakhstan mutual visa exemption agreement takes effect, Horgos Port welcomes entry-exit peak – China News Service Video

China-Kazakhstan mutual visa exemption agreement takes effect, Horgos Port welcomes entry-exit peak – China News Service Video
China-Kazakhstan mutual visa exemption agreement takes effect, Horgos Port welcomes entry-exit peak – China News Service Video

[Explanation]The “Agreement between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Mutual Visa Exemption” officially came into effect on November 10, and the first batch of inbound passengers after the agreement came into effect were welcomed at the joint inspection hall of Xinjiang Horgos Port.

At 11 a.m. that day, after completing the inspection, 18 passengers took an international passenger bus out of the Khorgos Highway Port to Yarkent, Kazakhstan, for cross-border tourism and business exchanges.

Dosmuhan Quhan is a businessman from Almaty, Kazakhstan. After the implementation of the China-Kazakhstan mutual visa exemption policy, he was the first Kazakh citizen to enter the country via the Horgos Highway Port on an international bus.

[Same period]Dosimhan Quhan, a businessman in Almaty, Kazakhstan

I didn’t get a visa before, but now I can pass (entry and exit) at any time, and I can see my clients.

[Same period]Olegas Nurshan, general manager of Horgos Hengteng International Trading Co., Ltd.

I am in the business of exporting commercial vehicles. Today I went to Almaty to meet my client and sign a contract. I came back in about three hours. I found it very convenient and fast.

[Explanation]According to the agreement, Chinese citizens holding ordinary official passports, ordinary passports and travel documents, and Kazakhstani citizens holding ordinary passports and proof of return to the country, are required to conduct private affairs and business activities (including negotiations, contract signings, provision of consulting services and other business activities, etc.) , tourism, medical treatment, international transportation and transit purposes, entering, exiting or transiting the other side, with a single stay not exceeding 30 days from the date of entry, and a cumulative stay not exceeding 90 days in every 180 days, exempt from visa application.

Fu Lei, deputy director of the Port Administration Bureau of the Xinjiang Horgos Economic Development Zone, said that the entry into force of the mutual visa exemption will greatly promote the common development of trade, personnel exchanges, tourism, culture and other undertakings between China and Kazakhstan.

[Same period]Fu Lei, deputy director of the Port Administration Bureau of Xinjiang Horgos Economic Development Zone

After the mutual visa exemption policy between China and Kazakhstan was implemented, we actively coordinated with relevant functional units such as customs, border inspection, and transportation bureaus to provide service guarantees for the entry and exit of people.

[Explanation]Under the favorable policy of mutual visa exemption, more and more Kazakhstani businessmen are conducting trade between China and Kazakhstan. Agricultural equipment buyer Maheshati Uzanati came to Horgos, Xinjiang, with samples to look for partners.

[Same period]Kazakhstan businessman Mahshati Uzanati

Now that China and Kazakhstan have mutually exempted visas, it is much more convenient than before. In the past, I could only go to one city and company, but now I can go to more cities and companies in China for inspections. It is really convenient.

[Explanation]According to data from the Xinjiang Horgos Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station, as of 16:00 on the day of visa exemption, the number of entry-exit passengers at the Horgos Highway Port reached more than 1,300, which is a huge increase compared to the past.

[Same period]Ji Wenxu, Director of the Border Inspection Division of Xinjiang Horgos Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station

We have added a duty team to be on site and increased the number of manual channels from 14 to 24 to ensure that passengers can clear customs safely, efficiently and quickly.

[Explanation]Currently, there are 4 international passenger routes from Horgos International Highway Bus Station to Kazakhstan. There are 60 passenger vehicles departing from Urumqi and passing through Horgos, which connects Horgos with Urumqi, Yining, and Yarkent and Almaty in Kazakhstan.

[Same period]Xu Jiangyuan, station director on duty at Xinjiang Horgos International Highway Bus Station

We will continue to pay attention to the passenger volume for a period of time after the policy takes effect, and dynamically adjust the vehicle schedule and frequency of departures based on feedback data to ensure that our passenger transport capacity can keep up with the travel peaks caused by the policy.

Zhao Yamin, Li Ming and Li Yong reported from Horgos City, Xinjiang

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