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Falling in love with Jilin in winter when it snows during the long day


In Jilin, you can see the beautiful and magical ice and snow, appreciate the customs of Guandong, immerse yourself in colorful folk activities, and taste thousands of delicious foods…

Enter Jilin in winter and have a different winter trip.

It snows during the long day, Jilin welcomes you.


Create a tourist destination for ski enthusiasts

Beidahu Ski Resort

Jilin Beidahu Ski Resort Management Co., Ltd. was rated as a national sports industry demonstration unit by the State Sports General Administration and is the training base for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics. Because the snow is dry and almost powdery, it is a favorite ski tourist resort for domestic ski enthusiasts.

Songhua Lake Resort

This is the first choice for a family ski vacation. There are abundant snow trails here, including fun ski terrain parks and novel night skiing. Come here, you can not only experience the passion of skiing, but also enjoy the exquisite holiday life.

Changbaishan Wanda International Resort

In 2015, it was rated as one of the first batch of national tourist resorts by the former National Tourism Administration. In 2022, it was jointly recognized as a national ski tourism resort by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the State Sports General Administration.

Wanfeng Tonghua Ski Resort

In December 2021, Wanfeng Tonghua Ski Resort officially opened. Wanfeng Ski Resort was built in 1957 and hosted the first Ski Games of New China. Today, it has become a “new star in the ski resort”.

Frequent tricks, trendy for winter

Changchun Ice and Snow New World: A realistic version of the “Ice and Snow Kingdom”

The fairy tale kingdom of ice and snow has become a reality here. The art of ice sculpture and architectural technology are deeply integrated, showing the pink makeup and jade during the day and the dazzling colors at night.

Chagan Lake winter fishing season: original ecological Northland ice lake

Here, the custom of winter fishing has been passed down for thousands of years, the ice and snow competitions are hearty, the ice and snow landscapes are fantastic and interesting, and the food is abundant.

Lushui River Changbai Mountain Hunting Resort: Dream rafting through the snowy forest

During the snowy season, riding a raft on the magical ice-free river and admiring the jade trees and flowers is a unique winter romance in Jilin.

Rime Island: Jilin is famous for its rime

Here is the Jilin Rime, one of the four natural wonders in China. The graceful, graceful and unique spectacle is breathtaking.

Xianrenqiao Hot Spring Resort: Winter surprises of ice and fire

It has a unique geothermal resource – sodium potassium sulfate high-temperature radon spring, which is a rare radon spring in China. Go up the mountain to view the Tianchi Lake, go down the mountain to soak in the hot springs, and walk on the snow in the deep mountains. Come on a journey of health and wellness.

Jinjiang Wooden House Village: a wooden house village built with logs

Wooden walls, wooden chimneys, wooden fences, firewood stacks… There is not a single brick or tile in the entire village of Jinjiang Wooden House Village, and they are built entirely of logs.

Taste Jilin on the tip of your tongue

Jilin’s acid

Braised sauerkraut in iron pot

pickled vegetable powder

Sugar-coated haws

cold noodle

Jilin’s sweetness

Shredded ginkgo, shredded sweet potato


ice wine

Jilin’s spicy


The fragrance of Jilin


Braised pork slices

Special smoked sauce

Jilin fresh food

wild mountain delicacies

Snow hotpot

Intangible Cultural Heritage Food·Palace Rice Cake

“People’s Daily” (Page 07, November 10, 2023)

(Editors: Wang Diyuan, Xie Long)

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