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Four preferential policies for winter travel to Guangxi to attract tourists to Guangxi – Original – Huasheng Culture and Tourism


Huasheng Online News on November 11 (Reporter Liu Sijia) On November 10, the 2023 “Winter Tour to Guangxi” Golden Season Promotion and the “Canal Qinzhou” Cultural Tourism Investment and Promotion Conference were held in Changsha, issuing a “Winter Tour to Guangxi” to Hunan friends “The warm invitation.

The 2023 “Winter Travel to Guangxi” Golden Season Promotion and “Canal Qinzhou” Cultural Tourism Investment Promotion and Promotion Conference were held in Changsha.

The event showcased the wonders of Guangxi’s landscape, the spirit of culture, the beauty of customs, the taste on the tip of the tongue, and the joy of harmony through various forms such as the broadcast of the “Winter Travel to Guangxi” promotional video, the promotion of high-quality tourist routes, cultural performances, and intangible cultural heritage displays. , and provide better services with the greatest enthusiasm and more preferential policies to bring tourists a better winter travel experience.

On-site crosstalk promoted Guangxi’s top tourist routes.

At the promotion meeting, in response to the travel needs of different tourists, Guangxi introduced the “Landscape Tour”, “Spring Festival Folk Tour”, “Coastal Tour” and “Longevity and Health” to the audience through the interesting and down-to-earth creative expression of makeup cross talk. The 8 “Winter Guangxi” golden season travel routes, including the “Nursing Tour”, “Border RV Tour”, “Greentown Sports Tour”, “Bagui Food Tour” and “Lingnan Study Tour”, provide more for the majority of tourists. Choice and experience to further stimulate Guangxi’s winter tourism consumption potential.


Display of Guangxi’s characteristic cultural tourism products. (Pictures are provided by the organizer)

A special themed exhibition area for Guangxi’s characteristic cultural tourism products was set up at the event site. Exquisite intangible cultural heritage commodities, cultural and creative products, gourmet specialties, etc. allowed Hunan citizens to feel the charm of the beautiful scenery, customs, delicacies and beautiful things from Zhuang Township up close.

It is worth mentioning that Guangxi continues to launch four major preferential policies for “Visit Guangxi in Autumn and Winter” to tourists from all over the country, providing tourists with real travel benefits of “reduced tickets, favorable accommodation, enjoying culture, and saving travel expenses” to meet the needs of different tourists to enjoy winter travel Guangxi demand.

First, the “half-price” discount for the first pass of the scenic spot: from October 7 to December 31, 2023, tourists can receive coupons to purchase tickets through the UnionPay “UnionPay” APP or use valid documents such as ID cards to purchase tickets in the “One-click Tour” “Guangxi” platform and its expanded OTA channels, you can enjoy a half-price discount when purchasing first-pass tickets to participating national 4A-level and above tourist attractions (theme park scenic spots can enjoy a 20% discount).

The second is a “50% off” discount on accommodation: From October 7 to December 31, 2023, tourists staying at participating five-star and four-star tourist hotels can enjoy 50% off the listed price when booking through the “One-click Travel to Guangxi” platform. Discount below.

The third is the “maximum reduction” discount for entertainment consumption: From September 23 to December 31, 2023, tourists can purchase through the “Guangxi Culture Hui” platform (“Guangxi Culture Hui” WeChat official account or “New Guangxi Culture Hui” applet) Entertainment projects such as contracted theater performances, music festivals, concerts and art exhibitions in the area can enjoy full discounts or exclusive card recharge policies for performing arts consumption.

The fourth is the “halved” discount for self-driving tolls: From October 7 to December 31, 2023, every Friday (after 00:00), Saturday, and Sunday (before 24:00), travel in Guangxi Type-1 private passenger cars from other provinces that use the ETC electronic payment method to enter or exit any toll station on Guangxi’s highways can enjoy a 50% discount on Guangxi’s highway tolls.

Qinzhou is the theme city of this cultural tourism promotion event. Through Qinzhou cultural tourism promotional videos and promoters’ speeches on site, Qinzhou’s “Canal City”, “Lingnan Ancient County”, “Millennium Pottery Capital”, “Hometown of Heroes”, “Dolphin Home” and “Charming City” “Six city labels introduced, and brought three special tourist routes: “Taking pottery to explore the leisure trip”, “Warm winter oyster transport and watching the sea trip”, “Visiting ancient times and seeking tranquility for health and wellness”, as well as “Pinglu Canal” The two key cultural tourism investment projects of Longmen Scenic Area and Sanniang Bay International Coastal Tourism Resort sincerely invite Hunan citizens and entrepreneurs to visit Qinzhou, inspect Qinzhou, invest in Qinzhou, and seek common development.

The event was hosted by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Qinzhou Municipal People’s Government.

(First trial: Yu Hua Second trial: Wenjie Third trial: Yu Zhenhua)

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