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Su Qiaohui Shulin’s presidential campaign is established. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect Taiwan | Campaign Headquarters | Lai Ching-te

Su Qiaohui Shulin’s presidential campaign is established. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect Taiwan | Campaign Headquarters | Lai Ching-te
Su Qiaohui Shulin’s presidential campaign is established. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect Taiwan | Campaign Headquarters | Lai Ching-te

Lai Qingde, Su Qiaohui and many representatives of the people and council chairmen took a group photo together. (Song Shunche/The Epoch Times)

[The Epoch Times, November 11, 2023](The Epoch Times reporter Song Shunche reported in New Taipei City, Taiwan) The establishment meeting of the campaign headquarters for Su Qiaohui, the current legislator in the fifth district of New Taipei City (9 miles away from Shulin, Yingge, and Xinzhuang), was held on the 11th. In the morning, it was held at Shulin Yulin Elementary School Square. Nearly 10,000 supporters poured into the scene, and many people stopped to watch outside the venue. Vice President of the Executive Yuan Zheng Wencan, former Executive President Su Zhenchang, presidential candidate Lai Qingde and others entered one after another. The field supports.

Invest in New Taipei transportation construction. (Song Shunche/The Epoch Times)
Qiaohui Gu Changzhao – The budget reaches a new high. (Song Shunche/The Epoch Times)
Eleven times elected as an outstanding legislator of the Public Governors League. (Song Shunche/The Epoch Times)

Vice President of the Executive Yuan Cheng Wen-can said in his speech that in order to protect Taiwan, the Executive Yuan team has weathered a century-old drought, a three-year epidemic, and various treacherous international and domestic situations. Taiwan has survived safely, and it relies on everyone. Support the government and safely pass through various arduous administrative processes. Only then can we have today’s democratic and free environment, allowing everyone to live safely in Taiwan, a rare piece of pure land in the world. Gold Medal Legislator Su Qiaohui is the only one in the Legislative Yuan. He is an outstanding legislator and has the best appearance among the 69 members. He has been elected as a gold medal legislator by the Public Governors League 110 times.

Zheng Wencan said that everyone knows that the government collects taxes, and few governments will distribute money to the people. After the DPP came to power, due to its good political performance, most of the 6,000 yuan distributed to everyone not long ago were paid. Got it, over the past seven years or so, Taiwan’s economic growth has been obvious to all. After the Democratic Progressive Party came to power, the country’s economy has grown steadily, promoting many constructions and social welfare, allowing all people to have a better living environment, but the opposition party will only lose. Throwing flour, throwing water balloons and throwing entrails, deleting the defense budget, weakening national defense, I wonder what the opposition party is planning?

Lai Qingde, Su Qiaohui and many representatives of the people and council chairmen came together to support the event. (Song Shunche/The Epoch Times)

If there is no DPP in power and no forward-looking budget, how can the track construction of various local governments be realized? I call on everyone to get a majority of DPP legislators, adhere to the line of protecting the country, cast your sacred vote for Su Qiaohui and presidential candidate Lai Qingde, and continue good policies.

Former Executive President Su Tseng-chang gave a speech on stage, saying that the political party cultivated in his own land is protecting Taiwan. Su Qiaohui served as a legislator for two terms and secured 55 billion in funding for the Sanying Shulin MRT line, and secured air-conditioning for school classes, etc. There are 110 bills. These bills must be carefully evaluated by experts and scholars from the Public Governors Alliance to see if they are beneficial to everyone. Only then can you become an outstanding legislator. You must also be full-time and not absent. Only with such outstanding performance can you get the title of gold medal legislator. . Everyone has seen that the CCP is threatening to use force and force. Taiwan needs a strong national defense to back it up. We can protect Taiwan together, and we will not invade other countries. However, the CCP deliberately wants to invade Taiwan.

Representatives of new residents came to the stage to support Su Qiaohui. (Song Shunche/The Epoch Times)
Chairman of the Board of Directors from various fields gave their support to Su Qiaohui and Lai Qingde. (Song Shunche/The Epoch Times)

Now there is a popular party that wants to elect Xu Chunying, a cadre of the Chinese Communist Party, to serve as a non-district legislator. Now everyone has seen how fierce she is. If she is really elected, our country’s national defense may be lost. Taiwan’s democracy is hard-won. , everyone must be vigilant and vote for the right person with your precious votes. Vote for Lai Qingde and vote for Su Qiaohui. Su Zhenchang led his supporters to shout “Protect Taiwan, protect the country with me” three times in Taiwanese and Mandarin. , to increase everyone’s confidence.

Lai Qingde said in his speech that Su Qiaohui’s performance in the Legislative Yuan is obvious to all. Everyone knows that “a good woman cannot make a meal without rice”. It was difficult to build the Shushulin District, Yingge District, and Xinzhuang District without funds in the past. Su Qiaohui worked hard to deal with various issues in the central government. agencies, and strive for funds from central agencies such as central ministries and commissions so that local construction can be completed as scheduled.

Lai Qingde explained that Su Qiaohui has also been rated as the first outstanding legislator by the Citizens Oversight Congress Alliance and animal protection groups. This title is not simple. In the past eight years, she has proposed more than 110 bills, and also fought for the Fuzhou ramp of Taiwan 65 Line and the road outside the embankment. , Xinzhuang Hospital, national care for athletes, medical care area and long-term care base, etc., far exceeded his original promise when running for the Legislative Council.

Lai Qingde said that the ruling party has realized the domestic production of submarines and the launch of weather satellites, and the whole world is admiring our country’s scientific and technological level. If elected as president in the future, he will adhere to President Tsai Ing-wen’s previous good line and continue to provide national care and long-term care for children from 0 to 6 years old. 3.0 and other good policies to create a peaceful, democratic, innovative, prosperous, public welfare, and fair Taiwan. To achieve these goals, the DPP legislators must have a majority in Congress to achieve it. I call on everyone to vote for Lai Qingde and vote for Su Qiaohui’s vote allows Taiwan to continue to grow and develop safely.

One of Su Qiaohui’s important proposals: a major renovation of the national training center, a five-year 8.6 billion gold plan to support elite athletes, from coaches to training, nutritionists, sports science, opponent intelligence collection, protective guards, etc., with full government subsidies, and national athletes who have recovered from the epidemic There is a way out, coaching outstanding athletes to find employment, hiring 100 outstanding retired Olympic and Asian Games athletes every four years, and passing on experience.

Among them, the nutrition of athletes is the most critical. With enough nutrition, athletes can have enough physical strength and strong bodies to compete, as well as taking care of their subsequent employment prospects after retirement, and passing on experience to teach those who are behind, so that athletes can have no worries. , was able to win a large number of gold medals, silver medals, bronze medals, etc. in this Hangzhou Asian Games, and shine the light of Taiwanese athletes. This is a good policy that has not been seen before.

Su Qiaohui’s second important proposal: Increase childcare subsidies. Starting from 2024, public childcare subsidies will be increased to 7,000 yuan per month, and quasi-public childcare subsidies will be increased to 13,000 yuan per month. The subsidies will be increased for low- and middle-income households, disadvantaged families, and those with second children or above. .

Child care allowance starts at RMB 5,000 per month for each child, RMB 6,000 for the second child, and RMB 7,000 for the third child. The gap in tuition and miscellaneous fees between public and private schools will be shortened. Tuition and miscellaneous fees at private universities will be reduced by 35,000 yuan per year, and high school and vocational schools will be free of tuition.

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