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On the occasion of National Fire Protection Day, from November 7th to 9th, under the guidance of the Shanxi Provincial Caring for the Next Generation Working Committee and the Shanxi Provincial Fire Rescue Corps, and hosted by the Changzhi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the Changzhi Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Changzhi City Caring for the Next Generation Work The 2023 Shanxi Changzhi Fire Culture Festival – Searching for Fire Heroes and the Deeds of Shanxi’s First-class Fire Fighters Exhibition, jointly organized by the committee, the Municipal Education Bureau, and the Municipal Fire Rescue Detachment, was officially held at the Luzhou Theater, attracting many citizens to watch the exhibition. Remember the heroes and pay tribute to the heroes.

As one of the theme activities of the 2023 Shanxi Changzhi Fire Protection Culture Festival, the Search for Fire Fighting Heroes and Shanxi Firefighting First-Class Heroes Deeds Exhibition focuses on the heroic deeds of 20 first-class heroes who have fought in Shanxi since 1987 to “remember the heroes” “Salute to the Heroes” as the theme, through pictures, texts and other forms to show the heroic deeds of firefighting heroes who sacrificed their lives and went all out to protect the safety of the country and people’s lives and property, and advocated the whole society to respect the firefighting profession and firefighting heroes, and improve the firefighting The officers and soldiers have a sense of honor and mission.

These 20 first-class heroes come from major fire rescue detachments in Shanxi Province. Among them, there is Bai Wanqiang, who fought continuously for nearly 15 hours in the face of dangers such as high temperature, severe poison, and secondary explosions during a factory explosion; some volunteered to go to the front line to open up important rescue channels after the devastating Wenchuan earthquake. Guo Tongjun, who rescued the trapped wounded; Li Chunlin, who risked his own life and fought bravely; Chang Sanfeng, who participated in more than 3,000 fire-fighting and rescue operations to protect the safety of people’s lives and property; and stood firm like nails in the face of fire. Li Ruixue, a fighting hero on the front line of fire-fighting and rescue; Li Weiwei, who risked his own life and was not afraid of sacrifice in the explosion fire; Mu Jinfen, who performed outstandingly in handling the serious leakage of the liquefied gas station; and participated in fire-fighting and rescue. Shi Aifu, who has rescued more than 400 people in distress more than 3,700 times; Wang Pengfei, who went directly to the front line to put out fires and successfully prevented the spread of fire; the first underwater rescue frogman, who has won the “Shanxi Province May 1st Labor Medal” and “National Fire Force” “Excellent Communist Party Member” Wang Xiang; there is Xue Chenchen, who was in danger and still crossed the fire scene to rescue; there was Liu Jianhua, who was not afraid of danger and moved forward bravely during the oil tank explosion accident; there was Liu Jianhua, who fought continuously for five days and six nights in the fire , Xun Zhongliang, who successfully completed the rescue mission; Yang Yanchun, who was brave and fearless and continued to fight; Zhang Chunlin, who was not afraid of sacrifice and risked his life; Zhang Maoan, who actively responded to the fire and explosion mission; Zhao Xiapeng, who was not afraid of life and death in the fire and explosion mission; In the face of explosion accidents, Zhang Yong took risks and rushed into fires to save people countless times; Zhi Xuming, who was fearless in the face of forest fires and rushed to the front line; Gao Bubin, who kept his mission and responsibility in mind and moved forward courageously.

Facing the raging fire, they are the most beautiful “retrograde people” among the crowd; facing the danger of explosion, they always charge forward, guarding the safety of people’s lives and property with perseverance and bravery; their deeds have attracted many visitors to the exhibition. Citizens and students were moved and filled with high respect for them. They wrote praises and blessings to the heroes on the message wall.

“We must learn fire protection knowledge, spread fire protection knowledge, reduce fire accidents, and keep firefighters away from danger!” During the event, a student who came to watch the exhibition said emotionally.

Remember the heroes and pay tribute to the heroes - Searching for firefighting heroes and the deeds of Shanxi's first-class firefighting heroes. The exhibition was held at Luzhou Theater in Changzhi City.

In addition, the relevant departments of Changzhi City will also use various forms to create a strong atmosphere of “compulsory firefighting life courses from elementary school” to continuously improve the people’s sense of security.


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