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Exhibition of intangible cultural heritage products and a delicious food area…

“Shanxi Style” shines brightly on the big stage of CIIE

In the Shanxi Exhibition Hall of the International Import Expo, guests touched the balloons and experienced the feel.

In front of the Jincheng Iron Art booth, staff introduced the craftsmanship and design concepts of iron pots to South African guests.


In front of the Shanxi Food Zone, visitors to the exhibition lined up to wait for the Shanxi sliced ​​noodles that were about to be cooked.


At the “Shanxi Night” scene, the carefully prepared Shanxi cultural exhibition shocked Shanghai.

The 6th China International Import Expo will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from November 5th to 10th. Shanxi’s sixth “CIIE appointment” has become a dazzling star at the CIIE. On November 8, the sixth CIIE was halfway through. The Shanxi exhibition hall, which occupies an eye-catching position and covers an area of ​​nearly 600 square meters, was still crowded with people and attracted much attention. With a more open attitude, Shanxi’s new image of opening up, transformation and development is fully demonstrated, and infinite excitement is being staged.

It is understood that the Shanxi Provincial Exhibition Hall, with the theme of “more prosperous economy and society, stronger transformation trend, happier people’s lives, and more beautiful ecological environment”, carefully selected 22 enterprises in the province and Datong Cultural Tourism, Youyu County, Qi Three exhibition groups including the county’s characteristic industries participated in the exhibition, with nine exhibition groups including investment promotion, ten industrial chains, ten professional towns, “going out”, classic brands, beautiful countryside, Shanxi on the tip of the tongue, characteristic cultural tourism, and online live broadcast rooms. A special area to comprehensively display the development achievements of our province in building a new highland for the opening up of inland areas.

This year, as old and new friends arrived as scheduled, guests from 154 countries, regions and international organizations gathered at this CIIE. The national exhibition features 72 national and international organizations. The Enterprise Business Exhibition attracted more than 3,400 companies from 128 countries and regions. There are nearly 410,000 registered professional visitors, which provides huge opportunities and platforms for Shanxi’s open development.

During the CIIE, our province also held 4 provincial supporting activities including “Shanxi Night”, Shanxi Provincial Social Organization Service High-Quality Development Conference, World Shanxi Businessmen (Shanghai) Forum, Shanxi Industrial Cooperation Promotion Conference, and Shanxi Province and Shanxi Province There are 22 supporting activities including cooperation and exchange matchmaking meetings for foreign-funded enterprises, involving investment negotiations, matchmaking and signing, cultural exhibitions, inspections and surveys, etc.

Nine major areas showcase the charm of Shanxi

The main design of the Shanxi exhibition hall is similar to that of the Shanxi Museum. It is equipped with colorful and dazzling lights, creating a visual effect that combines modernity and weight. The entrance of the booth is designed with silhouettes of Shanxi landmark buildings, combined with dynamic images on large digital screens, to arouse the enthusiasm of the audience to take photos and check in.

Looking up at the top of the exhibition hall, the top of the main entrance uses series of lamp beads to shape the continuous Taihang Mountains, highlighting Shanxi’s superior landscape and historical and cultural heritage. The exterior facade of the booth is decorated with carved stone inlaid with tile patterns, reflecting the unique charm and simple and elegant temperament of Shanxi’s ancient architectural province.

A reporter from Shanxi Evening News saw at the scene that at this CIIE, the Shanxi exhibition hall was set up with investment promotion, top ten industrial chains, top ten professional towns, “going out”, classic brands, beautiful countryside, Shanxi on the tip of the tongue, and characteristic cultural tourism , online live broadcast room and other nine special areas, comprehensively displaying the development achievements of our province in building a new highland for the opening up of inland areas.

“We make full use of the exhibition space and use modern exhibition technology and techniques to combine static displays such as text, pictures, charts, and physical objects with dynamic displays such as videos, digital simulations, and multimedia interactive experiences to show that Shanxi will basically complete the project by 2030 The task of transforming the resource-based economy is to basically realize socialist modernization in sync with the whole country by 2035, with achievements in industrial transformation, rural revitalization, cultural and tourism integration, and open development as the core,” said the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Commerce.

At the scene, the “Investment Attraction” area displayed our province’s investment attraction and key industrial policies for foreign investment through digital, multi-screen interactive methods. The “Top Ten Industrial Chains” area displays the outstanding achievements in technological innovation, transformation and development of representative companies in the top ten industrial chains, including Taigang Group, Taizhong Group, Cathay Biotech, Jinbo Biotech, and Jolywood Solar Energy. The “Going Global” section introduces the achievements of China Energy Construction Shanxi Electric Power Survey and Design Institute and Huayuan Land Port Group’s overseas contracting projects in recent years and the “going global” results of products and industries driven by the projects. The “Top Ten Professional Towns” area displays the industrial development achievements of professional towns such as Fenjiu Group, Ninghuafu Vinegar Industry, Qixian Glassware, Daixian Rice Wine, etc. The “Beautiful Countryside” area focuses on displaying the development achievements of ecological and cultural tourism in Youyu County, and carries out on-site promotion activities for Youyu’s advantageous industries. The “Classic Brands” area displays specialty products from Rongzi Winery, Changzhi Bayi Kiln Ceramics, Jinyifang, Jinyuntang, Ruilai Craftsmanship, Industrial Art Industry Alliance, Gongtianxia and other enterprises. The “Special Cultural Tourism” area uses the ancient city of Datong as the scene to promote the cultural tourism industry of our province by interacting with the audience. The “A Bite of Shanxi on the Tongue” area showcases Shanxi pasta techniques and food culture through on-site production of Shanxi delicacies. The “Online Live Room” takes the audience to visit our province’s exhibition hall through the official media online live broadcast platform of the conference, provides live promotion and live broadcast for exhibitors, and allows the audience outside the venue to appreciate the charm of Shanxi.

Chinese and foreign guests praised Shanxi’s intangible cultural heritage

“It turns out that iron kettles can be made so exquisitely, and the creativity is also very interesting!” “This is the first time I have seen Pingyao’s polished lacquerware. For a moment, I felt like I had walked into the mansion of a Shanxi merchant.” “The contrast between red and green colored porcelain “How can the color be so unique and exquisite”… Since the opening of the CIIE, the Shanxi exhibition hall has been crowded with people, especially Shanxi’s intangible cultural heritage products, which are very popular among Chinese and foreign guests.

Ruicheng fabrics, Pingyao lacquerware, Changzhi Bayi kiln red and green porcelain, Jincheng Jinyifang iron kettle… Each of the exquisitely crafted intangible cultural heritage and cultural creative exhibits attracted many visitors to stop and admire. Jinyuntang Iron Kettle, as a business card of Jincheng City, represents Shanxi Province’s intangible cultural heritage at the exhibition. Li Yanwei, the person in charge of Jinyuntang Shanghai store, brought hot-selling models and new products this time. An iron sculpture called “Four Monkeys” is a lifelike sculpture of four innocent and cute iron monkeys wearing official hats. Seeing that several South African businessmen were interested in Jinyuntang Iron Kettle, Jin Xiao, general manager of Jinyuntang Iron Kettle Headquarters, enthusiastically introduced them to them in fluent English.

As “the first rainbow on porcelain”, the red and green porcelain of Changzhi Bayi Kiln was founded in the Song Dynasty, flourished in the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, and continued in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It pioneered the art of colorful porcelain decoration in the history of Chinese porcelain. “It takes 72 processes to turn an inconspicuous piece of kaolin into an exquisite colored porcelain product. We hope that through this exhibition, the world will learn about the Bayi kiln colored porcelain, Shanxi traditional culture, and Shanxi’s intangible culture The heritage should be passed on and carried forward,” said Li Jianping, head of Shanxi Changzhi Bayi Kiln Red and Green Ceramics Culture Co., Ltd.

Jiangxian County is the main producer of money stones. Shanxi Ruilai Crafts Co., Ltd., which mainly produces money stone carvings, had good sales on its first day of operation. Xu Lingli, a staff member of the company, said happily: “I hope to take this opportunity to carry out cultural and business cooperation and exchanges with domestic and foreign partners, and actively promote the promotion and inheritance of Shanxi’s money stone carving intangible cultural heritage, and further promote the prosperity and development of emerging cultural industries. develop.”

The Shanxi Industrial Art Industry Alliance participated in the CIIE for the first time and displayed more than 40 fine masterpieces by arts and crafts masters and intangible cultural heritage inheritors, as well as representative original works. The relevant person in charge of the alliance said that Shanxi Province has 182 national-level intangible cultural heritage items, which is a veritable treasure house of intangible cultural heritage. Generation after generation of intangible cultural heritage inheritors have gathered strength to take over the baton, retaining the “root and soul” of culture. With the help of the CIIE as a platform, we must tell the story of intangible cultural heritage products, tell the story of Shanxi, and tell the story of China well, and at the same time, promote the traditional cultural industries with Chinese characteristics to the world.

Muhannad Alnaqbi from the Consulate General of the United Arab Emirates in Shanghai said at the exhibition area of ​​our province’s intangible cultural heritage that Shanxi’s history and culture are great and will shine brighter.

The flavor of Jin falls in love with this Shanxi flavor

At the Shanxi Exhibition Hall of the CIIE, in addition to the time-honored products such as Fenjiu, mature vinegar, iron pots, and porcelain that caught the eye, the Shanxi Food Zone in the center of the exhibition hall was particularly popular with the public.

“What I’m thinking about is this strong taste of Shanxi!” Xiao Deng, a girl from Changzhi who has studied and worked in Shanghai for more than ten years, made an appointment to visit the exhibition in advance and specially found the Shanxi exhibition area. What surprised her most was that she could enjoy the most authentic food here. The taste of hometown! She told the Shanxi Evening News reporter while waiting in line in front of the Shanxi Sliced ​​Noodles booth.

It is understood that the Shanxi Food Zone is hosted by the Provincial Government Affairs Administration and co-organized by Wutong Apartment of Shanxi Conference Affairs Group. Shanxi food is produced and sold on-site. It not only showcases Shanxi food culture, but also quickly shortens the distance with the audience through “Shanxi Taste”.

Wang Chunhua, deputy general manager of Wutong Apartment, introduced that the food area has the theme of “Shanxi on the Tip of the Tongue” and carefully selects more than 30 kinds of delicacies and snacks from all over Shanxi, allowing the audience to feast their mouths and experience Shanxi’s food culture.

“For this conference, Shanxi Convention and Exhibition Group has specially prepared new food products that have been introduced in recent years and improved in technology. We hope to use food as a carrier and culture as a bridge to let more people understand Shanxi, come to Shanxi, fall in love with Shanxi, and invest in Shanxi. “Wang Chunhua said, “Judging from the feedback from the audience for several consecutive days, Shanxi noodles and oatmeal noodles are the most popular. People line up in long lines to taste them every day. It can be said that the supply exceeds demand. In addition, the crispy and sweet Yuanping Guokui, stir-fried with stones The homemade stone cakes, carefully baked yellow flower cakes, classic snacks Liulin bowls, etc. are all popular items that the audience loves to eat. Coupled with the wonderful noodle performance, the merchants praised it repeatedly and said it was delicious and beautiful.” (Reporter Wang Shuang)

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