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Will Hamas visit Beijing? Wang Wenbin’s response sparked heated debate (photo) Israel | China | War | Netizens | Palestine and Israel | Conflict | Various social trends |


Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin. (Image source: Getty Images)
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[Watch China, November 9, 2023](Watch comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Li Muzi) The CCP’s actions in Palestine and IsraelwarWhether China is operating behind the scenes of Hamas has always been questioned by the outside world. November 9,ChinaAt a regular press conference, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin was asked whether he could confirm that “HamasWhen the delegation will visit Beijing”,Wang WenbinThe answer was not what was asked, causing the mainland tonetizenHot discussion.
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According to the website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on November 9, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin hosted a regular press conference. When an AFP reporter asked, “It is reported that a senior Hamas official said that a Hamas delegation will visit Beijing.” Can China confirm this?” Wang Wenbin responded, “Since the outbreak of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, China has maintained close communication with relevant parties and played an active role in promoting ceasefires, protecting civilians, providing humanitarian relief, and preventing humanitarian crises. .China will continue to make unremitting efforts to this end.”

In response, the topic “Hamas will visit Beijing? Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ response” became a hot search on Baidu.

Many mainland netizens expressed dissatisfaction with Wang Wenbin’s answer, “Yes or no, you guess”, “Are you coming or not? How can you answer a question that is wrong? I, a bachelor’s degree student, can’t understand it”, “No one wants to talk to someone who beats the bush.” “Chinese culture is broad and profound, and what is said is equivalent to not being said.” “Answering questions that are not what you asked is different from doing Tai Chi. It is very annoying to always answer questions like this. Just say what you have, or make it clear that there is nothing.” inform.”

Some netizens speculated, “If there is no denial, it is coming”, “It is equivalent to indirect confirmation”, “Does this diplomatic rhetoric mean: yes”, “If there is no denial, it is acquiescence. Isn’t this abnormal speaking?”, ” They mean that everyone is welcome to come, but the hidden meaning is that they are coming.” “Actually, it means ‘yes, they are coming.'”

Some netizens joked, “Why should I tell you? Haha”, “You didn’t understand the question or not?”, “Q: Have you eaten? Answer: You haven’t slept yet”, “Reporter: Did you eat today? No food? Me: Actively maintain close communication and strive to have food all over the world”, “Answered my loneliness”.

Some netizens ridiculed, “The Taliban has been here and so has Hamas. The next one will be ISIS – they are all our good friends.” Some netizens believed that “the fewer words, the bigger the problem”, “I dare not say that Hamas is a terrorist organization recognized by the United Nations”, and “Hamas should forget it.”

Some netizens pointed out that the CCP is the boss behind Hamas, “It is the big boss behind the scenes. In fact, Hamas has said it in interviews with Qatari and Egyptian media”, “It will bring disaster, hatred and blockade”, “This What are you doing here at this time? Hamas is really too shameful. Why are you here to set yourself on fire?”, “That’s great. We are all good friends with Hamas and the Taliban. I will have no shortage of experience in self-destruction in the future.”

What role does China play in the Israel-Kazakhstan war? On October 7, the Palestinian armed militant organization Hamas launched a large-scale raid on Israel. Many civilians in villages along the Israeli-Palestinian border and at a music festival were beheaded and tortured by Hamas. It was a horrific incident. An Israeli aid worker described his visit to a community attacked by Hamas on the Gaza border. He witnessed a man’s eyes being gouged out by Hamas, his wife’s chest being cut off, and even his daughter’s legs being chopped off. evil deeds. In order to retaliate against Hamas, Israel then blocked Gaza, the Hamas stronghold, and carried out various counterattacks.

Gao Zhengpu, a doctoral student at the Institute of Military Affairs of the National Defense University in Taiwan, wrote an article on Radio Free Asia and pointed out that in this Palestinian-Israeli conflict, China’s actions were not to support its ally Israel, but to accuse Israel of not overly oppressing Palestine, just like the Russia-Ukraine war a year ago. Same as when it breaks out. At the same time, the Israeli intelligence agency found standard weapons of the Chinese army on captured Hamas members. Coupled with China’s recent active involvement in Middle East affairs, people question the involvement of Chinese forces in this conflict.

The article stated that the main reason why China did not jointly condemn Hamas during the Israel-Kazakhstan war was because of Beijing’s views on Israel. Although Israel assisted China’s economic construction and secretly supported military technology in the past, it did not belong to the anti-American and anti-imperialist camp ideologically. Now that the Chinese authorities are blowing the anti-American trumpet, “Israel’s position has become a political issue that the Beijing authorities want to deal with at any time.” question”.

Gao Zhengpu said, “There is no clue how this conflict will end in the end, but it is certain that the black hands wandering behind the scenes are always ready to further expand the conflict. After all, only by disrupting the existing order can we obtain the greatest benefits.” ”

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