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Vice Premier He Lifeng visited the United States and held talks with U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen-Xinhuanet


Xinhua News Agency, San Francisco, November 10th He Lifeng, Vice Premier of the State Council and Chinese leader of China-US economic and trade, visited the United States upon invitation from November 8th to 12th, during which he held several talks with US Treasury Secretary Yellen. The two sides are committed to implementing the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, preparing economic results for the meeting between the two heads of state in San Francisco, and pushing China-US economic and trade relations back to the track of healthy and stable development. The two sides exchanged views on Sino-US economic relations, Sino-US and global macroeconomics, coping with global challenges and mutual concerns. China has clearly expressed its concerns about the U.S.’s two-way investment restrictions in China, sanctions and suppression of Chinese companies, export controls to China, and additional tariffs on China, and requires the U.S. to respond with concrete actions. The talks were candid, pragmatic, in-depth and constructive. Both parties reached the following important consensus:

Agree to strengthen communication, seek consensus, manage differences, and avoid misunderstandings and accidental escalation of friction. We welcome the establishment and holding of meetings of the China-US economic and financial working group led by officials at the deputy ministerial level and reporting to the leaders of both parties. The leaders of both parties agree to communicate directly and regularly.

It was emphasized that China and the United States do not seek economic “decoupling” and welcome the development of healthy economic relations to provide a level playing field for enterprises and workers of the two countries and enhance the well-being of the two peoples.

Agree to work together to address common challenges, including economic growth, financial stability and regulation. Agree to cooperate on climate change-related economic issues and debt issues in low-income and emerging economies. Agree to strengthen the international financial architecture, promote a meaningful quota increase of the International Monetary Fund and strive to increase the voice of underrepresented members/regions through a new quota formula, and accelerate the adoption of reforms in the multilateral development banks to make them better, bigger, and More effective.

When asked, China introduced its position on the Ukraine crisis and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Vice Premier He Lifeng also held discussions with representatives of Chinese and American companies.

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