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Dancing in the ice and snow, Longjiang enjoys “Double Eleven” shopping!Heilongjiang Province releases series of activities to promote consumption


Dancing in the ice and snow, Longjiang enjoys “Double Eleven” shopping!Heilongjiang Province releases series of activities to promote consumption

November 10, 2023 22:03:32

Source: Longtou News·Heilongjiang Daily

Author: Fu Yu

On November 10, the Provincial Department of Commerce organized the “Dancing Ice and Snow Winter Celebration Longjiang Hi-Shopping ‘Double Eleven'” 2023 Heilongjiang Province consumption promotion series event in Jixi City – “Famous County High-Quality Products” County Live E-commerce Festival Harvest At the official party and the launching ceremony of the second Internet Marketing Competition, a series of consumption-promoting activity plans for “Dancing in Ice and Snow in Longjiang in Winter” were released at the same time.

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The series of consumption promotion activities “Dancing in Ice and Snow in Longjiang in Winter” was released. Since the beginning of the year, the Provincial Department of Commerce has organized more than 500 offline consumption promotion activities in various places with the theme of “Spring benefits life, summer benefits consumption, autumn brings quality products, and winter brings Longjiang”. In order to promote the province’s “ice and snow economy” consumption, create ice and snow consumption scenes, and create an ice and snow consumption atmosphere, the Provincial Department of Commerce has formulated a series of consumption-promoting activity plans for the “Dancing Ice and Snow in Longjiang in Winter”, from November 2023 to February 2024. It is planned to organize 118 series of consumption promotion activities such as “Boiling Ice and Snow” and “Digital Home Appliance Renewal Festival” to provide consumers with multiple categories, multiple business formats, and multiple trade and circulation fields such as catering, accommodation, department stores, home appliances and furniture, and automobiles. Dimensional consumption methods to meet consumer needs.

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The “Famous County Premium Products” county live broadcast e-commerce event came to a successful conclusion. The event was hosted by nine departments including the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Party Committee Cyberspace Affairs Office, the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, the Provincial Department of Agriculture, the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau, the Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative, and the Provincial Postal Company, and was coordinated by 13 cities and prefectures in the province. Carry out live streaming activities. The event was led by the head anchor, and the new live broadcast combination of “TV anchor + e-commerce expert” was refreshing. The cumulative number of live broadcasts of the series of events exceeded 5 million, and the total transaction volume of the event merchandise exceeded 60 million yuan. The event promotion triggered The reach exceeded 10 million, and the total exposure of the entire network event exceeded 200 million times.

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At the closing party, the 2023 County Outstanding Products of the County Live E-commerce Festival Series “Longjiang E-commerce Outstanding Contribution Districts and Counties”, the Outstanding Organization Award, and the Outstanding E-commerce Enterprise were awarded to the outstanding counties, outstanding party organizations and anchors produced during the event. The party organization and the annual leader of Longjiang e-commerce also conducted the selection of the first “Xiang Bobo” selection event in Heilongjiang Province – the “Golden Bobo Award”.

In order to celebrate the “Double Eleven” Shopping Festival and continue to release consumption vitality “relying on e-commerce”, the second Internet Marketing Competition of Heilongjiang Province was officially launched at the party. In order to innovate and develop new economies, new formats, and new models such as live streaming e-commerce and social e-commerce, the event takes Internet marketing as the theme and releases marketing content and product information in the form of a marketing competition to create more business opportunities for enterprises. This competition will guide the enterprise industry in our province to develop in the direction of digitalization, visualization, intelligence and socialization, and ultimately realize e-commerce to help enterprises and activate the e-commerce economy of Heilongjiang Province. The competition is expected to directly drive the sales of Longjiang Haowu to more than 50 million yuan, and the e-commerce Haowu brand will achieve a comprehensive online exposure of over 100 million.

(Pictures and videos provided by the Provincial Department of Commerce)

Reporter: Fu Yu

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