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Chongqing lawyer may be fined huge sums for handling sensitive cases | Hu Xinyu case | Lawyer You Feizhu | Huge tax fines

Chongqing lawyer may be fined huge sums for handling sensitive cases | Hu Xinyu case | Lawyer You Feizhu | Huge tax fines
Chongqing lawyer may be fined huge sums for handling sensitive cases | Hu Xinyu case | Lawyer You Feizhu | Huge tax fines

Lawyer You Feizhu, the legal representative of Chongqing Zheyu Law Firm, was charged with accounting for his handling of sensitive cases. (Pictured from right to left: Hu’s mother, Hu’s father, You Feizhu, and Uncle Hu) (Video screenshot)

[The Epoch Times, November 11, 2023](Epoch Times reporter Li Xi interviewed and reported) Lawyer You Feizhu, the legal representative of Chongqing Zheyu Law Firm, received a notice of a huge tax fine from the Chongqing Taxation Bureau at the end of September. Official sources revealed to You Feizhu that he was being reckoned with for representing Hu Xinyu and Zhang Daoying in sensitive cases.

Lawyer You Feizhu has been active online in the past two or three years, and he can often be seen posting the developments of his cases on his video account. Especially in early 2023, he represented the mysterious disappearance case of Hu Xinyu from Zhiyuan Middle School in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province. In the middle of the year, he represented Zhang Daoying from Sichuan in the case of petitioning and was arrested. He continued to use the Internet to promote the development of the incident. This resulted in retaliation from the Chongqing authorities.

You Feizhu said in a Weibo article, “From May to September 2023, Chongqing police and tax authorities coordinated to conduct harassing tax inspections, intimidating evidence collection, retaliatory punishments, and persecutory beatings regardless of the cost. Even on the day Zhang Daoying was released, he was Chengdu was busy working and defending, but the Chongqing tax official rushed from Chongqing to Chengdu to write notes for lawyer You Feizhu in the hotel.

Representing sensitive cases and getting settled later

Notice of Hearing on Tax Administrative Penalty. (Web image)

At the end of September 2023, the Second Inspection Bureau of the Chongqing Taxation Bureau issued a huge fine of millions of yuan to Zheyu Law Firm, which only had three lawyers.

Lawyer You Feizhu said in a recent interview with an Epoch Times reporter, “Someone from their official website told me that they were settling accounts after the fall, and that they were representing Hu Xinyu and Zhang Daoying in their cases. Now they have issued a penalty notice to me and are preparing to fine me.”

Faced with this notice, lawyer You Feizhu immediately applied for a hearing. At the hearing on October 18, the hearing organization and the hearing procuratorial agency were all members of the tax bureau. You Feizhu also entrusted a lawyer to attend the hearing. Both parties presented their own opinions and evidence, but no hearing decision was made.

“Anyway, it just wants to beat you and stop you. I know this lawsuit is not easy to win, and it may not be possible to win, because it involves beating and persecuting you, so it won’t let you win.”

He said, “Taxation is the best way to control people. It sets the threshold half way. If you don’t get through it, you will hit your head, because if you don’t get through it, you can’t survive. I know that this lawsuit is not easy to win. Win the fight, because it will not let you win because it involves beating and persecuting you.”

According to lawyer You Feizhu, he was one of the arrested lawyers since the 709 Lawyer Arrests in 2015. One of the cases involved petitioner Xu Chunhe who was beaten to death for petitioning and he went to defend him. He was later detained for seven or eight years at the border. “I have been subject to tax audits every year since then, and once I was charged more than 3,000 yuan in taxes, but I estimate that it costs hundreds of thousands every year to check my taxes.”

He said, “I think this tax inspection is an injustice and persecution against me. Although I have only been taxed once since 2015, I am beaten in this way every year. It would be better if you obey.” , if you don’t obey, keep banging.”

Because the tax penalty is so huge, he said, ten years of income and profit are not enough to cover this penalty. “Usually, I don’t make much money from taking on cases and defending vulnerable groups in lawsuits. Sometimes a case costs 3,000 or 5,000 yuan. , where can I get so much money?”

According to lawyer You Feizhu, the Chongqing Taxation Bureau monitored a sum of money in his law firm’s account, and they used this income to impose a huge fine on him.

He explained that this is an “advance payment” placed in my law firm, which is equivalent to a deposit, which is the fee collected in advance after signing the contract with the client. There are more than 100 contracts, and the income cannot be realized until the litigation is completed to a certain extent. If it is not completed, it will be returned to the parties.

He said, “According to accounting standards, advance receipts are liabilities. When income is realized, it must meet certain conditions stipulated in our contract before it can be converted into income. Of course, invoices cannot be issued, otherwise it will violate accounting standards and issue invoices at will.” “

“My accountant has done accounting for me for ten years. He specializes in accounting for law firms. He has done accounting for more than a dozen law firms. He said that no law firm has been investigated like mine.

“The tax bureau also didn’t give me the data. I asked the tax inspector why he always checked my taxes. He said he didn’t know this and that the relevant departments asked him to check. Everyone who talked to me said it was arranged by the leadership. Like this.” he said.

You Feizhu said, “They have a thousand ways to deal with you, but in order to expose them, I have to wrestle with them. I want to shout to Huang Shumin, director of the Chongqing Taxation Bureau, and Jiang Hong, director of the Second Inspection Bureau: Why is there a need for police-tax linkage? , why do you need to call the police to find my client for tax inspection?”

An Epoch Times reporter called the Second Inspection Bureau of the Chongqing Municipal Taxation Bureau, but no one answered the call.

Mainland Internet commentator “Javelin Ruiping” said, “Lawyer You Feizhu was involved in the disappearance of Hu Xinyu in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province. He campaigned and bravely spoke out for Hu Xinyu, but was interviewed and pressured by the relevant departments and was eventually forced to withdraw. Later, Lawyer You also participated in hosting Zhang Daoying’s Wu Xinyu case. In the criminal defense case, Zhang Daoying was successfully acquitted. In these two extremely sensitive cases, Lawyer You was subjected to varying degrees of pressure and coercion from the relevant management departments.”

He said, “Everything has a cause and a result. You Feizhu’s involvement in the cases of Hu Xinyu and Zhang Daoying paved the way for today’s huge tax fine in Chongqing. Is the huge fine imposed on lawyer You by the Chongqing tax department an administration in accordance with the law or a malicious retaliation?”

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