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Deeply cultivate patriotism and cultivate new people of the times – Xinhuanet

Deeply cultivate patriotism and cultivate new people of the times – Xinhuanet
Deeply cultivate patriotism and cultivate new people of the times – Xinhuanet

Schools at all levels and types incorporate patriotism education throughout the entire process of educating people.

Cultivating patriotism and cultivating new generations (deep focus)

Patriotism is the most important spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation, inspiring generations of Chinese people to strive for self-improvement and unremitting efforts. For a period of time, schools at all levels and types have been running ideological and political theory courses, promoting the integration of relevant content into various disciplines, extensively organizing and carrying out practical activities inside and outside schools, and integrating patriotism education throughout the entire process of educating people.

The sound of reading in class classrooms, the earnest teachings of great craftsmen, the busy figures in various competitions… Patriotic education in the new era is rich in connotation and diverse in form. It silently implants the seeds of love for China into the hearts of students. Department, guide them to study for the construction of a strong country and national rejuvenation.

Give full play to the main channel role of classroom teaching

Under the warm afternoon sun, the campus of the Experimental School Affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences was filled with laughter and laughter. In the square, the FAST Sky Eye Reflective Panel sample that came all the way from Guizhou stands quietly, next to it is a “scientific cabin” equipped with precision instruments. Looking around, the colorful murals are eye-catching. From scientific and technological knowledge to achievements in national construction to the memorabilia of the “Four Histories”, the painted scrolls highlight the patriotic theme and encourage students to study hard and strive to grow into pillars.

“People can fly in the sky and walk on the bottom of the sea. These past imaginations have now gradually become a reality.” In the fifth-grade classroom, ideological and political teacher Li Xin is taking students to review the development history and achievements of national science and technology. “A great career begins with a dream, what is the dream of the students?” As soon as Li Xin finished speaking, her little hands were raised in the air. The classroom atmosphere became active with the unique answers.

“My dream is to become an archaeologist and use advanced technology to carry out excavation work and archaeological research.” said student Tang Meijia. After visiting archaeological bases, reading history books, and learning professional knowledge, Tang Meijia was very confident when talking about how to “pursue dreams.” Li Xin also encouraged her, “With the country and people in your heart, your dreams will be bigger and more determined.”

To cultivate new people of the era who will take on the responsibility of national rejuvenation, we must first cultivate students’ patriotism. The “Implementation Outline of Patriotism Education in the New Era” clarifies that classroom teaching should be given full play as the main channel, promote patriotic education into classrooms, teaching materials, and minds, enrich and optimize curriculum resources, and further enhance its attractiveness and appeal.

In recent years, schools of all levels and types have integrated patriotic education content into various subjects and increased the proportion of patriotic education content. At the same time, the main role of students should be brought into play, interactive, heuristic, and communicative teaching should be adopted to enhance the ideological, theoretical, affinity, and pertinence of ideological and political courses, and guide students to establish national awareness and enhance patriotic emotions.

“Good classroom teaching should have the power to reach people’s hearts.” Lu Jianwei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and principal of the Experimental School Affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the school has carried out solid ideological and political education integration construction, making clever use of the rich educational resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and patriotic A number of science-education integration courses have been opened with the spirit of socialism as the main content, such as the first lesson for academicians in the new semester, face-to-face meetings with astronauts, and “one class researching one institute” themed courses. “Through high-quality courses, students are guided to talk about science, love science, learn science, and use science, and consciously integrate patriotism, ambition to strengthen the country, and service to the country into their learning and life.” Lu Jianwei said.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Education said that universities, middle schools, primary schools and other educational institutions should explore the establishment of a linkage mechanism for courses related to patriotism education, determine the key contents of patriotism education based on the characteristics of students of all ages, and adopt rich and appropriate teaching methods. Enhance the pertinence, systematicness and affinity of patriotic education.

Organize and carry out a variety of campus cultural activities

For the majority of young people, the Hangzhou Asian Games is a vivid “big ideological and political lesson.” Zhejiang University has sent nearly 2,000 college student competition volunteers. They shuttle through major venues, provide meticulous and professional services with full spirit, and showcase the style of contemporary Chinese youth to Asia and the world.

Not long ago, a campus cultural activity “I draw my heart by hand” was held in the gymnasium of Zhejiang University (Zijingang Campus). This is the venue that hosts the men’s futsal basketball competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

In the venue, Zhejiang University event volunteers were active and enthusiastic. Some drew the Asian Games mascot “Jiangnan Memories”, showing the Liangzhu Ancient City ruins, West Lake, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and other world heritage sites, and conveying Hangzhou’s unique history and culture, natural ecology and Innovation genes; some focus on the Asian Games venues, demonstrating the concept of “smart Asian Games”, and the “technical style” empowered by digital intelligence vividly appears on the paper… Each painting shows the self-confidence and mission of the youth of Zhejiang University in the new era. Take responsibility.

“Using the free and independent method of painting, we express our best wishes for the Hangzhou Asian Games and show them to audiences around the world through the venue.” said Lin Ruoxuan, a venue volunteer and an undergraduate student at Zhejiang University School of Economics.

Ke Yineng, a news and publicity staff member of the gymnasium operation team of Zhejiang University (Zijingang Campus), introduced that the school venues carry out popular campus cultural activities and incorporate patriotic content, allowing young students to tell the story of the Asian Games and convey the voice of China through volunteer services.

Recently, the Sixth Session of the Standing Committee of the 14th National People’s Congress voted to pass the “Patriotic Education Law of the People’s Republic of China”, which incorporates patriotism education into the national education system and clarifies that schools at all levels and types should combine classroom teaching with extracurricular practice and experience. Integrate patriotic education content into campus cultural construction and various school theme activities. As a useful supplement to classroom teaching, the continuous enrichment of campus cultural activities with distinctive themes can help inspire patriotic enthusiasm among students.

Understanding and accepting the country’s profound culture is an important foundation for the cultivation and development of patriotism. How to guide students to understand the splendid culture of the Chinese nation and consciously inherit cultural genes? “Patriotism education should be closely integrated with campus cultural activities and students’ second classroom to achieve infiltrative inspiration and influence.” Tao Jing, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee of East China Normal University, suggested that we should fully explore the patriotism contained in major anniversaries and major historical events. Socialist education resources, seize key time nodes to carry out theme lectures, choruses, flash mobs, garden tours and other activities, to inspire patriotic enthusiasm and gather strength for progress.

Expand the field of off-campus practice of patriotic education

Go to the Gelesan Martyrs’ Tomb to remember the martyrs and pay tribute to the revolutionary heroes; view precious historical photos and cultural relics at Hongyan Revolution Memorial Hall, the former site of the Eighth Route Army Chongqing Office, and understand the historical connotation and era connotation of the Hongyan spirit… Chongqing Industrial Occupations Students from the National Flag Class of the Technical College visited several patriotic education bases to carry out the theme activity of “Reading Red Rock Again”.

“The form of field learning is very novel, and everyone is deeply shocked.” Duan Jiyong, a freshman in the class of 2023 and a new member of the national flag class, said, “I will train hard, raise the flag well every time, and protect the glory of the national flag.”

“Expanding a variety of off-campus practical activities can make students more receptive to the spirit of patriotism and have a stronger sense of identity.” Instructor Tang Chengsang said that linkage with all sectors of society will be strengthened to provide students with various learning platforms and carriers. , the effectiveness of patriotic education has been continuously consolidated.

In recent years, schools of all levels and types have organized students to visit memorial halls, exhibition halls, and museums, and have close ties with urban communities, rural areas, enterprises, military units, social institutions, etc., to enrich and expand the field of off-campus practice of patriotic education and help them better understand The conditions of the country and the people.

Student teams from Zhengzhou University and Henan Industrial Vocational and Technical College visited the two lines along the South-to-North Water Diversion Project to experience the construction achievements behind a canal of clear water; Aidian Guomen School, Ningming County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, organizes student representatives to go to the border of the motherland every new semester to carry out “Love Boundary Monuments, Protect Boundary Monuments, and Scrub Boundary Monuments” activity; Lushan Township Central Primary School in Changxing County, Zhejiang Province used local red historical and cultural resources to enter the Veterans Station, listen to anti-Japanese war stories and visit revolutionary cultural relics; Hefei City Culture and Tourism Bureau of Anhui Province jointly The Education Bureau has included surrounding rural areas into study tour routes, and combined with rural revitalization design has developed a set of study courses with the characteristics of patriotic education…

Patriotism is the deepest and most lasting emotion in the world. It is the source of a person’s morality and the foundation of his meritorious service. To cultivate patriotism, sharpen the ambition to strengthen the country, and practice serving the country, universities, middle schools and primary schools across the country have carried out extensive and rich forms of patriotic education to make students more determined to take root in the people and contribute to the country. (Reporters Huang Chao and Xu Andong participated in the interview)

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