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China Daily, November 11 (Reporter Xu Dan) Since Chongqing officially opened as a port in 1891, the dream of “connecting the river to the sea” has slowly begun.

In the new era and new journey, opening up is showing infinite vitality. Chongqing, located in the hinterland of the southwest inland, is building an inland openness highland driven by the construction of the New Western Land-Sea Corridor.

Today, the “Land-Sea Promise” national online media trip to Chongqing – the theme communication of the New Western Land-Sea Corridor (Chongqing station) went to Shapingba and witnessed the underlying logic of Shapingba using the wind of opening up to promote regional economic development.

Use the road as a matchmaker

Laying a solid foundation for channel construction

The passage means a lot to a landlocked region. In Chongqing, the importance of the birthplace and first station of Shapingba is self-evident – it is the “first stop” for Chongqing to cross mountains and seas and connect to the world.

Channels bring logistics, logistics brings economy and trade, and economy and trade bring industry. The construction of the New Western Land-Sea Corridor is a major mission entrusted to Chongqing by the country and a major opportunity for the development of Shapingba.

Display model of Chongqing Inland International Logistics Hub Exhibition Center.

At the Chongqing Inland International Logistics Hub Exhibition Center, reporters saw the transformation of Chongqing from an inland hinterland to an open highland, with the coordinated development of the hub and the city.

“When construction started in 2007, the land under our feet was still farmland.” The person in charge of the China Railway Intercity Chongqing Railway Container Center Station said that now, the central station has built four container operation lines, each of which is 800 meters long. It can accommodate the loading and unloading of an entire train at the same time. It has eight 40-ton rail-mounted gantry cranes and an annual operating capacity of up to 850,000 TEU.

Model of Tuanjie Village Center Station.

In 2017, the China-Singapore Southbound Corridor rail-sea regular train (the predecessor of the “New Western Land-Sea Corridor”) made its debut in Tuanjie Village, Chongqing. The western region has officially entered an era of equal emphasis on China-Europe freight trains and the “New Western Land-Sea Corridor”.

The channels are networked and the energy level is increased. Now a few years have passed, and the Chongqing International Logistics Hub Park located in Shapingba has already formed a “four-way development” open pattern.

Use the road as a matchmaker and thrive because of the road. Shapingba relies on the joint efforts of the New Land-Sea Corridor Operation Company, Chongqing Regional Company and the majority of relevant entities along the line to further enhance the coordinated development capabilities of industries and regions, empower the New Land-Sea Corridor in the West to continue to achieve “acceleration”, and provide support for the economic and industrial development of the entire region. , accumulate potential.

Open the door to welcome guests

Promote port construction layout

After the channel is unblocked, the service capacity and openness level of the hub must also be improved simultaneously.

This has put forward higher requirements for the logistics hub capacity of Shapingba. How to improve the comprehensive service quality and service level, and enhance the agglomeration and radiation capabilities, the New Land-Sea Corridor Chongqing Waterless Port came into being.


New Land-Sea Corridor Dry Port Park.

The Chongqing Dry Port Project of the New Land-Sea Corridor is located in Chongqing International Logistics Hub Park. Construction will start in September 2021 and covers an area of ​​269 acres.

Dry port refers to the feeder port of coastal ports in inland economic center cities and the operation platform of modern logistics. Its most important function is to provide convenient and fast international port services for the economic development of inland areas.

Walking into the busy construction site, the reporter saw that the project’s container yard and office buildings have been basically completed, part of the first phase of the project has been put into use, and hundreds of containers are neatly stacked in the container yard area.


The staff introduced the specific situation of the dry port of the New Land-Sea Corridor to the interview group.

With the continuous improvement of port functions, the goods transported through the channel are also greatly enriched, and the area covered is also wider.

At the same time, in order to better serve customers, Shapingba has carried out some reforms and innovations focusing on cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

Through digital reform, import and export customs clearance times have been shortened. The overall customs clearance time for import and export at railway ports is now reduced by 91% and 95% respectively compared with the same period in 2017. Through innovative container frame loading technology, transportation costs are reduced by nearly 50%.

Thanks to the improvement of port functions and continuous cost reduction and efficiency improvement, the current customs clearance value of goods has increased 10 times in ten years, reaching 10 billion US dollars per year, ranking first among inland ports.

From “taking the lead in opening up” to “promoting opening up”, as Shapingba’s comprehensive service capabilities of the corridor are further improved, Chongqing’s role as the logistics and operation organization center of the New Western Land-Sea Corridor will be highlighted, and the western provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities will be further integrated into the construction of the corridor.

Industrial Transformation

Strengthen the realization and upgrade of advantages

Only by allowing trade to empower the development of industries can we make a big contribution to the port economy.

To ride the coattails of openness and achieve rapid economic development, the pertinent question lies in how to turn resource advantages into economic development dividends.


Chongqing vehicle import port parking lot.

Shapingba has made a useful attempt in this regard: at the Chongqing vehicle import port, imported cars are being unpacked, waiting to go through various customs clearance procedures and reach the hands of customers.


The staff introduced the specific situation of the dry port of the New Land-Sea Corridor to the interview group.

The relevant person in charge of Chongqing Railway Port Logistics Development Co., Ltd. said that after Chongqing opened its railway ports, the transportation time for imported vehicles was more than two-thirds shorter than that of sea transportation at coastal ports. The time is faster, the cost is lower, and the price of the vehicle is also more expensive. Competitive.


Customs staff are inspecting the vehicle.

Not only imported cars, but also more “Made in Chongqing” are “going to sea” through Shapingba. By serving Qingling, Xiaokang, Zongshen, etc. to invest overseas and jointly build trade and industry; help Wushan crisp plums, Rongchang blood oranges, Qijiang hot sauce and other local specialty products to go abroad, radiating and driving the surrounding areas to gather automobile manufacturing, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, There are more than 8,000 key pharmaceutical companies.


The relevant person in charge of Chongqing’s complete vehicle import port is answering questions from reporters.

According to the relevant person in charge of Shapingba District, in the first half of this year, Shapingba District played a leading role in fully integrating into the construction of the New Land-Sea Corridor in the West. The three core indicators of rail-sea combined transport trains, transport container volume, and cargo value ranked first in Chongqing.

To do a good job in the article of “channels bring logistics, logistics bring economy and trade, and economy and trade bring industry”, Shapingba strives to allocate resources on a larger scale and at a higher level, expand the market, expand the port economy, improve the quality of the open economy, and enhance the city’s energy level.

[Editor in charge: Xu Dan]

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