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Hainan Dongfang “Village BA” | Citizens: Looking forward to Dongfang’s exciting basketball matches-News


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Video | The event is getting hotter and more popular! Hainan Oriental “Village BA” starts on November 17th!

Text/Photo by Li Shaoyuan, reporter of New Hainan Client and Nanhai Net

Teams are gathering, experts are gathering… On November 17, the 15th Hainan Provincial National Fitness Games – 2023 “Witt Cup” Hainan Oriental “Village BA” Basketball Super League (hereinafter referred to as Hainan Oriental “Village BA”) will be held at The Hainan Oriental Eight Basketball Teams are about to kick off. 16 basketball teams from various villages and towns in the Orient will compete passionately to demonstrate the characteristics of Oriental basketball and help the Oriental sports industry flourish.

Data map: Hainan Oriental Grand Theater

“I’m looking forward to seeing the exciting basketball games in Dongfang.” Citizen Chen Qiming is also a basketball enthusiast. After learning that Hainan Dongfang’s “Village BA” is about to start, he is sincerely happy. “I loved playing basketball when I was a student. After graduating from college, After entering the society, I was busy with work on weekdays and had little time for contact, but the habit of watching football games was still retained.” Chen Qiming said that he likes to watch NBA and other basketball games at home. In the past, he saw games on the court on his way home from work. , will also come forward and watch for a while.


At night, Oriental Culture Plaza is very popular, with singing, dancing, fitness and other entertainment activities starting lively.Photo by reporter Li Shaoyuan

Hainan Oriental “Village BA” held an opening ceremony at Oriental Cultural Plaza on November 17, officially launching the exciting Oriental basketball event. Oriental Cultural Plaza is a good place for residents to rest and have fun. Every evening, after dinner, people begin to gather in the square for square dancing, singing, walking and other entertainment and leisure programs.

“It’s great to have a basketball game. From now on, you can go to the square to watch the game at night.” Ms. Lin from Jilin bought a house in Dongfangba after her retirement. She comes to Dongfang to live in the beginning of November every year. She walks in the square every night. , dancing, “I came to Hainan Dongfang to spend the winter, and there are also football games to watch. I want to bring my grandson to watch. He also likes basketball.”

Recently, the Dongfang Municipal Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau issued a notice that from November 12 to December 12, the square area in front of the Oriental Grand Theater will be closed for activities such as setting up event venues, hosting events, and mass stages. On December 13 Return to normal opening. On the evening of November 9th, basketball enthusiast Tang Mingjie was exercising in the square. After learning the news through a friend, he couldn’t help but be surprised, “This is a big event. A stage and arena need to be built. If you want to watch it, you can’t watch the exciting event.” miss.”


At night, Oriental Culture Plaza is very popular, with singing, dancing, fitness and other entertainment activities starting lively.Photo by reporter Li Shaoyuan

“Watching football games, eating Oriental food, and experiencing Oriental intangible cultural heritage, just thinking about it makes people look forward to it.” Tourist Mr. Wu just traveled to Oriental. On the night of November 9, he and his friends went for a walk in the Cultural Square and learned about Hainan Oriental’s “Village BA” It was about to be held, and he kept saying yes, “I still have a few days off, so I can watch the opening ceremony of ‘Village BA’.”


At night, Oriental Culture Plaza is very popular, with singing, dancing, fitness and other entertainment activities starting lively.Photo by reporter Li Shaoyuan

According to the relevant person in charge of Dongfang Municipal Tourism and Culture Bureau, Hainan Dongfang “Village BA” will promote Dongfang City’s “agricultural tourism industry” through the “event+” model of setting up traditional sports, cultural tourism and opera, omni-channel publicity, and creating new event-derived consumption scenarios. The integrated development of “culture, tourism and sports” has become a new highlight of the province’s culture and a new business card of rural civilization, promoting Dongfang to build a provincial sports tourism demonstration area, assisting rural revitalization and promoting the development of regional tourism, and helping Dongfang further build a modern central city in southwest China.

Hainan Oriental “Village BA” is sponsored by the Hainan Provincial People’s Government, organized by the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Dongfang Municipal People’s Government, and Hainan Daily Newspaper Group, with technical support from the Hainan Provincial Basketball Federation. The co-organizers are Hainan Provincial Sports Event Center, Dongfang Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Dongfang Municipal Tourism and Culture Bureau, Dongfang Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, Dongfang Municipal Media Center, Dongfang Municipal Sports Service Center and Dongfang Municipal Basketball Association. and Nanguo Metropolis Newspaper are the executing units.

The exclusive title company of the Hainan Dongfang “Village BA” competition is Hainan Weite Electric Group Co., Ltd. The competition also received awards from Shaanxi Investment Group Jintai·Yueyunhai Project, China Construction Bank Dongfang Branch, Dongfang City Rural Credit Cooperative Association, Hainan Bank, Jinjiang Hotels (China)’s brands – Oriental Vienna Hotel, Oriental Jinghua Hotel, Oriental Shengda Building Hotel, Oriental Banqiao Jinyue City Entertainment Co., Ltd., Hainan Xinda Food Co., Ltd. (Yaniu), Oriental Aoyue Licheng Hotels, Kyriad Oriental Liangzhi Seaview Store, Oriental Skylight Hotel, Hainan Li Miaojia Cultural Tourism Group, Oriental International Hotel (formerly Tailong Hotel), Oriental East Corridor Hotel, Hainan Kalmei Sports, Hainan Huali Valley Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Hainan Crocodile Crocodile Industry Technology Co., Ltd., Master Kong Beverages Hainan Marketing Company, Jiayuan Oriental Sochi Hotel, Oriental Huangji Roasted Suckling Pig, Craftsmanship (Hainan Province) Culture and Art Co., Ltd., Dongfang City Datian Mobil The Li Ethnic Brocade Skills Farmers Professional Cooperative, Datian Town Lemei Orchid Industrial Park Research Base, Hainan Yulinzhou Cultural Tourism Investment and Development Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have strong support. Copyright Statement:
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