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[Must-see to circumvent the Chinese wall]“Many people are trying their best to transfer money out of China” | Capital inflows are drying up | Investment environment

[Must-see to circumvent the Chinese wall]“Many people are trying their best to transfer money out of China” | Capital inflows are drying up | Investment environment
[Must-see to circumvent the Chinese wall]“Many people are trying their best to transfer money out of China” | Capital inflows are drying up | Investment environment

[The Epoch Times, November 12, 2023]The Epoch Times sorts out must-read articles for readers to circumvent the firewall every day:

1.CEO of a large U.S. investment company: Many people are transferring money out of China
The uncertain investment environment in China has deterred many people. Now it’s not just the problem of capital inflows drying up, but also many people are desperately trying to transfer money out of China.

2.Photos: Falun Gong team adds splendor to New York Veterans Day Parade
November 11 is Veterans Day in the United States. The 104th New York Veterans Day Parade was held grandly on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Nearly 300 groups and more than 20,000 people participated in the parade. A steady stream of New Yorkers and tourists from around the world watched the parade on Fifth Avenue.

3.After Mei Xiang returned to China, the CCP was accused of replacing panda diplomacy with “Wolf Warriors”
Recently, the cat pandas “Meixiang” and “Tiantian” who “lived” in the United States and their 3-year-old “Little Miracle” who was born and raised in Washington returned to China. Many people believe that their departure from the United States also symbolizes the end of the CCP’s “panda diplomacy.” Some analysts believe that “wolf warrior diplomacy” will replace it.

4.Details of Falun Gong practitioner Ma Changqing’s torture and imprisonment seven times during his lifetime exposed
Ma Changqing, a Falun Gong practitioner from Yushu, Jilin Province, was tortured to death in Jilin Prison on September 18.

5.Singer Bai Xue sings the theme song of “Becoming God Again”
One week before the world premiere of the movie “Becoming God Again”, the producer released the film’s theme song “An Ancient Myth” sung by singer Bai Xue. Whether it is the singing, the melody, or the connotation of the lyrics, the audience is once again moved and shocked.

6.The current price of a 300,000 sea view house in Weihai, Shandong is only 80,000
The price of sea view houses in Rushan Silver Beach, Weihai City, Shandong Province has fallen sharply. The house bought for 300,000 yuan ten years ago is now only paid 80,000 yuan by the agent. Due to the sparse number of residents, it is now known as the “Ghost Town Silver Beach”.

7.The collapsed stadium in Heilongjiang was developed by a retired official whose brother was accused of gang involvement
After the Yuecheng Gymnasium in Huanan County, Heilongjiang suddenly collapsed on the evening of November 6, killing three and injuring two, Yuecheng Real Estate was thrust into the spotlight. According to reports, a retired official from the Huanan County Construction Bureau (now the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau) is the legal representative of the real estate developer, and his brother has been accused of gang involvement.

8.Philippines: Will continue supply mission in South China Sea despite CCP’s obstruction
The conflict between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea continues to escalate. The Philippines once again made its position clear to Beijing on Saturday (November 11), saying that although the CCP may send more ships to obstruct Philippine ships in the disputed waters of the South China Sea, it still cannot prevent the country from continuing to carry out supply missions.

9.Yuan Bin: When the CCP can no longer afford to feed so many eagle dogs
The CCP’s pocketbook is really empty! You don’t need to look at statistics, just look at Xi Jinping’s speech. On November 7, Xi Jinping personally emphasized at the deep reform meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China that we must always adhere to the idea of ​​”living a tight life”.

10.How can “poisonous land” in Suzhou be turned into residential and commercial land?
Jiangsu Province, a major economic province in China, has had many “poisonous land” incidents. The “poisonous land” case in Suzhou, the province’s economic center, revealed the inside story of the local government’s “turning waste into treasure” of contaminated land. In fact, these inside stories are just the tip of the iceberg of land pollution cases in China.

11.Changzhou business owner Cheng Yong committed suicide by jumping off a building, suspected of being forced to admit bribery
Changzhou business owner Cheng Yong was shocked to hear that he jumped from a building and committed suicide. He had been interviewed by the Changzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection for several days. Chengyong stated in his suicide note that he had never accepted 8 million yuan in deposits or cash bribes, and that he was suspected of jumping off a building to prove his innocence.

12.As Taiwan’s election approaches, the CCP raises threats to try to influence the election
Taiwan will hold key presidential and congressional elections on January 13 next year. Nikkei Asia reported that China (Chinese Communist Party) is stepping up its threats against Taiwan, raising concerns that Beijing may intensify its efforts to influence the election.

13.Chongqing lawyer may be fined huge sums for handling sensitive cases
Lawyer You Feizhu, the legal representative of Chongqing Zheyu Law Firm, received a notice of a huge tax fine from the Chongqing Taxation Bureau at the end of September. Official sources revealed to You Feizhu that he was being reckoned with for representing Hu Xinyu and Zhang Daoying in sensitive cases.

14.German media exposes the CCP’s terrorist acts in Germany: threats and intimidation
It is no longer a secret that the CCP threatens, muzzles, stalks, and slanders dissidents with death. However, what shocked the German security agencies was that the CCP actually moved this psychological terror tactic to Germany.

15.What information did Chinese merchants reveal during the Double Eleven price war?
The fierce price war waged by Chinese merchants during the “Double Eleven” shopping event has further exposed the weakness of Chinese household consumption and raised concerns that the Chinese economy will continue to slow down.

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